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We catch up on a few weeks of news, we revisit the talking Xbox with a cord cutting solution then discuss how an eye is like a pancake. No, seriously, we do. Oh, of course, we also have "Sound Off" and a Dropbox tip to share... get it? Dropbox? Share?

In The News:

Watch Stevie Wonder's Braille Joke and Message about Accessibility at the Grammies

Blind man chosen as first person to test Google's driverless car

Google Puts More Voices In your Head with Latest Android Text to Speech Update

NVDA 2016.1rc1 released for testing

From @joslee: Starting today, NVDASR can announce Cortana's text responses automatically:
"Note that you'll need to install Windows 10 App Essentials add-on for NvDA 20160206 or later to hear Cortana's text responses."

From @AFB1921: "We are proud to announce our 2016 Access Award Winners!"

From @LFLegal" "Press release about DOJ @CivilRights settlement w/@Greyhound about #ADA violations:
Also from @LFLegal" "Footnote in new DOJ @CivilRights settlement w/@GreyhoundBus re #ADA violations: website to meet #WCAG 2.0 AA"

National Federation for the Blind Will Pay $25,000 to Settle EEOC Religious Accommodation Lawsuit

Nissan s self-parking office chair is here to make your Monday better

Demonstration: Xbox One Speaks The One Guide With Narrator

In November we talked with Gadget Guy Liam about the update that allows the Xbox One to use Narrator. A question that joe and Liam couldn't answer was "Does the TV Guide function work with Narrator?". Joe wanted to know this so he set out to test it himself. With a Xbox TV Tuner and an HDTV antenna, Joe shows us if you can get your local TV stations to fess up their schedules through the Xbox oneGuide feature.

Tip: Remove The Dropbox Badge

You may run into this if you are running the Windows version of the Dropbox client and save often in programs like Microsoft Word. The Dropbox Badge is a kind of floating window that helps some save or share files into the Dropbox cloud with ease. Sadly, at the time of this writing, it isn't friendly to most screen readers out there. This tip will help you remove this tool from Dropbox and we highly recommend it for those who work in Microsoft office, and share with others in Dropbox, on a regular basis.

Sound off:

MattFromFlorida heard our interview with mr. Toth, in episode 51, and he sent in this comment.

"Well. I will commend him for what he is doing to help us have an option for solving captures! This being said: I have to disagree with him on what he is saying is setting him apart from Rumola! To start with Rumola is just as fast and it is cross platform and in fact you can use it on any browser with an internet connection using the bookmark feature. So this makes it easy to use without it being a add on. Also Rumola can be use as add on with certain browsers if you choose to go that way! I prefer the bookmark feature myself. Also the cost ! the cost of his service for the average blind user is out the top of the roof! The cost of 3 bucks month and maybe more is just so un realistic . Yes if you have a business where you could do a tax write off on it possible this might be something to look at! But when you have something like Rumola out there at 99 cent for 50 to 100 captures and it is good for a year. This just makes this not a very good option for most blind users his program CAPTCHA! Especially with most blind users on a very tight budget and possible no job! Now you can still use fire fox and Web Visum with older version of fire fox from version 44 and below as well as the portable version and just stop the updates for Firefox. Especially if all you are doing it for is for solving captures only. It would be different if Fire fox was your main Browser! So while I have to commend him I have to totally disagree with him! JMO! Matt "

@LouisDo250 writes in with this question.

"Does anyone know if Quickbooks is accessible, or can recommend another screen friendly accounting program?"

J.J. notes that he uses the online versions of Quick Books. joe notes that Ricky relies on Fresh Books via the web browser. but that can't be the only solutions our listeners use can it? Send in what you use for either your personal or professional financial tasks so we can share with others out there.

Last Word

As if we couldn't love pancakes any more, now they're helping prevent blindness
See What People in Every State Are Giving Up for Lent

Our 2016 roadmap is set and we can't wait to bring you along on our various road trips through our audio coverage of the year's events. We maybe only halfway through the second month of this leap year, however, the big stuff kicks into gear starting in March with CSUN. Stay tuned!

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