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Apple Rundown: Brother Can You Spare 100,000 Dimes Edition

You could say that the world was on watch last week for news about the new updates to iOS and Mac OSX. Of course, some may be excited about the upcoming WWDC in June. However, let us just get the other news out of the way and then we'll jump into the linkapalooza about the new Apple timepiece. That way those who want to skip, avoid or ignore those stories can while leaving those who pine for their pre orders the ability to drool until the bauble arrives in their local Apple store.

First up, Apple released iOS 8.3 and then some App Makers had to release their own updates to fix the iOS fixes. TapTapSee was quick to turn around a patch for an issue it experienced. However, some users with Touch I.D. found themselves employing a workaround for a pretty nifty App Store bug. Still it seems like a minor inconvenience when you figure that iOS 8.3 brings along a new voice for Siri, a Spock emoji and those important Voiceover enhancements. Plus, you can totally try out that new Siri voice quality with the recently posted Apple Siri guides while you wait for the next round of fixes to descend from the iClouds.

Of course, thanks to Apple's Continuity, that meant that an update to OS 10 landed as well. And what Cupertino giveth...
Latest version of OS X closes backdoor-like bug that gives attackers root
cupertino can also taketh away...
Security Update 2015-004 broke VeriSign SSL certificates system wide

I did see some great suggestions for iOS 8.3 access from @VOTips during the initial release window. Two other resources this week are a podcast from Dr. Robert Carter and a Braille app maker worth a look.

Apple has a lot of money. I mean a LOT! of money. Ahem, like 178 billion bucks in cash. However, some feel that some of that money might be amassed due to some tax maneuverings. And while Google shares in that high school prom "under the Sea Tax" dance,, Apple could also be following Google into an antitrust cheek to cheek with talks of gaining more of a foothold in the music industry. I wonder if buying a search startup is considered a tax deduction?
Hmm, if there were only some way that Apple Pay could be used to get you to spend more money on Apple thingies and sodas.

There wasn't much in the way of non $17,000 gold hardware stories to read about this week. What there was, was darn interesting though.
The science behind Taptics and Force Touch
LG Display outs iMac with 'super high-res' 8K screen
Apple TV next gen won't have 4k video
Sapphire Screens Put to the Test

iPhoto and Aperture saw end of life with the release of the latest OSX update. Yet that is old news. Like non-retina Mackbook old.
No, the new hotness is the 2015 Macbook. I say that because the internet continues to not shut up about it with various reviews arriving singing pretty hate machines of despair. I'm not kidding, it's hard to find someone in the mainstream non automatic "everything Apple makes is magical" press liking just about any feature of the new laptop. Here is just some of the discussion to peruse on the latest in the line of laptops from Johny Ive and co.
The definitive 12-inch MacBook review roundup
The New MacBook - First Impressions.
The 2015 MacBook previews a future that s not quite here
Surprise! iFixit says you can t do much to fix or upgrade the 2015 MacBook
How to survive with only one USB-C port on your new MacBook

It feels really strange to put the strange stories of the week in the middle of the rundown. But a promise is a promise. Therefore, for the good of the non Watch watchers, you can stop reading stuff after these links.
HBO Now on Apple TV highlights hypocrisy in Apple's 'no porn' rules
The Smart Boy turns the iPhone 6 Plus into a working Game Boy

Finally... as a public service to our readers, and to those who wish to avoid any further news this week about devices from Apple you can strap to your arms here is that list of links about Apple Watch in one easy to view buffet.
The complete guide to pre-ordering the Apple Watch
Apple Watch ship times slip immediately, angering sleepy shoppers
Tim Cook declares that Apple Watch pre-orders have been 'great'
Almost all Apple Watch models sold out, AppleCare+ pricing revealed (update: sold out!)
Here's how much you'll pay to protect that Apple Watch
Lines Are For Losers: The Anti-Hype Strategy Of The Apple Watch
Angela Ahrendts has told Apple employees that 'a significant change in mindset' is coming to the way they launch new products
Apple employees will get a 50 percent discount on the Apple Watch
Apple, the watch company: Here s what it s like to try them on in-store
The Apple Watch retail experience
The Apple Store Fitted Me for a $15,000 Watch I Could Never Afford
Developers have reportedly submitted more than 1,000 apps for the Apple Watch already
One of the first Apple Watch games is an RPG for your wrist
Apple Watch apps, the first wave: The good, the bad and the slightly weird
Apple Watch, meet your iPod ancestor
Dexcom sensors will be first to offer continuous glucose monitoring from Apple Watch
Apple Watch and accessibility: First look
Should you buy an Apple Watch now or wait for the next generation?
Apple Watch Sport ships with a weird tri-sectioned band
Apple Watch: What's in the box: Out of the Box
From Apple Vis, Hands on with the Apple Watch
Techno Buffalo How The Watch Works
Apple Watch Review: Bliss, but Only After a Steep Learning Curve
Pharrell's Apple Watch Edition review: 'Woah'
The definitive Apple Watch review roundup
11 surprises I learned about the Apple Watch
The Apple Watch reviews are (quietly) brutal
A Horror Story Constructed Entirely from Actual Sentences in Reviews of the Apple Watch

Next week, another in our "How TO" volumes. Yeah, I said we would run those during holiday weeks. But please cut me some slack. After all this watch kerfuffle, I need a holiday!

Did I miss a story? Got a resource for the land of Apple hardware and software worth a mention in these pages? Drop your remarks in the comment section below or throw us a line at

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