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Computer hardware that is designed specifically, or that works wel for blind users.

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focus 40 blue for $1300 or best offer

I would like to sell a focus 40 blue for $1300 or best offer. The device is two years old. The case is included. I can accept a check or money order from the United States.
Posted today 4:31 PM ET

2 for 1 price: Toshiba Portege and Braille Sense U2 Mini for $2500.00

The Braille Sense U2 Mini was purchased in 2015. All braille cells work. The Toshiba 13 inch Portege was purchased in 2011 and although it has no Bluetooth, it works just fine. There is damage to one corner to the case where it was dropped, but it has had no effect on the performance. Paypal and casher checks only.
Posted today 4:31 PM ET

Selling APH Refreshabraille 18 version 2

Selling APH Refreshabraille 18 version 2. Includes Braille display, USB cable, and carrying case. Unit is in used and working condition. Price is $750.00 OBO which includes UPS shipping within the US. Payment preferably via PayPal.
Posted Sunday, 21-Aug-2016 7:30 PM ET

Selling used DoubleTalk LT portable RS-232 voice synthesizer, $60.00 OBO

I'm selling a used DoubleTalk LT portable RS-232 voice synthesizer with ac power adapter. This would be great for anyone who still needs a hardware speech synthesizer--you know who you are. Price is $60.00 OBO for UPS shipping within the US, payment via PayPal.
Posted Sunday, 21-Aug-2016 7:30 PM ET

BrailleSense U2 Mini: $2800.00

This gently used U2 Mini was purchased in 2015. All braille cells work. Reason for selling: I am not using it as much as I had thought I would. Paypal or cashier check only.
Posted Sunday, 21-Aug-2016 7:29 PM ET

Jumbo 6 KEY Braille (PERKINS)

In great condition has not been used but handful of times . Looks great has leather case which is the only thing that is not in a perfect condition. IT'S THE JUMBO 6 KEY BRAILLE PERKINS
Posted Sunday, 14-Aug-2016 5:42 PM ET

Alva Satellite 584 Pro $800, or trade for 544 traveler with power cord

I am selling a recently serviced and clean Alva Satellite 584 Pro braille display. It does not come with a power cord but it is USB powered. All pins work but a few are a little weak. The color of the case is a bit faded but is in good physical condition. I would like $800 or I will trade this unit for a smaller 544 traveler in clean and perfect working order with strong pins with a power cord. Original box and documentation are a plus
Posted Saturday, 13-Aug-2016 6:30 PM ET

Upgraded Apple iMac, studio equipment, and bass guitar for sale...

Hi. All gear listed below! I'm trying to downsize so everything is for sale... This is a great setup for logic pro x, pro tools, reaper, and Sonar etc. The machine is great for audio production and midi work as well as general computing tasks and it works great with a dual boot setup of windows ten and mac OSX in case you're interested in that sort of setup... 21 inch Apple iMac with Intel quad core I7 processor at 2.8gHz per core, 16gb of ddr3 ram, internal 256gb solid state hard drive, internal 1tb mechanical drive, Intel Thunderbolt, Firewire 800, airport wireless, bluetooth, sd card reader, superdrive etc. Machine is in good condition with no heating issues or hard drive performance etc. (There is a small dent on the right edge of the monitor portion but this will not get any worse and does not effect the display quality according to a couple of sighted people I had check it out. It is an easy repair but I'm not attempting it. In any case, it's purely cosmetic.) Keyboard, mouse, and power chord included. I can also include a 3 terabyte USB 3.0 external hard drive that's formatted to work with both mac and windows so you can have a three drive setup for audio/midi work. I have been running OSX and windows ten on this machine and the performance is really snappy! Windows seven 64 bit also worked very well on here. Art mp tube stereo pro rack mount preamp with xlr/line inputs, and on each channel you have gain, phase, phantom power, low cut filter, impedance, and plate voltage selector etc. You also have mid side matrix control, master output gain, and flexible outputs. This is a two rack space unit. Focusrite Saffire pro 40 20 in, 20 out 24 bit 96kHz firewire audio/midi interface for mac and windows. (Can be used with firewire or Thunderbolt ports.) Features include one rack u size, eight microphone preamps, eight line in jacks, eight line outs, two front panel nutrick jacks for microphones or line level sources, phantom power, pad, two headphone outs with seperat volume controls, midi ports, adat, SPDIF, as well as two firewire ports for daisy chaining etc. It supports every sort of setup from stereo up to 7.1 surround! Power cable, firewire cable, and original box included. SE electronics 2200a2c ld condenser microphone with pad and high pass filter. Great for vocals, acoustic instruments, or an overhead mic. Includes original box, manual, custom shock mount, and pop filter etc. Blackstar club 40 all tube 40 watt 1x12 guitar combo amp. Features include two channels with two modes each, two each of eq, presence, gain, reverb, there is an effects loop, external speaker out, and xlr output with speaker simulator for direct recording or to go straight into a pa mixer etc. Includes power cable and two button footswitch. The amp is quite loud, is very durable, and you can get awesome vintage to modern clean and distorted tones. Blues to classic rock, pop to funk, sca to thrash metal, you can pretty much cover all your bases with this amp! Boss ME80 guitar multi effects processor and USB audio interface. Features include durable metal construction, solid expression pedal and footswitches, and you can use this with presets, or, you can use it in stomp box mode so it behaves like a pedal board. Effects include eq, compressor, limiter, distortion, overdrive, reverb, delay, chorus, looper, phaser, wah etc. Includes Boss power supply. You can modify and save patches without reading the display as most of the controls are dedicated and tactile friendly! Liteweight portable vocal booth, approx six feet high. The frame is made of pvc piping and is easy to assemble and disassemble. The three walls are made of an outer layer of coarse fabric and the inner layer is acoustic foam on all three sides. Near mint Sheckter Stiletto custom four string solid body electric bass with oil finish, EMG pickups, and active EQ circuit. Hard case or gig bag included;it's your choice. The bass has low action and sounds great!
Posted Tuesday, 09-Aug-2016 7:33 PM ET

HP ProBook laptop, for $500

,HP probook laptop with 8 gb of ram and a core I-7 prossor This machine, runs windows 10. I will be happy upon request, to put windows seven, eight, or 10 on the device. I will also include office, as well as an ETA if requested. I
Posted Saturday, 06-Aug-2016 5:34 PM ET

HIMS E-Bot Advanced

Triumph Technology has one HIMS-E-bot magnification system with OCR demo unit for sale. Asking $1,995.00 shipped, sells new for $2,995.00 plus shipping. Very light usage to date, In like new cosmetic and working condition. Connect either directly to a monitor or connect multiple devices such as a Apple, Windows or Android tablet using the E-bots own wireless access point. Only one at this price being sold on the first come first serve basis.
Posted Sunday, 31-Jul-2016 10:42 PM ET

Perkins Electric Brailler for $795

This is the Perkins Electric Brailler. It hasn't been used in around 7 years now, and has been tested and demed in working condition. The brailler doesn't have one of the nonskid feet, but the brailler itself is in excellent physical condition. It will ship with 2 supression pads that can the brailler can be placed on to muffle the motor a bit, as well as a carry-bag and protective cover.
Posted Sunday, 31-Jul-2016 10:41 PM ET

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