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Our look at gaming continues, and who better to talk with JJ and Joe but Mr. Audyssey himself, Michael Feir.
Michael has been giving talks about games recently, he has started work on a book detailing the history of audio gaming and he is about to embark on the biggest adventure of them all with his impending marriage later this year. Since this is a Canadian wedding, poutine might be on the menu for the wedding reception. Or maybe not. However, Jenine Stanley shows us some of the best ways to cook potatoes in our demo segment. Plus we have a tip, your feedback and of course the odd story or two in the "Last Word" all coming up in episode 11!


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Demonstration: Frying Fries And More With Jenine

How long is too long to bake or fry a potato? Take a listen to hear some suggestions and tips for working with that carbohydrate filled spud of goodness. And if you have tips, or would like to send in a demo just like Jenine, send them along to
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Discussion Topic: Michael Feir And Gaming With Your Ears

We start off our look into audio gaming in the "here and now" with things like the Playstation 4 and the rise of games on iOS. Then, we begin to work our way backwards throughout the past 20 years. Michael was kind enough to provide the following show notes. We thank him for doing that legwork as no one knows this subject quite like he does.

From Michael
This site should be your first destination. It has become the central
point for information and discussion surrounding games specifically
relying on audio. These games need not be made for blind people
exclusively. Most will be accessible to blind people provided they are
able to hear. Key resources include a large database of all known
auditory games. Each entry has a description, download and developer
links, and much more. Very active well-moderated forums allow for
hundreds of ongoing discussions between interested people to take
place. Be sure to stop by the "new releases" forum to learn about the
latest accessible games.
As its address implies, this site is focused on providing information
to people using Apple products. There are tutorials, guides, thriving
discussion forums, and rapidly expanding directories of information
about apps. These directories are very well-organized and easy for
community members to add to. If you're uncertain whether a given app
is accessible, check for an entry in the app directory. Moderators
also encourage people to make entries for apps which are found to be
inaccessible. This serves to warn other people who might contemplate
purchasing apps which are not useful to those requiring Voiceover.
This initiative is similar to Applevis. However, it focuses
exclusively on Android devices and apps.
This site contains all 54 issues of the Audyssey e-zine I created in
1996 and edited up to issue 40 in 2004. Although the magazine itself
is of purely historical value, the community which grew out of it is
still a thriving conduit of email communication between players, game
creators and other interested parties.
This successfully launched business aims to make modern board games
accessible to blind players. People will need to purchase the original
board game plus the accessibility kit designed by 64 ounce Games.
Sleeves containing Braille will cover pieces or cards. Dice, pieces
and other essentials will be produced using 3d printing. For people
seeking physical board and card games, this is your destination of
This project reached its funding goal and will soon offer Braille dice
used in role playing games produced by 3d printing.
This project aims to create a video game experience completely in
audio and make it accessible to blind players on mobile devices like
smartphones. Using bin oral sound, players will be able to navigate,
solve puzzles and fight in a fully 3d audio environment.

Notable Games:

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