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100 to 150 per month, in need of working braillenote, braillesence 32 cell, braille displa

Hello: I'm looking for the following items as I'm going back to college. Any of these will do, please don't think I'm asking for all of them at once. I'm in need of a 32 cell braillenote, either an Apex or an empowered. If none of these are available and you're wishing to sell your Braillesence, I'd be more than happy to have one of those. In short, I'm looking for something that will work well when I go back to college. Sadly, I would have to pay you monthly via paypal until it's paid off, as I am not wealthy, and could well pay you one hundred to one fifty until it's paid off. also, am looking for a larger desktop braille display, at least sixty to eighty cells. If you are selling any of these and consider me, please, please feel free to Email me? I can start payments next month and will pay you until you are all paid up. Please be willing to trust me enough to ship the unit to me before I've finished, and if you need a signed contract or a paypal contract, I would be willing to do that for you. Thank you for stopping by!
Posted Thursday, 07-Jul-2016 07:50 AM ET

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