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Oreos are amazing. Two solid cookies with something flavored in the middle. Think of this episode like an Oreo. This is the middle bit between two tech wrap up shows. Last week, in 194, we covered the Microsoft Surface event. And in 196 we ll cover the upcoming Google Hardware announcements. J.J. is traveling this week. Which left Joe to fly solo with this Features Format show. Just a word of warning, for those listening in on or near Google Assistant phones or devices the Google wake phrase gets used a lot this week.

Information And Helpful Links

Here are some resources on the technology featured in this episode.

Move your music between rooms with stream transfer And Chromecast
Set up & manage Routines With The Google Assistant
Our previous look at the Vizio 55 P from BBQ 166
Game on: Your Xbox One now works with the Google Assistant
Airplay 2 & Homekit On Vizio Tvs
SEGA Genesis Mini Official Site
The Sega Genesis Mini is getting its own ridiculous mini tower
DF Retro: Sega Genesis Mini/ Mega Drive Mini Review: The Ultimate Nostalgia Trip

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