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Someday Your Guide Dog May Have Their Own Wearable Technology

by Alena Roberts

Wearable computing seems to be the next frontier. The Pebble watch and Google Glass are being raved about, but wearable technology doesn't jus have to be for humans. Researchers at Georgia Tech are working on a system called FIDO, or Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations. The idea is that the dog could activate a sensor that would then transmit either a verbal command into a headset or a visual command onto a screen. For example, a bomb sniffer dog could tell his handler what kind of bomb it is, or a rescue dog could alert someone that he found an injured person. A guide dog could tell us that there is an obstruction to our right or in front of us. According to the article in technology review, "In an early study, the researchers equipped a dog vest with an Arduino microprocessor and tested four different sensors that dogs could activate by biting, tugging, or putting their mouth nearby. The three service dogs participating in the test quickly learned to activate the sensors to set off a tone." Tell us in the comments what you would want your service animal to be able to communicate.

Posted Friday, 12-Jul-2013 3:36 PM ET in Services     Post a comment

Get in Free to National Parks with Proof of Disability

by Alena Roberts

If you're planning a trip to a federal recreation site or one of our many National Parks, then you can get your free pass for life with proof of your disability. According to a post in Positively Naperville, "When you visit a federal recreation site or national park, just present some documentation of disability status and ask for the free Access Pass. Documentation includes a physician’s statement, or a document issued by a state or federal agency like the Veteran’s Administration, proof of Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income, or a letter from a vocational rehabilitation agency. The pass gives you and three adults free admission to national parks around the country."

To learn more about this program, or to find out where National Parks are located, visit the National Park Service website.

Posted Wednesday, 10-Jul-2013 1:48 PM ET in Services     Post a comment

Wells Fargo Can now Text You Your Receipt When You Visit An ATM

by Alena Roberts

Progress was made when ATM's first got braille, and then they were even more usable once they started talking, but the machine still spit out a paper receipt. Wells Fargo is now going to start offering you your receipt either via email or text message. The company is doing this to help cut down on paper waste, but it ends up being a great option for the blind. Customers must have an online account with Wells Fargo to be eligible for the new receipt options.

Posted Tuesday, 25-Jun-2013 8:20 PM ET in Services     Post a comment

Would you pay Amazon to Never Have to go to the Grocery Store Again?

by Alena Roberts

Amazon has been offering fresh groceries in the Seattle area for a couple of years which is great for Seattle and no one else. Since prime memberships have increased significantly over the past few years, Amazon is going to try out a new version of prime in Los Angeles. For $299 a year, Amazon will provide free delivery of fresh groceries as long as your order is over $35. Imagine never having to go grocery shopping again and having the power of Amazon at the same time. Via Time Business

Posted Wednesday, 12-Jun-2013 6:31 PM ET in Services     Post a comment

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