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Amazon Brings Over 130 Audio-described Titles to Prime Members, Others

Amazon is the latest company to offer audio description for many of their available movies and original series. Currently, 133 titles are available with audio description, both for Prime members and for purchase.

Sendero's GPS Apps Updated with Indoor Beacon, Uber Support in Version 3.0

Sendero has released version 3.0 of their GPS apps for iOS devices, and the beginnings of indoor navigation support are among the list of changes.

The Accessibility Features Mentioned On-Screen in the Apple Keynote That Were Not Talked About

Apple introduced the next version of iOS, a new speaker, and new Macs and iPads at WWDC. But there were some accessibility features that gained a brief visual mention that were not covered.

ACB Convention Registration Starting Now, NFB Ending May 31

Convention registration season is in full force with both ACB and NFB forms now available.

NVDA 2017.2 Release Candidate Brings Back Audio Ducking, Adds More Edge Support

The release candidate for the 2nd major update for NVDA of 2017 has been posted and includes a laundry list of changes.

Google Demonstrates Android O Accesibility Features Including Accessibility Volume, Language Switching

Google's IO conference, the place where developers go to learn about what's coming up next in Android, has spilled the beans on some forthcoming TalkBack improvements in Android O.

Amazon Prime Video May Be Coming to an Apple TV Near You

Free Amazon Prime Video access is one of the best perks of being an Amazon Prime member. With it, you can watch tons of movies and shows for free, including Amazon originals you can't watch anywhere else.

Buzzfeed reports that Apple is planning to announce Amazon Prime Video's arrival on the Apple TV during the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5 and the app is expected to go live as soon as this summer.

Even though the Amazon fire TV is somewhat accessible, Apple has done a much better job and have more accessible apps. Will this one be accessible with Voiceover? We'll just have to wait and see.

Window-Eyes is No More, How We Got to This Point and What's Next

In a move that is unsurprising to most, VFO/Freedom Scientific, makers of the JAWS for Windows screen reader, has discontinued sales and support for former competitor Window-Eyes, previously made by GW Micro and then AI Squared. Current Window-Eyes users are entitled to a copy of JAWS 18 free of charge.


Handcrafted wooden Stool Sample for $10.00 [Shipped]

M_B_McCarty via eBay has the Handcrafted, wooden Stool Sample from Roger Schaf for $10.00 with free shipping. Roger Schaf is a visually impaired woodworker from Louisville, Kentucky. Imagine the reaction of your friends and coworkers when you hand them a spesamine bottle with your stool sample included. Inside, they will find a small, wooden stool! This novelty gift is great for anyone in the medical field, or for someone who just enjoys a good laugh.

Home Accents Prelit 6.5-Foot Christmas Tree for $29.75 [Shipped]

It's really not too early! Home Depot offers the Home Accents 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree for $29.75 with free shipping. That's $90 off, and the lowest price we've seen. (It's also a great deal for a pre-lit tree of this size in general.) It features a 45" diameter at the base, 400 clear incandescent lights, and 985 branch tips. Deal ends August 1.

5-Pound Bag of Haribo Gummi Bears for $9.49 [Shipped]

Amazon offers the Haribo Gummi Candy Gold-Bears 5-lb. Bag for $9.99. Add it to your cart via Subscribe & Save to cut the price to $9.49 and bag free shipping. That's at least a buck less than what you'd pay at a local retail store. It includes pineapple, strawberry, lemon, orange, and raspberry flavors. Be sure to cancel Subscribe & Save after your order ships to avoid being billed for subsequent purchases.

9 by Novogratz Tufted Sofa Sleeper II for $229 [Shipped]

Walmart offers the 9 by Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II in Taupe Velour for $229 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we've seen. (It's the best deal by $62.) It features a wood frame and holds up to 600 lbs.

Refurbished Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker for $69.95 [Shipped]

Bose via eBay offers the refurbished Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker in Black for $69.95 with free shipping. That's $24 under the lowest price we could find for a new unit. It's compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and features support for up to two devices at once, voice prompts, and up to eight hours of play time.

