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#CSUNATC17: KNFB Reader for Windows is Here for Under 20 Bucks for the Moment

Scott Davert Wednesday, 01-Mar-2017 9:25 PM ET

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As we announced earlier, KNFB Reader for Windows 10 is here. At that time, we did not have much information as to the specifics, but that has changed with the release of the app The Windows version boasts, among other things, full support for Narrator as well as compatibility with other popular screen readers including NVDA, JAWS and Dolphin SuperNova. It also supports Microsoft's text-to-speech voices."

The app is very similar to what you get on iOS and Android, without the limitations of mobile technology and their cameras. Braille is also supported, though not with Narrator. However, that will come after the release of Windows 10 Creator's Edition, which should be released sometime in the Spring. It supports image conversion of PDF files, the Field of View Report, tilt guidance, full integration with 1drive and Dropbox, and much more. For a limited time, you can purchase KNFB Reader for Windows 10 for $19.99, though the price will eventually shoot up to $99.99. It does not appear that if you have purchased it on another platform, that you will get the Windows version for free.

This is a different approach than your standard Windows program in that it doesn't have a menu bar. The main screen simply has buttons to take a picture, select a source, the Field of View Report, the option to process multi-page documents, to specify whether the document has multiple columns, and the language being scanned. Running through a quick series of tests using a Hover Cam, I was able to scan 7 days worth of mail in a short amount of time. The recognition quality was about as good as what I would get with Kurzweil 1000, which is the program I have been using on Windows previously.

Update: The introductory price has expired, and the app is now available for $99.95.

Have you purchased the KNFB Reader app for Windows? What kind of results have you been getting? Feel free to sound off in the "comments" section below.

Source: KNFB Reader for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store
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darknexus Thursday, 02-Mar-2017 2:16 PM ET:

Maybe I'm not quite getting it, but what would features such as tilt guidance be used for on a scanner? Doesn't appear to offer anything that FineReader doesn't, and FineReader is the engine in KNFB anyway. Maybe I'm just missing something.

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