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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 139: The Almost Live #CSUNATC18 Wrap-up Show, the Devil's Triangle

And now the podcast you've been waiting for. For the first time ever, we recorded our CSUN wrap-up show live from the Blind Bargains suite in San Diego. Join Shelly Brisbin, Ricky Enger, Chancey Fleet, Joe Steinkamp, and J.J. Meddaugh as they discuss the conference happenings in rapid-fire. We cover it all in just more than an hour, no really we move fast. Braille, wearables, entertainment, and much more.

Here's a recap of all of the audio posts from CSUN.:
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Right-Hear, Right Now
The Canute Braille E-reader Is Just About Ready for Prime Time
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En-Vision America Flips the Script with New ScrippTalk iOS App
Altix Takes Us Around the World with a Talking Globe
A Tongue-tastic Tactile Adventure with Touch Graphics
An Eye Toward CMS Accessibility with AudioEye
The InsideOne Braille Tablet is Back and More Flexible
The BrailleSense Polaris Mini and More from Hims
Be My Eyes Helps People in 182 Languages, Expands Partnerships
A New Voice and a New Direction for APH
Designs for Vision Designing Custom-designed Telescopes and Microscopes
Amazon Ensures the Blind are Not Locked Out of Packages, Updates TV's and Tablets
QD Laser Creating Eyeware to Help you See More Clearly
Feel the Graphs with the Talking LabQuest.
There's Logic in these Large Print Keyboards
Blind Bargains Qast 138: Buy My Book Already
The IBOS MusicXML Reader Translates Music Files into Braille
Creating a Positive Workplace Environment for All with the BBC
Control your New ViewPlus Delta Braille Embosser from the Tiger Box
Grab that Controller: Big Strides Forward for Game Accessibility
Edit PDF's and View in Split-screen with the Humanware Prodigi 12 Connect's Latest Update
LS&S is Talking About a Lot of Talking Products and More
The Smaller, More Portable MyEye 2.0 from OrCam
Vital Access to Graphics using a Tablet
A new Gesture-based Keyboard for your iPhone from Qwertyfree
The Brailliant 14 from Humanware is Now Available
OCR Comes to the Small Screen on the Optelec Compact 6
A New ViewPoint in Wearables from Patriot Vision
A New NVDA Add-on Can Describe Website Images, Plus Accessible Approaching Buses

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