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Smart Guitar aims to help musicians with disabilities learn to play

Joe Birch has created a smart guitar which aims to aid people with a range of disabilities in learning and playing guitar.

The guitar is used in conjunction with a device running google assistant and is controlled by an internal Raspberry Pie to allow users who are blind, deaf, and or mute to interact with the device.

Using the in-built google assistant, users can ask the guitar such things as, "Play a c note," or "Learn the C chord", for both training and tuning purposes. The requested information is then presented both audibly as well as optionally visually and in braille, so that those who are blind can read and listen to the instructions. A touch screen interface allows those who cannot speak to select a chord to have the information presented.

To save having to repeat commands, a dedicated repeat gesture has been included to save time and aid in memorisation. Additionally, while requests are being processed, an included atachment next to the braille reader will vibrate, giving blind users feedback that their request is in process.

Because the device is integrated with Google Assistant, it can also be controlled via the use of a Google home or Android device. This also adds some additional functionality, such as downloadable chord packs.

You can read an in depth article on how the device was created here. It also contains information to replicate the creation of the smart guitar, but as yet, it does not appear to be available for purchase.

You can also find more details on the Chord Assist website

Source: Chord Assist- The accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf and mute
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