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A Minor JAWS 18 Update Fixes Web and Thunderbird Bugs

A very minor update for JAWS 18 has been released, on the heels of the bigger April update posted a couple of weeks ago.

A Blind Legend, Eye-D Among Google Play Award Nominees for Accessibility

The Google Play Awards, which recognize the best in Android apps, include an accessibility category and the nominees have been announced

CAPTCHA Solver WebVisum May Now be Gone for Good with Firefox 53

one of the earliest methods for users to solve visual CAPTCHAs may now be obsolete once and for all. WebVisum, a Firefox add-on for solving the pesky visual puzzles, seems to no longer work with the latest version of the browser.

One Box to Read it All: Solutions Radio Promoting the Webbox3

Netherlands-based Solutions Radio is debuting the 3rd version of its Webbox media solution. The device provides a simple interface to listen to newspapers, podcasts, books, Email, and other audio content and as of version 3, it's now portable

Version 2.7.3 of KNFB Reader App for iOS Adds a Potentially Useful Feature for Fans of Physical Buttons

Version 2.7.3 of the KNFB Reader app for iOS has received one small but potentially very useful feature

Victor Stream 4.8 Update Adds Daisy Online, NFB-Newsline Improvements

A promised update to the Victor Stream 2nd Generation software has been released by Humanware which will be of most use to users of the Daisy Online service. Version 4.8 supports dynamic menus in Daisy Online, a service used by organizations to distribute books which is popular in many countries but not the U.S.

Getting Creative With Braille On Windows: a Look At Beta Braille Support With the Windows 10 Update

When Microsoft announced its plans for 2017, one of those plans was to implement support for braille displays through Narrator. With the release of the Creator's update, Microsoft has begun delivering on this promise. According to the December 2016 blog entry, "The (Windows Creators update) beta will support braille displays from more than 35 manufacturers, using more than 40 languages and multiple braille variants, including grade 2 contracted braille."." How well has that come to pass with the public release? Read on to find out my experiences from installing and running various devices on the new Windows 10 update.

Preorder Vaux, The Speaker That Turns Your Echo Dot in to a Portable Battery Powered Device

VAUX is the first battery-powered speaker designed specifically to house the Amazon Echo Dot. Its cordless portability, enhanced audio quality and beautiful modern aesthetic lets you enjoy VAUX anywhere in your home environment. Plug, Play. Enjoy.

ZoomText Now Speaks in Four New Languages with Free 11.3 Update

The latest version of ZoomText includes only two listed changes, but may be very helpful for certain international users and those experiencing stability issues.

ATIA 2018 Call for Presentations Now Open

It's barely spring, but the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) wants you to think about submitting a paper for its 2018 conference. ATIA 2018 will be held January 30-February 3 in Orlando, and the Call for Presentations is now open.

APH Brings Talking Typer and Hurry Scurry Game to iOS

The American Printing House for the Blind has brought their popular Talking Typer program to the iPhone. The typing tutor and learning tool includes nearly 3 dozen lessons and is available now for $4.99.

Last Day for the Seeing Eye's Online Auction

As we posted earlier The Seeing Eye's 9th annual auction is currently going on, and it ends tonight.

Learning Ally Adds Another Link, Bringing Mobile App to Android Devices

As promised, Learning Ally has brought their Link reading app to the Android platform. The new version joins counterparts for iOS, Chrome, Windows and Mac and allows members to read their over 80,000- available titles.

A Simple Guide to Accessibly Installing the Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update is here, and while some of you may be dreading the process of updating to Microsoft's latest operating system, I've completed the mission and lived to tell the tale. Below I'll explain the relatively simple process so you can be up and running in no time.

South Korea First to Offer Braille Passports

Passports are one of the most important travel documents, and one country is working to make them more accessible for blind travelers. According to the Yonhap News Agency, The South Korean Foreign Ministry will begin issuing the modified passports on April 20 at hundreds of locations

Jaws 18's April Update Includes Google Docs and Office Enhancements, New Alva Braille Driver

Freedom Scientific has posted the April update to JAWS version 18 which includes a laundry list of changes with a heavy Google Docs and Microsoft Office focus.

Place your Bids; Over 500 Items in The Seeing Eye's Annual Auction

It's time once again for the Seeing Eye's annual online auction, and this year's edition has over 500 items to tempt your fancy or your wallet.

The Post Office May Now Scan your Mail for You, Leading to Potentially More Accessibility

A new USPS service may be able to scan your mail for you before it is delivered, potentially providing a more accessible way to read mail. The Informed Delivery service has been tested in several cities and is schedule for a nationwide roll-out on April 14.

Twitter Associates Missing Profile Pics with Spammers; How to Ensure Your Account Isn't Muted

Twitter has been making a lot of changes to how the default profile photos work on its website, and this may cause some users to become hidden if they choose not to upload an image.

Researcher Seeks Feedback from Wordpress Admins

A researcher from the University of Salford in the United Kingdom wants to hear from assistive technology users who have administered Wordpress websites. The WordPress Administration - Accessibility' survey has now been posted to gather feedback from such users and will be available through April 30.

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