24-Pack Tropicana 10-oz. Orange Juice Bottles for $10.44 [Shipped via Prime]

For Prime members only, Amazon offers the Tropicana 10-oz. Orange Juice Bottle 24-Pack for $10.99. Check out via Subscribe & Save to drop it to $10.44. With free shipping, that's the lowest price we've seen. (It's also about $4 less than you'd pay at a local warehouse club.) Be sure to cancel Subscribe & Save after your item ships to avoid being billed for future shipments.

Refurbished Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker for $129.95 [Shipped]

Bose via eBay offers the refurbished Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker for $129.95 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we've seen for a new or refurbished unit. (It's also $49 under the best deal we could find for a new one). It features a 7-hour run time and charging cradle.

8-Pack AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries for $9.99 [Shipped via Prime]

Amazon offers Prime members its AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries 8-Pack for $9.99 with free shipping. That's $2 off list and the lowest price we could find. They come pre-charged and last through a purported 1,000 recharge cycles.


Blind Bargains Qast 106: Snopes, Snoops And The Electric Fence

We're beginning to gear up for summer conventions and A T Guys will be at both Exhibit Halls with the new micro-Speak Digital Voice Recorder. You can pre-order yours or other products with codes ACB17 and NFB17 and pick up your products at the booth. Whether you're attending or not, we've got a demonstration of the new Micro-Speak which will give you a feel for this product before you arrive. Stay tuned for more A T Guys product announcements soon.

Blind Bargains Qast 105: J-Say Surround Baseball

Speakers and dictation are just some of the ground we cover this week. Joe catches up with Brian Hartgen to talk new products, J.J. tosses in a Bose speaker review and a tip plus we throw out a curve ball in the "Last Word". Be sure to limber up in the "on Deck Circle" before you enter the Batter's Box that is BBQ 105.

Blind Bargains Qast 104: WWDZZZZ

J.J., Joe and Scott (who came up with the episode title during our live tweeting of this event) sit down to discuss what was shown in Apple's 2017 WWDC Keynote. New hardware and some insights into what is in store for iOS 11 takes center stage in our conversation. However, we widen our scope to talk about Apple Watch and that "one more thing" everyone knew was coming. So stick your Air Pods in... it is an Applecentric BBQ.

Blind Bargains Qast 103: Hero Of The Universe

Reading and food might just be two of the things we excel at the most here on BBQ. Reading about food is also a fun thing we do from time to time. This week we'll feature segments on reading, food and some painful audio in the "Last Word". We'll speak with Alex Tavares and Cory Kadlik about the Read Read, a device which can help blind students learn braille. We take a visit back to the Blind Bargains test kitchen for another appliance. But rest assured that there are no cats mentioned in this episode. Okay, one cat does make an appearance. We're just not saying where.

Blind Bargains Qast 102: Guitar Talk, Love And Droids

As the title suggests,
we have conversations about music and Google i/o this week. 2C Music's Sean Creaven stops by to discuss his project's crowd funded initiative for learning the guitar. Joe provides us with a tip and the Last Word will have you thinking about outdoor cafes in a whole new way. And that is just some of what's in store for you in episode 102.

Blind Bargains Qast 101: I Don't Know About That

Dave Williams, host of the Braillecast podcast, joins J.J. and Joe to talk a whole lot about Braille Displays this week. We also talk about how Site City is unique when compared to similar shows in the U.S. and the big news from VFO. We have a tip and some Amazon related "Last Word" as well. So limber up your Braille reading fingers and dive into episode 101 of the blind bargains Qast.

Blind Bargains Qast 100: Show Me, Don't Tell Me

Dave Williams is back with us to provide some insight on the newly announced Humanware Braille Display in an interview from Sight City with Humanware's Greg Stilson. Joe takes some steps in the kitchen with his Google Home and J.J. brings along a unique link to share in this week's "Last Word". So quiet your smart assistants, it is episode 100 of the BBQ.

