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Seedlings Offers over 350 items in Online Auction to Raise Money for Braille Books

An online auction to raise money for the popular Seedlings Braille Books for Children is ending soon.

AIRA Killing Unlimited Plan, Raising Prices for Others, Adding $29 Intro Plan

AIRA is restructuring its plans including discontinuing its unlimited plan and adding a new option for under 30 bucks a month.

GE and Alexa Work Together to Create a Voice-Controlled Microwave with Scan to Cook Technology

AmazonBasics just released a 700 watt Alexa-enabled microwave with some cool features. It looks like GE is also getting in the voice-controlled microwaves with their GE JES1097SMSS Smart Countertop Microwave Oven.

This GE microwave features Alexa for voice control (Alexa devices sold separately). Speak directly to Alexa to achieve the ultimate in kitchen convenience to cook, defrost or reheat. Scan-to-cook technology takes the guesswork out of frozen food instructions. Cook with the right settings with the GE appliances kitchen app. Just scanthe barcode and the microwave is correctly programmed to the right power level and cooking time, making your food turn out just as the manufacturer intended. Seven pre-programmed sensor menu beverage, dinner plate, pizza, popcorn, potato, reheat and vegetable. Stainless Steel exterior. Unit measures 11 h x 19 w x 14 d (h x w x d) inchs. 900 watts with 10 power settings, clock and kitchen timer. the barcode and the microwave is correctly programmed to the right power level and cooking time, making your food turn out just as the manufacturer intended. Seven pre-programmed sensor menu beverage, dinner plate, pizza, popcorn, potato, reheat and vegetable. Stainless Steel exterior. Unit measures 11 h x 19 w x 14 d (h x w x d) inchs. 900 watts with 10 power settings, clock and kitchen timer.

Amazon now has the GE JES1097SMSS Smart Countertop Microwave Oven, Works with Alexa, for $139.99 with free shipping.

Microwave Cooking Just Got Easier with AmazonBasics and Alexa

Alexa is getting smarter, and now she can microwave. The AmazonBasics Microwave simplifies cooking by letting you microwave using your voice and an Echo device. Just say, Alexa, reheat one cup of coffee, and Alexa will start reheating with the appropriate power and time settings. Quick-cook presets mean there s no need to guess cook times or heat levels when you re defrosting peas or microwaving a potato. There's even an Ask Alexa button right on the microwave. When pressed, there s no need to say Alexa or microwave. To start cooking, use your voice or just press the Ask Alexa button and say your cook time.The button will instantly wake up your paired Echo, just like saying Alexa does. For example, press the Ask Alexa button and say, 2 minutes, or frozen vegetables. The button will instantly wake up your paired Echo, just like saying Alexa does. For example, press the Ask Alexa button and say, 2 minutes, or frozen vegetables.

Auto Popcorn Replenishment can automatically reorder popcorn when you run low, enabled by Amazon Dash Replenishment technology.

Additional features include: 700 Watts of power, 10 power levels, a kitchen timer, a child lock, and a turntable. Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new presets. The unit measures 17.3 x 14.1 x 10.1 (439 mm x 358 mm x 256 mm).

Amazon now offers the Alexa Enabled AmazonBasics Microwave for an introductory price of $59.99 with free shipping. A payment plan is offered for $12.00 a month. The item will ship on November 18.

NOTE: To use the voice control features and quick-cook presets, the AmazonBasics Microwave must be paired with an Echo device (not included).

The Apple Rundown: The Excess To The Max Edition

It has been almost two weeks since the BBQ Crew sat down to discuss the big reveals from Apple's September hardware event
And in that short amount of time we ve been given a bunch of updates to Macs, iPhones, Apple TVs, watches and that speaker that needs a coaster under it, so it doesn t harm your wooden table. Then for good measure, not the iOS 12 feature I promise, Apple let loose a duo of .1 updates for tvOS
And Watch OS

Breaking: Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act Unanimously Passes House, heads to President for Signature

After nearly a decade of work and debate, people in the United States are on the brink of being able to obtain accessible books from international sources.

Second WebAIM Low Vision survey open for participants until September 30

Download Frequency Missing and experience an old-school point and click style adventure game

Frequency missing, the first game by the University of Sk vde, has recently been released and can be played for free.


