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"So... we were worried that January would be a slow news month for the launch of our new podcast series. Seems we didn't have to worry after all about that as we have a ton of news to talk about this week. And who better to discuss it all with J.J. and Joe than the incomparable Chancey Fleet.
This week we have a demo of some new voices for Android, two great discussion topics and some early podcast names in our bag of mail section. Also, if you were thinking about a name for our show, one lucky commenter will win a copy of Shelly Brisbin's brand new book, iOS Access for All. Listen to learn how. Or, if you can't wait for us to choose a name, run out and get the book now from the official site.

In the news...

Be My Eyes Has Huge Launch Weekend, over 60K Users and Volunteers Registered

The Specular crowdsource service is about to enter beta and it is seeking users to help it through this phase of development.

Some Window-Eyes Users Greeted with Unexpected Message after Security Breach

Minor Victor Stream Update Released with FLAC Support, Other Mystery Changes

Freedom Scientific Releases a 90-day License of JAWS® for Windows

Share Your Story at the JAWS 20th Anniversary Celebration

Super Liam hits a new high score with its freeware release

Version 2.01 of the RS Games Mac client has been released to fix freezing at login and other outstanding bugs

The very popular voice chat program TeamTalk has been updated to the not so easily spoken version number of RC1

Talking #Prescriptions available at Wal-Mart 4 mail order #pharmacy customers

The I.D. Mate Quest Bar Code Scanner has been Updated with Item Sharing, a History Feature and more

Now you can fool All your iDevice-loving friends. Vocalizer Voices Now on Android from Code Factory

Apple announced a new event for next month, the Apple Watch has a companion app that will use Voiceover, plus many more stories from the world of iThings can be found in this week's column.>/a>

Google Translate adds Word Lens technology for real-time sign translation

From the BBC: How do blind people put on their make-up?

Vocalizer for Android

JJ takes the new Code Factory voices out for a spin. Hear how you can increase the speed of the new voices beyond that of the limitations found with the default TalkBack voice engine in this insightful demo.

Discussion topics: Security and Blindfold Training

The group takes time to have a larger discussion about security for A.T. in an ever-growing threat to the I.T. world. While the recent hacks on two A.T. companies have been minor, is it a good thing to have Zero Day flaws and app permission problems in technology that we rely upon for employment and day-to-day living? Or, is it as Prince sang: it is all just a "Sign of the Times", as all manner of computing sees one variant or another of security disruption.

Also in the discussion, many timelines in social media were filled with talk on a recent report that some forms of Blindfold training for sighted individuals can do more harm than good. The group weighs in with their own personal experiences, and thoughts after observing others they have encountered who have undergone such training. Be sure to review these two articles on the subject and let us know what you think about our conclusions.

Blindfolding Doesn't Help People Understand What It's Like to be Blind

Taking sightlessness for a spin can harm people’s attitudes toward blindness

The Bag That Contains The Mail

Wow have you all been fantastic, and thanks for sending in show titles. Remember, as we said at the top, the lucky person who helps us find the right name will get a copy of Shelly Brisbin's book "iOS Access For All". Keep 'em coming gang!

Here are some of the suggestions we've gotten in so far. Alex Hall wrote, "@mehgcap: @BlindBargains should call their new podcast the Blind Bargains Qast (spelled with a Q). That way it shortens to BBQ."
Jenine Stanley said," O"K, how about “The Blind Bargain Bin”. Stocking the Shelves Podcast Sorry, can’t resist the retail theme. "
Julie Dawson sent in the following, "I am listening to your podcast and made an anagram of name into Amen for your show with words I thought appropriate for your show. Just something to toss into the "name the show" pool. Amen for name= Audience mission expertise new"
Beth chimed in with, "Hey, great going, guys, yay, a weekly podcast! How about naming it "The Blind Bargains Beat". Keep up the great work!"
Dave provided us with, "I think that ASSISTIVE NEWS AND TECH TALK should be the new name for the podcast. I really enjoy hearing some very familiar voices back and look forward as to some yet to come."
From the comments section of last week's show, Greg left this comment... "Hello Guys and Gal, This podcast was great. It was full of good info presented with your individual take on it. I have thought of some possible names. 1. Blind Bargains TekCast or TechCast 2. Blind Bargains TekWatch or TechWatch 3. Blind BargainsGadgetCast 4. Blind Bargains GadgetWatch I think it would be good to have a mail section at the end kinda like a Q/A section. Greg Wocher"
And these kind remarks from Twitter were really nice to hear, rt @y_sotomayor: It is so awesome listening to @rangerstation, @ricky_enger, and J.J. @blindbargains, on the same podcast. @JaneSuh5: @blindbargains Love your first unnamed podcast. Great to hear some familiar voices.

Have a good week everyone! Thank you all for your comments, suggestions and most of all for listening! Next week, a discussion about Microsoft's big announcements regarding Windows 10.

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