Blind Bargains

Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 129: Outtakes And The Wolverine

You know that holiday song that has the line: "It's the most wonderful time of the year?". yeah, well, Patrick tends to hum it a lot in December because this is the dedicated show where he has free rein to post all the things that would make us sound silly if left in for an episode's original broadcast.

Naturally you will hear several flubs from J.J. and Joe. And you might be surprised to hear a couple from Patrick that hit the cutting room floor. Yet as they say on TV, "but that's not all, as many of the BBQ Crew find their way into the Outtakes this year. Listen as Shelly, Scott, Dave, Meka, Chancey and Ricky create some humor with only BBQ Regular Jamie Pauls avoiding the microphone for like the first time... um, ever. So don't miss the train as we start the new year off right by celebrating what we got wrong in 2017.

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