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Everyone knows the drill by now. Apple does a big event in September, new iPhones are announced, and tech podcasters gather together to talk about what the company did or didn't do with their new shiny iThings. Do three little letters mean a better iPhone? Is it time to upgrade or buy an Apple Watch? The Shelly Brisbin joins the BBQ Crew who goes over the event in their own way that you have come to expect some five years running.

Discussion Topic: Apple's September iPhone Event

J.J. takes the lead, with Shelly and Joe alongside, to cover the news from Apple Park. Some of what they spoke about in this episode is listed below. However, per our usual when it comes to wrap up shows, you can learn far more from articles and links compiled after the event has concluded.

Editorial Summary of Apple's "by Innovation Only" Event on September 10
11 things you may have missed at Apple's iPhone 11 event
iPhone 11: First look at Apple's entry-level iPhone
iPhone 11 Pro: Hands on with Apple's new flagship
iPhone 11 Pro first hands on impressions
Apple s new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro cameras: what they do
iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR
iPhone Naming Conventions Are a Mess
With the iPhone 11 Pro, what does it even mean for a phone to be pro ?
Apple launches new 10.2-inch 7th generation iPad with Smart Connector
Apple iPad 2019 hands-on: A 6th-generation iPad in a 2019 iPad Air s body
Apple Watch Series 5: Always-On Display, Built-in Compass, More Finishes, Available for Preorder Now
Apple Watch Series 5 Brings Software Upgrades, Not Much Else
Apple Watch Series 5 Starts With 32GB of Storage
Apple continues health push with three new medical studies
AppleCare+ Plans Lasting Service Life of Product Arrive Quietly
Apple just turned its extended warranty for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch into a monthly service
Apple TV+: Launches Nov. 1 for $4.99/month
You'll only get Apple TV+ free once, no matter how many devices you buy
Apple TV Plus is trying to be HBO, not Netflix
Apple Arcade price, games, and release date announced at Apple event
Apple Arcade: Narrowing or widening the gap?
Everything Apple killed after the iPhone 11 event
Review: Apple Card is more of an experience than a reward generator
Apple s new iPhone finally sacrifices thinness for battery life
Apple is playing catch-up with the iPhone 11 camera
The Most Important iPhone 11 Upgrades Are the Ones We Didn't Get
What Is Apple s TV Plus Strategy?
Apple is bringing back crazy colors after years of minimalism. Here s why
Why Apple s HomePod Is Failing
Everything new with VoiceOver in iOS 13 DB1

Need balance to the force? Shelly and J.J. also went over the new access that came with the recently released Android 10 on the Parallel podcast.

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