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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 148: Deserts And Desserts

WWDC has arrived and that means by decree of Podcast Law we must dissect it for your amusement. Along for the ride is Buddy Brannan
And Scott Davert
who give their thoughts about what the fall holds for Apple fans. Steve Clower
provides us an Apple-related tip; the news has a major story and the Last Word contains a YouTube clip like no other. Basically, this is BBQ by the numbers. Therefore, fire up those iPod Shuffles and iPad minis, it is mostly Apple for episode 148.

Sponsor: Aira

Aira is a service which connects a low vision or blind user with a highly trained live agent to provide real time access to any visual information, when and where it is needed.

The demonstration, herd in this episode, explains how simple the process is to pair audio devices to the new Horizon Glasses Kit. Here Greg connect, and remove, a pair of AirPods with ease in this brief overview.

For more information please visit

In The News:

Apple, Microsoft, Google collaborate on new universal standard for Braille displays

NearbyExplorer for android v3 released - lots of new features including indoor navigation support & cleaner interface - travelling as a blind person has never been easier

Survey of the week! The Accessibility User Research Collective has another Screen Reader survey online

Discussion Topic: WWDC 2018

The more than two hour long keynote continued the trend of a more Developer focused event, like Google i/o and Microsoft Build last month, which might not have been attractive to the casual tech watcher as there were no free iTunes albums or hardware surprises to be found. What was on display was a back to basics spotlight on improvements with the overall Apple experience no matter the platform. We ll skim over the news we thought the most interesting, however, be sure to explore the links below for more in depth viewpoints about WWDC.

WWDC 2018: The biggest new features from Apple

The 17 biggest new features coming to the iPhone with iOS 12

watchOS 5 debuts with health and fitness tweaks

Apple unveils macOS 10.14 Mojave with dark mode, Home app, new App Store, more

AppleVis Extra 57: Sarah Herrlinger, Director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives at Apple

Parallel Podcast 13: Machines of Loving Grace

Mac Break Weekly 613


Steve has been looking for a solution to the problem that many face when upgrading from the iPhone 6s, or below, models of iPhone. Many battery cases offer headphone jacks. But some have drawbacks such as relying on a Bluetooth relay over a dedicated option for simultaneous audio and Lightning charging bliss. Steve believes he has found the solution to his woes with the Encased Audiomod iPhone case
and recommends this device for those looking for In Line controls in their hybrid case options.

Sound off:

audrey joy wrote in with this comment about Delta and In Flight entertainment

Hi guys,

Great podcast!

I flew from NYC to W. Palm Beach, FL to visit my mother. Unfortunately, I was not able to use their entertainment system because it's an inaccessible touchscreen. I had to ask my seatmate to set my music and volume choices for me.

When I called Delta to explain and complain, the staff had no knowledge about how blind people would use that system.

In the recent past, a person could adjust everything on the armrest-a button for the volume, and another to scroll through the various music/genre choices.

I hope you can contact someone at Delta and make the entertainment usable for all.

Have a wonderful day.

Many airlines are phasing out they re In Flight systems noting that many flyers use phones and tablets for information and entertainment. More WIFI services are being offered on a wider range of flights because of this trend. You can hear J.J. demo one such service on episode 137

Stanley Littrell has a request for those going to ACB National later this month.

Since I know that you will be going to the ACB convention in St. Louis and I can't go, I have an assignment for you. Since you often talk about sweet treats, I've heard a lot of great things about the chocolate covered cherry concreets from Ted Drews. If you get a chance to try it, you should report back and let us know how it is. KMOX's Johnny Rabbitt makes it sound really good.

Last Word:

A classic sound reborn and a moving suggestion occupy the look at the other side of the web this week.
A Cappella THX Logo Theme
Why Vermont Will Pay You $10,000 To Move There And Work Remotely

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, is next week. Michael and Jessie will be back to help Joe unpack all the news from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo when it comes to games we might be playing this fall. Stay tuned!

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