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This is going to sound weird, but its our first news show of 2020. And wow do we have some news to talk about. So much news that we needed Scott Davert to sit in with us. He also hangs out with us while we go over the biggest stories that came from our ATIA 2020 coverage last month. Get ready for tech, talk and even a baseball story towards the end.

In The News:

Breaking: Aira Tech Corp Acquired by Southern California Investment Group
RT @airaio We re excited to welcome all @Target locations to the Aira Access Family! Shop @OnYourTerms.
Be My Eyes announces funding to grow community and expand Specialized Help service
Be My Eyes closes $2.8M Series A funding to connect blind people with normal sighted volunteers via live video calls
Announcing the 2020 Touch of Genius Prize Winners
NLS bard for iOS introduces new features including simultaneous downloads, airplay, braille display autoscroll
Leasey Pricing and What's Coming in Version 5!
Nvda Version 2019.3.1 released, bringing support for new braille displays, screen curtain, more
In-Process 19th February 2020
Updated Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive Add-on for NVDA
NVDA Remote Updates For Python Changes
The Feb 2020 Update Has Been Released For JAWS/ZoomText/Fusion
Thanks to Top Tech Tid Bits for mentioning the 300+ hour archive of the classic A.T. Playback Magazine
Hindsight Is #CSUNATC20: Or, How The Top Stories Of The Past Can Shape The Future

Discussion Topic: ATIA Wrap Up

The trio talk about the stories that peeked the most interest from our ATIA 2020 coverage.

ATIA 2020 Wrap-Up: What's New and Noteworthy at the Assistive Technology Industry Association
#ATIA20 Audio: A Menagerie Of Braille For Humanware And APH
#ATIA20 Audio: Q Is For Qwerty But That's Not All For HIMS
#ATIA20 Audio: Orcam Expands Into Assisted Reading And Hearing Devices
#ATIA20 Audio: Bookshare Balances The Equation With Accessible Math
#ATIA20 Audio: Speaking To The Power Of Braille Literacy With Objective Ed
#ATIA20 Audio: Absorbing Audio Information Into Meaningful Ways With Glean

Last Word:

Oddly enough, in more than 200 shows, this particular story has kind of come up before.
Students assist with 'super flush' at Texas Rangers' new stadium

Next week, no kidding, it is that long awaited often mentioned deep dive into the Color Star... we think. No really, it's happening in BBQ 208!

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