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The Weekly Apple Rundown: Happy Birthday iPad Edition

The collective internet has the general opinion that some news comes along in pairs or even threes. Today, on the 5th birthday of the iPad, we'll take a look at a few stories that either directly conflict, or conversely, complement one another.

Let us begin with this pair about antitrust. Seems that the EU has finished pulling the never ending slot machine lever that was Microsoft in favor of some new U.S. based companies for a change of pace.
European Commission Reviewing Apple’s Dealings with Record Labels
Report: EU preparing to bring antitrust case against Google

Neat huh? Each week I can usually find two stories that impact one another. Here is another example.
Apple asks Networks to host streams
Comcast Says It’s Not Talking to Apple About Apple TV, Because Apple Hasn’t Asked

I can even tie in an access component too.
Safari Reader view and instant accessibility
Google Loses Ruling In Safari Tracking Case

Apple Vis Unlimited For March 2015
Old iPhones can help children with autism

Now let's see a more advanced three hit combo shall we?
iPad selfie sticks have officially become a thing
Apple to Use Selfies to Unlock Phones?
A new hack could let thieves bypass the iPhone's lockscreen

Third-Party Mac Developers Begin Embracing Force Touch, Led by 'Inklet'
Developers and the Fear of Apple
How App Store optimization can harm indie developers

We are at least 6 months away from the debut of the next iPhone, however, it's never too early to speculate on what will be in the next release... is it?
Samsung Said to Win Apple A9 Chip Orders for Next IPhone
Intel Will Reportedly Land Apple As a Modem Chip Customer
Apple Patents A Light-Splitting iPhone Camera Sensor System

Okay, I think you get the gist of this week's gimmick. See if you can now follow along with this progressive string of links....
iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Here's the difference
Lumia 930 beats iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4 and One M9 in blind camera test
4 things Galaxy does that iphone doesn't
S6 graphics not as good as iPhone
Apple’s Trade-In Program Now Includes Non-Apple Smartphones And PCs

Whew! That was fun. with a new Mortal Kombat game on the way, well, I've just been thinking a lot about chaining moves together. Of course, in the Fighting Games circles, there is a term called "Button Mashing" where you just push whatever button you want franticly in order to desperately land that finishing blow on an opponent. With that in mind, here are some Macbook links.
Apple's new 12-in. MacBook goes back to the past in performance
Ultrabook Plus: The 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro reviewed
Yes, the 2015 MacBook Air supports 4K displays at 60Hz
How Apple's new MacBook gets nearly as much battery life as the MacBook Pro with a battery half the size
Check Your MacBook Pro’s Battery When The Trackpad Stops Clicking

Hmm, now that I look at that list above, it doesn't really seem like a true example of "button mashing" because there is kind of a pattern to those stories after all. Perhaps I can provide a suitable example with the Apple Watch instead?
The first Apple Watch apps are already here
Even the Apple Watch was searching for a problem to solve at first
The Apple Watch started life as an iPhone with a Velcro strap
Daring Fireball on the Apple Watch Display
Should you get AppleCare+ for the Apple Watch?
Apple’s sales overhaul for Apple Watch will focus on building trust, offering fashion views, upselling bands
Apple Store revamp for Apple Watch revealed: ‘magical’ display tables, demo loops, sales process
Those of you eyeing the new Apple Watch will need a reservation to buy one.
Apple Watch for Sale in Retail Stores by Reservation Only, No Walk-In
Why withholding Apple Watch from U.K.’s biggest mobile retailer is a brilliant move
The gold Apple Watch is so expensive in the UK that it's cheaper to fly all the way to New York to buy one
Gold Apple Watch Edition comes with a buying experience worthy of the 1%
Apple Watch Edition perks: 24/7 support, private 1-hour appointments, no lines
Why I'm Not Excited About the Apple Watch...Yet
Apple Watch Could Make You a Walking Weather Station

Rats, I'm still detecting a pattern there even though that was a ton of stuff just dropped into this article. One more time with more randomness I think....
You can now run Android apps on a Mac or PC with Google Chrome
Like all mobile wallets before it, Apple Pay struggles with retailers
Microsoft Debuts Office Lens, A Document-Scanning App For iOS And Android
Launcher Adds App Shortcuts to Notification Center, Returns to iTunes
First Click: the great Mac vs. PC touchscreen debate
Apple buys flexible, fast database software firm FoundationDB with eye on the cloud
Magzet aims to bring MagSafe-like functionality to 3.5mm audio jacks
New Apple Wireless Keyboard with backlight controls pops up in Online Store
Stop Facebook from making your iPhone run like crap

Ah ha, that is way more random indeed! Staying with the theme, here is Timspotting for the week.
The War Over Who Steve Jobs was
Apple's Tim Cook To Donate All His Money, Magazine Says
Tim Cook: Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous
Apple's Cook, other tech VIPs push back at Indiana 'anti-gay' law

Sadly, as much as we have in the way of content this week, I have only two outlandish stories to wrap things up with for a change.
Apple is Hitler, says Chinese CEO
Segway Meets iPad In Crazy Telepresence Robot

Next week the uber hype begins for sure with the April 10th pre order date looming ever closer for those who wish to be in the first gen camp of the Apple Watch. As someone who still owns his first gen iPad, as he also rests his hands on his first gen iPad Air, I'd highly suggest sitting this opening round out on the Apple Watch release. Let history be your guide when it comes to Apple products. As the company figures out what works, and what doesn't, the products generally improve on the next iteration. Remember, iPad 1 didn't have a camera but it did have a nifty docking station. Apple learned over time. And for the Apple Watch, honestly, it isn't about a timepiece. It is about the future of the company as it begins to leave phones and Macs behind for products that more people need. Like home automation, wearable devices and possibly even cars.

Did I miss something? Do you have a fave Mortal Kombat code or combo? Toss that info below in the comments section or write in to

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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