Blind Bargains Qast 99: Surface LapBookTop

You might think that May would be a slow month for news. Well, for the second year in a row, that doesn't seem to be true. We have new hardware news, merger talk and Microsoft held an Education event this past week. Toss in a tip, "Sound Off" and the "Last Word" in the mix for even more audio goodness. Who knew that 99 meant the number of minutes rather than an episode number!


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Enable your Book readers & Mp3 Players to use bluetooth with these special deals

If you'd like to use your book reader or an MP3 player without the wires being in the way or getting tangled up the solution is to use a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the headhphone jack. The transmitter will take the audio from the headphone jack and transmit it wirelessly to either bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth stereo system, or other playback device made Bluetooth capable with the use of a Bluetooth reciever. If you don't have Bluetooth speakers or a Bluetooth headset you can then use a Bluetooth receiver to enable your favorite set of powered speakers, stereo system, or headset to recieve the Bluetooth signal. This is an old presentation but it demonstrates how I made my Talking MP3 Player send the audio wirelessly to a regular speaker with the use of a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Check it out at the below link. Activate the link then search for the word download and save the file normally. On our daily deal you can get the Miccus AX4 Bluetooth transmitter which speaks when turned on, off, in pairing mode, and when paired. Remember this is a receiver and to be used with non-Bluetooth speakers, headsets, stereos, etc to enable them to recieve audio via Bluetooth. Get it for just $33.99! We have some great deals on new Bluetooth accessories for your players and phones: When you order any Bluetooth device from us you'll get the description and instructions from a totally blind perspective emailed to you at no charge! I describe the device so you won't have any trouble figuring out what controls are where and following my directions you'll be able to set up and use them without any assistance from anyone else! Check out the newest Bluetooth Headset on our site, the Miccus SR-71 Stealth Bluetooth Headphones with microphone. This is a very nice headset which works wirelessly with either Bluetooth or use the included cable to connect it to a headphone jack. It's a very comfortable headset. It goes over your head and cups around your ears so you don't disturb anyone when you decide to turn it up! Works with smart devices such as phones and tablets or paired with one of the Miccus Bluetooth transmitters. Very low latency headset with great sound and long battery life. Get it now for just $59.99! Get the new Talking Miccus Bluetooth stereo speaker! This Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof and even floats so you can use it while showering and even in the pool! I've been using it as a wireless desktop speaker for my computer and my Echo Dot and it sounds great! It's not going to blow out your windows and shake the walls but you'll be surprised how loud it does go! It has two stereo speakers but takes up very little room. It's very simple to operate. When it turns on it sounds two beeps then it speaks when in pairing mode, when connected, and when disconnected. As soon as it's turned on it looks for something with which to pair! We also have the Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Mini Shower mono speaker this week for just $19.99. Use the basic Miccus Mini-jack TX Bluetooth Transmitter to enable your book readers/players to use Bluetooth plus the basic Miccus Mini-jack RX Receiver to enable any powered speakers, stereo systems, even headphones to use Bluetooth as I demonstrated in the above presentation. The above two are on sale for only $35.99 each! But the ones I recommend for even better sound and better features are the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Miccus TX4 Transmitter which is only $49.99 and the Talking Miccus AX4 Reciever which is only $35.99 which speaks when turned on, off, and in pairing mode! you can read about and order the above or any of our other Miccus Bluetooth transmitters and receivers here: To cover your wireless audio listening needs, we have several portable solutions and some non-portable on es, with ranges from 30 feet up to 150 feet as well as some low latency options when combined with the aforementioned Bluetooth headset! Don't forget my offer of assistance in helping you figure out what you need to fill your Bluetooth wireless listening needs. Limited time only get a Brand New 4GB Sansa Clip Zip for just $109.99: Check it out at the below link. Activate the link then search for the word download and save the file normally. Get our new Talking Book Reader which plays all sorts of unprotected files including Daisy books, eBooks, music, audio books, and even video files plus records from its built-in mic, external mic/line-in, FM stereo radio, and has internet capability for internet radio stations and podcasts with over two times the old model's battery life for only $239.99! Check it out at the below link. Activate the link then search for the word download and save the file normally. And of course we have the latest Victor Reader Stream 2nd generation very affordably priced at just $346.99! Interested in an accessible tablet? We have the Kindle Fire Tablet in three different flavors. We've turned the screen reader on and also added the Google Play Store to increase your choice of apps vastly! Once on our site be sure to take a look around and check out our accessories which are 20% off! See our memory cards here: We have accessible phones with phone plans to go with them: This special goes through Thursday June 29th so don't miss your chance to save! All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards and PayPal on line, or you can call 727-498-0121 or Skype lazmesa to place your credit card order or have a Paypal payment request sent. Your questions are always welcome.

