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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 174: Rick And Morty Laundry Adventures

Welcome to our first installment of BBQ Bites (spelling under construction.) It's a new show format that we are taking out for a test spin. In these smaller length podcasts you will find a deeper dive into a subject than we would usually do on our so-called traditional format episodes. On this maiden voyage of BBQB (acronym under construction(, Ricky
and Joe discuss the process they undertook to find a new washer and dryer. The pair talk about what they discovered when trying to find a more Blind-friendly control panel, the fun they had adding their new laundry devices to their Wi-Fi network and then hear a demo of the washer and dryer connected through their Google home.

Here are some links to resources mentioned in this episode.

GE 755c 4.9 Washer from Home Depo

GE s WiFi Connect page

U+Connect Google Action

Geneva Home Google Action

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