Remington WETech Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer for $9.97

Walmart offers the Remington WETech Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmer in Black for $9.97. If possible, opt for in-store pickup to avoid the $5.99 shipping charge. That's the lowest price we could find by $5. It features a washout system for easy cleaning.

Orbit Trackers Key for $24.46

Independent Living Aids has the Orbit Trackers Key for $24.46 plus shipping. That's a savings of $5.
Orbit is a family of Bluetooth trackers that will help you locate your valuable items using a free iOS or Android app. From your phone, you can page that item when it goes missing. Orbit Keys is a small round device that attaches to a key ring. Stop losing your stuff!

390 Botewo Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser for $9.59 [Shipped via Prime]

Woter-US via Amazon offers 390 Botewo Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser for $15.99. Coupon code "Q8K2ZHXQ" cuts the price to $9.59. Plus, Prime members receive free shipping. That's $6 off and the lowest price we've seen. The bags are scented and biodegradable.

LovelyDog Embroidered Personalized Dog ID Collar for $6.99 [Shipped]

LovelyDog via Amazon offers its LovelyDog Embroidered Personalized Dog ID Collar in several colors for $13.98. Coupon code "50C6UW8R" cuts that to $6.99. With free shipping, that's $7 off and the lowest price we could find. It's available in sizes from XS to L. Deal ends October 26.

Dimayar Travel Backpack for $19.99 [Shipped]

Bag Styler via Amazon offers the Dimayar Travel Backpack in Black for $39.99. Coupon code "VCBP5UIO" drops it to $19.99. With free shipping, that's $20 off, and the best price we could find. It fits laptops up to 17" and features two side zipper pockets. Deal ends November 30.

Lifcolor Wet/Dry Nose Hair Trimmer for $6.99 [Shipped]

Lifcolor via Amazon offers the Lifcolor Wet/Dry Hair Trimmer for $17.48. Coupon code "U6K632HI" drops it to $6.99. With free shipping, that's $10 off and the lowest price we could find. It requires one AA battery (not included). Deal ends November 30.

QQCute Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for $8.99 [Shipped via Prime]

All Better via Amazon offers the QQCute Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for $17.99. Coupon code "3NOB9LTP" cuts that to $8.99. With free shipping via Prime, that's $9 off list, and the best price we've seen. It includes beard oil and balm, a comb, and scissors. Deal ends November 30.

Willow Tree 6-Piece Nativity Set for $50.49 [Shipped]

Amazon offers the Willow Tree 6-Piece Nativity Set for $50.49 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find by $34. The largest figure measures 9.5" tall.


Blind Bargains Qast 163: Smart city jacket

It used to be that the latter part of the year meant a slower news cycle for a little program like ours. That trend seemed to disappear in 2016 and it looks like it has no sign of stopping as this week's news section makes up the bulk of this episode's runtime. A great interview with Sam Latif of Procter & Gamble, a listener-submitted tip and the stylish "Last Word" help round out a show where all three of us were under the weather to some extent.

Blind Bargains Qast 162: MacBook AirRoboros

Those rumors of Apple holding another hardware event were true as the company pulled back the curtain on new iPads, a Mac mini refresh and a beefier MacBook Air. BBQ Crew Regular Shelly Brisbin
Is back to discuss the latest in MacLand. She joins J.J and Joe in deciphering what features stand out the most amongst the now multiple offerings in the Apple product catalog. Joe and Shelly even get a chance to give their takes on newly purchased Apple hardware featured from the previously covered September event
as well.

Blind Bargains Qast 161: What You Braille Is What You Get

Autumn brings about a change in the weather, the leaves find their seasonal colors and the smell of nutmeg is everywhere thanks to the craze that has Pumpkin Spice in all things from coffee to breakfast cereals. With J.J. traveling this week, Joe ran his fingers across the BBQ Rolodex for a guest host and landed on a familiar voice that just so happened to have some big news to discuss. A listener-submitted tip a musical Last Word and Sound Off round out this episode in what we self-mockingly call a "traditionally formatted" show.

