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Computer hardware that is designed specifically, or that works wel for blind users.

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New IPad mini Retina wifi + cellular with accessories for sale

I have a new IPad Mini with Retina display wifi + cellular 32 GB which will work on any of the carriers that support the IPad (AT&T, Verizon, etc) with accessories for sale. I purchased it in January and then decided I liked the IPad Air better for my needs. The Retina Mini is in like new condition, has the original box, and I am including additional accessories. Also to be included I have a Slope Tablet stand (the mini size) found at and a Zaag IPad Mini keyboard case. I can also include the Apple leather IPad mini case. Asking $500.00 for everything above included.
Posted Sunday, 06-Apr-2014 5:43 PM ET

32 cell Braille Display and 21 inch CCTV $1500 each!

Both items are in very good condition. Both items are around three years old. The Braille display is the Braille Connect 32 sold by Human Ware and made by Baum. It is a great device and will work with computers and portable devices. The CCTV is a Topez made by Freedom Scientific. Please contact me if you would like additional information on either product.
Posted Friday, 28-Mar-2014 12:22 PM ET

AlGato Eye TV Highbread TV tuner card turn your computer in to a digital TV and DVR 79.99

USB, comes with following inputs, F connector, used for connecting with cable lines, cable boxes, Digital over the air antennas, also has S video input, and RCA Red, White and Yellow AV connections. also comes with remote control. unit is in great working order and will be shipped priority mail anywhere in the US mainland. I accept paypal. please send payment to or email for more information. you must be verified and confirmed. or call (888) 351-5289 X 710. this is priced to sell, normally sells for 149.99. buy today!
Posted Friday, 28-Mar-2014 12:21 PM ET

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Computer Parts)
Includes memory, sound cards, motherboards, cases, or anything else that goes in a computer.

Desktop computer systems from Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, and many others

Laptops, netbooks, and ultraportable computers

Notetakers and PDAs designed for the blind or accessible through add-on software.

Items to enhance the functionality of your computer or PDA

Portable Devices)
Portable hardware such as MP3 players, book players, and memo recorders

Items that produce print or braille output

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