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You could probably tell that we have been enjoying our summer break a little too well with this being a convention wrap up show in August instead of July. You may even detect a little podcast rust coming off J.J., Joe and Lisa Salinger during this recording. And you might even think that you have heard all we had to say about the NFB and ACB conventions from the coverage we have already uploaded. Yet, believe it or not, this isn't a typical rundown of our earlier interview s kind of episode. Tune in to hear stories and information not covered from the exhibit hall floors in this "better late than never" convention wrap up show.

Sponsor: American Printing House For The Blind

APH designs innovative learning solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired. They believe in the power of breaking down barriers and creating a future that belongs to everyone. Visit APH on the web to learn more about their products and services.

Discussion Topic: Summer Convention Wrapup 2019

Both shows may have been impacted by the summer heat, however, there were a few trickles of news raining in from above. Here are just some of the things that caught our attention in, and out, of the Exhibit Halls.

#Sponsored Blind Bargains Convention Coverage: AIRA with Big Deals, Big Presence at #NFB19 and #ACB19
#Sponsored Convention Audio: APH Creates A Fun Pathway To STEM With Code Jumper
#NFB19 Audio: Seeing The World Wirelessly With OrCam
#NFB19 Audio: What To Expect When You re Expecting News From Be My Eyes
Seize the Day Innovations
Braille Wear Custom Embroidery
#NFB19 Audio: Fantastic Feeling Fashion With Two Blind Brothers
Danielle by Ray Kurzweil
Islam By Touch
RTB Safe Traffic
#ACB19 Audio: The Magic Is In Learning With Mystic Access
Bibles For The Blind
Braille Design
#NFB19 Audio: Updates, Changes And Consumer Choice At HIMS
VP EMBraille
Bristol Braille Canute 360
Kyoui Toothbrush
#ACB19 Audio: Grace Your Dinner Table With Hand Painted Glassware From Loving Touch Connections
#NFB19 Audio: Charm Those Around You With Elegant Insights Jewelry

If you haven't gotten your fill of the Summer shows yet, might we suggest you check out the coverage from iAccessibility and Blind Abilities for more convention news and information

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