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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 38: Original Gangsta Zombie

We'll warn you right up front. This show will sound a whole lot better if you throw on a pair of headphones or earbuds. We'll be taking a spin through some spine-tingling bone-chilling audio games in this episode. And yes, there will be zombies. So many zombies ... ahem, not all the audio is game related though. There is a tip and we stop playing games long enough to recommend an app about a book. Don't worry, it still has a zombie as the main character. After all it is Halloween!


This episode is brought to you by HIMS, who would like to remind you that "Your needs are our solutions". Check out the E-Bot Video Magnifier, the Blaze EZ reading solution, the new Smart Beetle Braille Display and more by visiting the HIMS website. Or, follow them on Twitter.

Apps demonstrated in this episode are:

Papa Sangre II for iOS
Ear monsters for iOS
NYPL Frankenstein
Zombies Run!
Sixth Sense for iOS
A Blind Legend
Audio Defense
Tester Parfum
Also, thanks to Travis Peterson for sending in the Cortana tip. You can find more tips on Windows 10 in our huge posts from July and September.

We shall return in episode 39 with news and an interview. Oh, and if you have any favorite holiday apps, let us know in the comments below or send them along to

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