laptop and tactile graphics kit $130 each

I have a used laptop for sale. It originally came with windows vista but I installed windows10 32bit since it seems to work best. Some of the outer plastic came off of the dvd-cdrw drive which still works good though. The specifications for the laptop are below and I am asking $130. I am also selling a used A-P-H tactile graphics kit for $130. This includes all tools in working order, and some heavy aluminum sheets and rubber matt. Now for the computer specifications... System Information Current Date/Time:Sunday, June 18, 2017, 6:14:42 PM Computer Name:DESKTOP-9MPLLQ6 Operating System:Windows 10 Home 32-bit (10.0, Build 15063) Language:English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer:Hewlett-Packard System Model:HP Compaq 6715b (RK156AV) BIOS:KBC Version 71.2D Processor:AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 (2 CPUs), ~1.9GHz Memory:3072MB RAM Page file:1178MB used, 3044MB available DirectX Version:DirectX 12

PORTABLE DEVICE STAND,adjustable use with visual impaired apps or recording docs $29.99

PORTABLE DEVICE STAND, ADJUSTABLE FOR MANY DEVICES IDEAL FOR HOLDING DEVICE ALOFT FOR APPS FOR BLIND OR VISUALLY IMPAIRED AND MOTOR DISABILITIES. PORTABLE DEVICE STAND: $29.95, plus $3.99 shipping and handling. This portable Device Stand was designed to hold a device with a camera over a written document or item to magnify the item or text for reading or identifying purposes; and can even be used with video chat live streaming to view objects below the stand. This stand can be used for devices that have a camera with reading applications, and magnification applications to read out loud, or magnify text or items below the device while the stand keeps it stable. This stand can also be used by anyone, visually impaired or not, to photograph documents, to send correspondence electronically and for digital record keeping on their device. The stand lines your phone's camera up evenly for imaging documents. Use it for scanning books with KNFB reader, imaging receipts with checkout 51, imaging signed documents for email and lining up bar codes for DIGIT-EYES among other things. This stand is adjustable for iPhone, Android, and other devices that have a camera, as there are many different sizes and models. It comes with a movable rail to adjust to most device sizes. This stand is also portable; it can fit in a briefcase or computer bag for transporting purposes and can be set up easily as the legs fold with finger tightening wing nuts to secure the legs when open and standing. The stand is made of light weight, sturdy plastic material approx. 12 inches long and 12 inches high when standing. It will hold your device steady for accuracy for the reading program or magnifier that you are using. Purchase stand at: instructions:


By Freedom Scientific. This is a MP3 and book player. It is accessible with a phone key pad. I have had it for 2v years, but keep gravitating back to the Victor.

AMB Beading and Crafts

I make jewelry and house hold items. Mostly made from swaroski cristal, each piece is personalized to add sparkle to your life. Necklesses, Bracelets, Earings, Stone bracelets and charms with meanings, Sun catchers, Wine stoppers, And more Just contact me to personalize your design.

Viewplus EmBraille Lightly used

8 by 11 and a half braille paper, single page or tracter feed Single sided braille Can produce tactle graphics Comes with the software, just used in a word processor I used it some when going through college. It has set on the desk for a year.

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