Blind Bargains Qast 160: Not Pink Squeezey Phones

The Google hardware event is now over, and the BBQ Crew takes almost as long as the event itself to discuss the important bits. Access Ana
Aids J.J. and Joe in the unpacking of all the news from the event. She also provides her thoughts on the new Voice Access app
And the Tick Watch
Running Ware OS. We additionally want to thank all 156 of our listeners who took our short survey. Congratulations to Ron McEwen for being the lucky person to win the Google Home Mini giveaway.

Blind Bargains Qast 159: Lamas Whip The Windows Enthusiast

Free updates are the best updates. Last month Apple handed out several with iOS, Watch OS, and of course Mac OS. This month Microsoft sends down the information superhighway the second of the big Windows 10 mega updates for 2018. J.J. and Joe discuss some of the highlights of this Windows refresh and J.J. even has a tip that is Windows related to boot.

Blind Bargains Qast 158: When the Visperos Go Back To Capistrano

It has been a long time since the week s A.T. news monopolized an episode s runtime. Yet that is what we have with information rolling in like a story-laden freight train heading towards the news section at breakneck speed. That means that our demo and tip sections are a bit shorter. And we still have Sound Off plus the week s weirdness with the Last Word .

But first Remember you can take a short survey about our podcast by heading to this link
Filling out the survey will put you in the running for a Google Home Mini. The drawing will take place during our October Google Hardware Event show. Your answers, and participation, help shape the BBQ. So, please take a moment and let us know how we may plan out the future.

Blind Bargains Qast 157: Liquid Retina Vapor Faces

It takes 5 of us to talk about 3 phones. Yep, the Apple event is over, and we break down the highlights of the hardware. Shelly Brisbin
and Scott Davert
join J.J., Joe and Patrick to talk about the new Apple gear in this special wrap-up show edition of the BBQ.

Blind Bargains Qast 156: State Fair Guide Dogs

A few months ago, we mentioned that many of the US airlines were examining changes to their policies about air travel for service animal customers. We asked Jenine Stanley
to come on the show and provide us with the status of these changes at the time of our recording. We also have a tip, a few suggestions and the trusty food-related content for the "Last Word".

Sponsor: Google

Our friends at Google are working hard to create great technology products for everyone. They re inviting you to participate in Google user research studies, where you can help shape the future of accessible products and features and get rewarded for it. head to


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selling a T.I 84 plus talking graphing calculator from aph

Hello. I'm selling a T.I talking graphing calculator from Aph for $400. It'll include 32 tripple A batteries, and its charger. Fresh batteries will be installed. I don't have the plug that came with the charger. But, its works best with a power bank. Battery pack not included. Used it for statistics class only once. Please email if interested. Payment must be recieved by payPal before shipping. No international shipping. Only serious buyers please.

Focus 14 5th Gen for 1000 dollars, Includes...

I am selling a Focus 14 Blue 5th Generation Braille Display for $1000. This unit is 3 months old, is in excellent condition, and is lightly used. In addition to all accessories that came with the unit, I.E, USB-C Cable and power bank Charger, I will also include an Executive Products carrying case, a 32 GB Micro SD Card, and shipping via UPS anywhere in the United States. In addition, this unit is under the manufacturer’s warranty until June of 2020. With the advent of the scratch pad feature that Freedom Scientific recently introduced, it is now possible to use the Focus 14 Blue 5th Generation Braille Display as a standalone note taker without being connected to a smart phone or computer. Also, with the BRF book reader feature, it is possible to read books on the Focus 14 Blue 5th Generation Braille Display without being connected to a smart phone or computer. This display can connect up to 5 blue tooth connections and one USB connection simultaneously. I will accept payment via PayPal. If interested, send an email to: With Focus 14 in the subject line.

perkins braillers

I have 2 Perkins Braillers for sale at $150.00 each. One is a standard the other is a jumbo. Both are in excellent condition

Gently Used Braille Note Touch 32 Cell Model for $1,200 or Best Offer

I am selling a gently used Braille Note Touch 32 cell model for $1,200 or best offer. This unit is in excellent condition, and it ships in its original box. The package includes: Braille Note touch 32 cell, carrying case with attached physical Perkins style keyboard, USB cable, and power supply. I charge $10 for shipping within the United States, and shipping outside the U.S. will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Visit for more information on the Braille note touch. My preferred payment method is PayPal. My e-mail address for PayPal is

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