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Audio Player BBQ227: Free-Styling Glidance

JJ is back with some sad news about his AI driven co-star. But do not fret too much as he has some other AI powers up his sleeve with another CSUNATC24 interview. Also, as we are reaching the end of our California coverage, drop us a line about what you thought were the big takeaways from ATIA and CSUN. Send your ideas to and we may feature those comments in a future episode.

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CSUNATC24 Interview: Amos Miller of Glidance

We have discussed various mobility enhancements for years on the podcast. However, it looks like we may now have the real deal on the horizon from the person behind Microsoft Soundscape. Amos Miller, CEO of Glidance, spoke to JJ from the Exhibit Hall floor about the new mobility aid. This device aims to be the first in what Amos calls intelligent Guides that can assist the existing skills of a cane or Service Animal user. The device utilizes a series of cameras, radar and on device chips to process travel faster than reliance on a current day cell phone. This speed of calculation allows the user to navigate and compensate quicker in challenging environments. Tune in, or read the transcript, to learn how Amos feels about how Glidance can work alongside various navigation apps to provide even greater flexibility when it comes to orientation and mobility. Pre-orders for Glidance are planned for the Spring of 2024 with a possible launch window in early 2025. To learn more, and hear a described video about the unit, visit the official Glidance website.

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