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Coming Soon WCAG 2.1: Perhaps the Most Important Web Acronym for Accessibility
TalkBack 5.2 Public Beta Released; Gets Rid of Much Maligned Xylophones and Adds Verbosity Settings
Humanware Releases BrailleNote Touch 3.0 Update with More Voices, Improved Web Support
Accessible NCAA Tournament Bracket Once Again Available
Public Beta of Baum VarioUltra 1.4 Firmware Released
#CSUNATC17: Google Demonstrates Features of TalkBack 5.2 for Android; Teases Contracted Braille Input for BrailleBack
#CSUNATC17: KNFB Reader for Windows is Here for Under 20 Bucks for the Moment
#CSUNATC17: Hims and Android, It Just Makes Braille Sense
#CSUNATC17: Sendero Announces Sendero GPS 2017; Offers discounts on Anual Subscriptions to its apps
#CSUNATC17: UPDATED! Windows Finally Gets Some Recognition With KNFB Reader
#CSUNATC17: HandyTech Joins the Small Braille Display Battle with Actilino, a 16-cell Model
#CSUNATC17: NeoBraille Will have Lots of Skills Other Notetakers Won't
#CSUNATC17: ElBraille is Coming, and it Will Be Better Than Advertized Last year.
Amazon's New Disability Help Line Can Describe Product Pictures to You Among Other Tasks
#CSUNATC17, Why the Long Hashtag?
Coming in Version 1.4 of the VarioUltra: Unlocking mobile devices with the Braille Display, UEB Support, and more
NVDA's 2017.1 Released with Kindle and Office Updates, Mor
Ohio State Survey Examines Race Perceptions of Blind People
Amazon is on Fire with TV Accessibility
This Ain't your Father'sChromeVox; Major Updates for Chrome's Screen Reader
The Expanded Blind Bargains Guide to Attending #CSUNATC17 on a Budget
NVDA's first 2017 Release Features Kindle, Edge, and Office Changes
The VFO Group Releases Magic 14 enhancing Mouse Echo, Upgrading Vocalizer Voices, and More
Saudi Arabia University Students Seeking Quick Feedback on iOS Game Development
NVDA Remote Access Releases Version 2.0, bringing several improvements and a new Feature
Make a Quick $20 for Taking a Short Survey on Screen Reader Usage
The Next Update to NVDA will Bring Major Access Improvements to Kindle Books
The Hashtag you have Reached, #CSUN17, has been Changed. The new Hashtag is #CSUNATC17
The Apex of Price Cuts: BrailleNote Apex from $1,995 from Humanware
No excuses, Uncle Sam is Accessible with Hundreds of IRS Tax Forms
Watch a Video of DISH Accessibility Features on the Hopper 3 DVR
Applicants Accepted for The Holman Prize, a $25,000 Aspirational Awarde
Mike May Sets his Destination as Seattle Lighthouse President
Public Beta of Dictation Bridge Add-on for NVDA Released
Captcha Be Gone Now Available for the Chrome Web Browser
NFB and ACB Conventions Don't Overlap; Hotel Reservations Accepted Now
Be My Eyes has Nearly a Half Million Users on their Platform; Android App Coming Soon
Catching Up: Android TalkBack 5.1 Adds Smattering of Enhancements; Ends Support for Pre 5.0 Devices
Facebook announces Live Audio feature for iOS and Android
Microsoft Announces Accessibility Plans for 2017 including Built-in Braille Support and Unattended Installs for Narrator
Microsoft's New Free CaptionBot Demo Showcases New Automatic Image Recognition Technology
Rice University Researchers Want to Make Urine Accessible; Seeks Survey Participants
City Lights App Will Alert you of Upcoming Traffic Lights
Roku Adds Audio Guide to Streaming Players in Latest Update though Much Remains Inaccessible
Voter Experience Survey Seeking your Election Input
Santa Again Contracts with the NFB to Send Braille Letters to Blind Kids
Quiet Cars Will Finally be Required to Become Less Quiet
You Have TO Pay TO Have Your Say On What You Will Play
BrailleNote Touch 2.0 is here: but It's Not a Hardware Upgrade
JAWS 18: Not A Minor Update

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