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Joe and Patrick take the wheel this week as J.J. is off to CSUNATC22. In another headphones recommended show, Joe takes us on a tour of three apps that he came across in 2021. Swerve through obstacles in Space Wave Race, become a short order cook with Blinded Chef and transform into a swashbuckling adventurer as you explore the mysteries of the Sonar islands. It really is all fun and games this week on episode 224 of the BBQ.

Space Wave Race 2:35

From the Apple App Store page

"Only the true heroes of space can become champions of Space Wave Race: the intergalactic championship that will take you to challenge the best pilots in the galaxy!

Fly through a myriad solar systems, space ruins, unknown engineering structures, asteroids and incandescent stars to win the battle. Be the first in this intrepid running race fighting your enemies. Prove what galactic material you are made of!

Enjoy the experience playing with different spaceships designed for battle. Unlock more spaceships by playing the game.

Includes several game modes with different complexities and gameplay: Championship Mode, Single Race Mode, Endless Galactic Mode.

DESIGNED TO BE accessable

Space Wave Race has been developed to be fully accessible, including modes for players with reduced mobility, visual and/or hearing impairment and dyslexia. Expressly created to enjoy the experience without losing a single detail in all conditions." >

This game is also available on PC/Mac [via the Steam service. And you can see what others have said about the game at this Apple Vis page.

Blinded Chef 14:50

Taken from the Google Play Store page

"Take control of a chef and lead him from a street hot dog vendor to a head chef in a restaurant. Test your hearing, reaction and memory! Play, cook, find new dishes and earn achievements. For those who find the game too easy, there is a hardcore mode inside.

Inside you will find:

  • 6 dishes
    normal and hardcore modes
  • random trial
  • achievements
  • leaderboard

Listen and remember which ingredients you need to make a dish, swipe in the appropriate direction to select the required ingredient and confirm your choice with a swipe up.

All ingredients are in different groups and the more complex the dish, the more groups and ingredients.
For example: A client asks you to cook burger of pork meat, lettuce, tomato and mushrooms. Use the following combination:
Swipe right to choose pork meat, swipe up to confirm, swipe right to choose lettuce, swipe up to confirm, swipe down to choose tomato, swipe up to confirm, swipe left to choose mushrooms, swipe up to confirm.

You can also find this game by visiting the Apple App Store and you can hear "Friend Of the Show" Jessie Anderson's YouTube review at IllegallySighted

Sonar Islands 21:44

Noted from the game's developer Mental Home website

"Sonar Islands is a MULTIPLAYER ONLINE game, where all relevant events happen in your ears.

On various islands you explore and discover, seek hidden TREASURES and conquer OBSTACLES. Every new island has a special atmosphere and a different gameplay. Do your best to fortify your islands and be clever enough to take the gold from your opponents.

Visit the ancient TEMPLE island, the ancestors built, where snakes are biting and down falling parts may block your way.

Take a trip to the JUNGLE island, watch abandoned lions on your way, but be aware of the tree traps, set up by the natives. You can go up, but there is no coming down.

The FUN FAIR island is a happy place to be. You can shoot toys coming towards you. Some carry a treasure, some carry a bomb, that's the risk.

The VOLCANO island is a chilly place, for some too hot, especially if you step near the lava flows. Ash and stone rain down due to the eruptions of terraforming, raise your shield to protect you.

In the MACHINE HALL you will meet the friendly robots from Feer, but this time you carry a stun gun to short-circuit their brains, at least for a while, till their self-repair is complete.

On PING island you will get a sonar device for orientation, send out a tone and the echo tells you, where to go. That s good, because you may discover, this island is a labyrinth.

High up on the TREETOP island you have to deal with wind and mosquitos. The wind is really disorientating, leaves are rustling, while the mosquitos chase you. And don't fall, while balancing on the twigs.

On the ELECTRO island you face the invisible power of ELECTRICITY. Tesla coils sparkle round their high voltage, better shoot some metal confetti to divert the current. The nice thing here are catapult plates, they make you fly all over the island. A pity, that you don t know where you will end up.

Happy vacation!" >

Nab the game either from Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Up next, no kidding, actual in person for reals with two people in front of one microphone interviews recorded at CSUN 2022! And if you haven't heard it yet, or read the transcript, Greg Stilson gave us an amazing update with all the goings on over at APH

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