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#CSUNATC19: Seeing AI 3.0 Lets you Explore Photos by Touch, Adds iPad Support

Popular OCR and recognition app Seeing AI has received a major update, just in time for the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.

#CSUNATC19: The 10 Year Challenge For Product Diversity In A.T.

This article is something I ve spoken about with J.J. a few times before we boarded our respective jets westward for the yearly pilgrimage to CSUN. But it wasn't until the beginning of this year, when that 10 Year Challenge thing blew up on social media, did I feel I had a good framing reference for this story.

I.D. Mate Galaxy Brings Battery Status Fixes And More In The Latest Update

We haven t seen a firmware update for the EnVision I.D. Mate Galaxy in a long time. However, with CSUN right around the corner, some bits and bytes have emerged from the ether for Galaxy owners looking for some much anticipated fixes. Here s a rundown of what the latest update contains.

Check Your Mailbox, Your Inbox And Even Your Spam Folder Because The Library of Congress Wants to Hear from You

The following email was sent out to patrons of the Talking Book Library of Texas on March 1st. Those in other States may want to check in with their own local libraries if they have not seen a message, like the one listed below, if they are interested in participating in the survey. We ll update this story with more information as it comes along, but for now, here is the text of the email sent to Texans. Note that contact information for the NLS program in your state will be different than that listed here.

Audio Described Avengers Assemble! Catch Up On Your Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Before Avengers: End Game

A monumental moment of pop culture will arrive in theaters on April 26th. 11 years in the making, and spanning more than 20 movies, Marvel will cross a milestone as it wraps up the 4th phase in their lucrative cinematic universe. And the best part is that almost all of it is audio described. We say almost because 2008 s The Incredible Hulk does not offer an audio description track at the time of this writing. However, the rest of the comic tales are described, and we have your guide to catch up on all of them in their official Marvel chronological timeline.

Microsoft helps Blind/VI children to develop an interest in coding from a young age with Code jumper

Code Jumper, a new offering developed by Microsoft by Microsoft enables children to learn coding skills through Project Torino, a physical programming language. It will soon be available from the American Printing House for the Blind.

QRead Version 3.21 Released, including improved heading navigation, improved goodreads search, and more  

Last weekend, Accessible Apps released QRead version 3.21.
This release includes improved heading navigation, improved Goodreads support, improvements to the document progress slider, and more.

New Cane and Guide Dog Emojis Coming in 2019, We Asked Aira to Describe what They Look Like

Another set of new emoji is being added for you to use on your mobile devices, including some characters related to blind and visually impaired people.

#ATIA19: Humanware Refreshes the BrailleNote Touch with Faster Hardware, Android 8.1

Less than three years after its original release, the BrailleNote Touch is getting a makeover.

Resources for accessing and using Google Suite with a screen reader

Do you or your students struggle to use Google Suite with a screen reader? National Braille Press has recently released a beginner's guide to using all google products, mail, drive, docks, sheets, slides, Chrome, Hangouts, and Calendar, on a pc, along with some notes about Mac and iOS usage as well.

AppA11y is attempting to port dice world to Alexa, and they need your help

Dice World, the incredibly popular iOS and Android app containing 6 free dice games, is attempting to offer its players a hands-free experience by porting the app to Alexa.

NVDA user Survey attempts to find most pressing issues

NvAccess is offering a user survey to attempt to narrow down and locate the most pressing issues for the majority of NVDA users.

Heathrow airport becomes the first Aira access location outside the United States

Europe's largest airport now also has the distinction of being the first Aira access location outside the United States. Blind and visually impaired passengers traveling through Heathrow can now download the free aira app and receive real-time assistance from a trained agent to go through security, find gates, restaurants, rest rooms, and receive real-time updates on changes to their flights.

Accessible Reddit app Dystopia enters Beta, looking for testers

Dystopia, an accessible Reddit app created by a 17-year old high schooler from Colorado, has recently entered beta and is looking for testers.

Instagram adds AI image analysis and alt-text to its site

Instagram has recently become more accessible for the visually impaired with the addition of two new types of caption for its image service.

Google seeks accessibility developers for survey. Compensation included

Google is seeking feedback from accessibility developers regarding their workflow, experience with command line interfaces and browser-based developer tools.

Today Only: One Year of Dropbox Plus plus $50 Amazon Gift Card for $99 (expired)

Today only, Amazon offers a one year subscription to Dropbox Plus bundled with a $50 gift card for $99. Put another way, it's like getting the gift card for free after spending $99 on Dropbox Plus. Dropbox Plus gives you 1TB of storage and other enhanced sharing features. If you are already a subscriber, you can add the code to your existing account.

Seedlings Offers over 350 items in Online Auction to Raise Money for Braille Books

An online auction to raise money for the popular Seedlings Braille Books for Children is ending soon.

Seedlings Offers over 350 items in Online Auction to Raise Money for Braille Books (expired)

An online auction to raise money for the popular Seedlings Braille Books for Children is ending soon.

AIRA Killing Unlimited Plan, Raising Prices for Others, Adding $29 Intro Plan

AIRA is restructuring its plans including discontinuing its unlimited plan and adding a new option for under 30 bucks a month.

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