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This is the last of our normal format shows for the year. That means the "Year In A.T. 2016" is right around the corner. But before we push out Old Man Winter, for Baby New Year, we will begin to think about our soon to be left by the wayside New year's Resolutions. BBQ Regulars Ricky Enger and Lisa Salinger are on board to talk about fitness devices and their access. There is also a tip, "Last Word" and an A T Guys discount code for those who have waited to the last possible minute to nab their holiday gifts. Make yourself a warm cup of Cocoa and nestle up by the roaring fire for this episode of the Blind Bargains Qast.


It's not too late to get your holiday toys for the techies in your life, which probably is most of the people in your life. A T Guys has headsets, keyboards, games, speakers, and more. Use coupon code BBQ for 10 percent off through December 18 or just use this link to apply the coupon code.

In The News:

Microsoft Announces Accessibility Plans for 2017 including Built-in Braille Support and Unattended Installs for Narrator

Making Microsoft products more accessible: What to expect in 2017

Microsoft's New Free CaptionBot Demo Showcases New Automatic Image Recognition Technology

Windows 10 Home Hub feature will take on Amazon Echo and more

Follow Microsoft Accessibility on Twitter to keep up with the latest news across all their product lines

JAWS Update 18.01 released

NVDA 2016.4 release candidate, and it will probably be the final release by the time you hear this, is now online

Introducing SuperNova 16 - Now available on the new Dolphin Pen

J-Say 15 is now available

En Vision's I.D. Mate updates database again to resolve issue with lost extended information in the bar code database

Bookshare Funding Support Moving Forward

Accessibility: Making Games for All Gamers - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion

Ian, one of the panelists featured in the above link, also graced our CSUN microphones earlier this year to talk about Gaming Access.
#CSUN 16 Audio: Audio Games with Ian Hamilton and Adriane Kuzminski

Rice University Researchers Want to Make Urine Accessible; Seeks Survey Participants

Discussion Topic: Apple Watch and Fitbit Charge 2

Ricky and Lisa talk about these popular wearables and their accessibility or lack thereof in this extended segment.

Twitter for Lisa

Link to Apple Watch Tutorial on Mystic Access:

BlindAlive podcast on Bluetooth scale:

An Evaluation by AccessWorld of Two Smart Scales:

BlindAlive Podcast on Carrot apps:

Tip Start Menu Navigation

First letter navigation has returned, somewhat, to the Windows 10 Start menu. This article provides the steps for venturing into the revamped menus.

Sound Off:

Greg, and several others, have asked this particular question often of us over the last few months.

"HI Guys, This is not feedback about your podcast but an individual request for advice. Having to watch my budget I hang on to tech for a long time. I need to find a very easy email program. To let you wher I'm coming from I just retired my widnows 98 PC, but for email I still use AOL desktop on my windows 7 computer. I know you are probably rolling on the floor laughing but I'm 70 years old and going blind from RP. I know I need to move on from AOL desktop but its so easy to use and I was totally confused trying to use windows mail. and aol web mail is slow and awkward. All I need is to read mail and press the deleat key on the keyboard to delete an email. I don't need rules and sorting by thread or anything. Clean and simple look is important to me, so in reverse color everything is white text on black backgrou nd. So if you would be so kind could you please make a suggestion? thank you, Greg"

Though we haven't tried it, some of our listeners have recommended OE Classic which is an omage to Outlook Express, the popular Email client from Windows XP.

Several tweets and emails have asked us about the newly released Roku access features and if we would do a demo of them on a show. Well, BBQ Regular Shelly Brizbin has heard the calls of the wild and released a quick overview of them on her blog.

How about some quick tweets and web comments?

gallagher123123: Wow, very glad to see Roku jump on the accessibility bandwagon. Now all three major streaming devices are accessible. It would be interesting to hear a demo. I wonder what TTS it is using? Very glad to see this happen.

darknexus: The true question now is will we see improvement? Or will it end up stagnating for twelve years like Narrator did?

@skipper8210: Episode 84 is one of my favorites! Thanks for introducing Accessible Equation Editor as well!

@Gummybear1964: Hey guys? One more year of providing truly brilliant content and info to the worldwide community again. :) Nicely done.

Last Word:

Music beat out food and Cats for the last "Last Word" of 2016.
Literal Bohemian Rhapsody
Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice (Soothing Spoken Word)
Canadian cops to punish drunk drivers with Nickelback tunes

2016 may be coming to a close, however, it isn't over until we cap off the year with our annual look at "The Year In A.T. 2016". Stay tuned to this very feed as that will be arriving for your holiday listening pleasure.

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