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Blind Bargains Qast 56: Qapla'! Waterproof Galaxy

Before we begin the show this week, our thoughts and prayers go out to Rick Reed and his family. Sadly, Rick passed away this week and he will be greatly missed by many in our community. We were lucky enough to have Rick on two of our programs. He was featured as a panelist in last year's NFB AT Trainers Division Meeting as well as BB Qast 25.

A hardware review? yep, J.J. has the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and he found an interesting way to test one of its features. Patrick takes us on a tour of the Disney app that sports audio described content. And there is a tip, "Sound Off" and the infamous "Last Word all on episode 56.

In The News:

Rosen Credit Card Breach May Affect Attendees of Recent NFB Conventions

Uber has an Urgent Situation Number Available

Juliet May Not be Slain After All, According to #CSUN16 Teaser

American Printing House for the Blind Releases new Utility to Convert Documents in to UEB Digital Braille

Your Passion for Braille Could be Worth Money

Freedom Scientific Releases Small Update for JAWS 17

Android N: What We Know about Accessibility So Far in Google's Next Android Operating System

Swedish Research and Development Institute KCH Teams up with Wikipedia to Develop Free Text to Speech Engine

Microsoft Announces Accessibility Feedback Survey

J.J. talks about the new Feel n See Screenshot Guide for iOS 9. which is now available at A T Guys.

Hardware Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

J.J. has Samsung's new flagship phone and he takes us on an interesting journey from setup to the show. Yeah, nothing like a live demo to show our listeners what the term "waterproof" means. Take a listen to the phone's stereo mics and be amazed. Oh, and the 4 GB of ram on the device ain't half bad either.

Demonstration: Disney Anywhere

Patrick gives us a great demonstration of this new version of the app that will allow you to experience movies like "Toy Story" and "Cars" with audio description without forcing others in your family to do the same. By syncing the audio of the movie with an iOS phone or tablet, you can hear audio description privately. Take a listen as Patrick shows us how it all works.

Tip: Start Menu Surprises In Windows 10
Have you seen those recommended Microsoft Store items in your Windows 10 Start menu? Well, if you want them gone, here is how to remove them. Go to Settings, by the hotkey Windows plus I, then wander over to the Personalize section. Arrow down to the Start option in the list on the left side. From there, tab a few times to the "Recommended" check box and remove the check. Note that there is also the settings for showing the Start menu as a full screen and other helpful Start menu options in this area.

Sound Off

Info Person writes in and reminds us that it takes a village to build great access.

< "Hi,

I recently learned about your blind bargains podcast and find them informative. Ii a couple podcasts you are excited about Victor Tsaran
joining Google. You also give him huge credit for the accessibility progress at Google

Giving him so much credit is incorrect. It is also insulting to the many other people at Google who are doing even more than Victor to improve accessibility. Some other people to give credit are Dominic, Laura, Shawn, roger, Zach, Casey, Eve, and many more people. Victor is contributing but he is only a contributor, not the leader nor the only one making Google products more accessible.

Please stop giving Victor all of the credit."

J.J. and Joe have been podcasting about Google and Android since 2010. Since that time they have been lucky enough to meet many on the team, like those mentioned above, and others who were not named. We are fans of Google products, as we have noted the Google Cast and Google Music a ton, and we'd be lost if it were not for the enormous efforts of all of those talented people on the many software development teams at Google.

Here are a few tweets in response to Joe's comments about being open-minded and using open source.

skipper8210: I thank @blindbargains for their thoughtful commentary on the recent dispute concerning opensource software and commercial options.
kgs49: in 2003 my grandpa would not look at houses in a particult town because he was there in the 40s and didn't like it

But the "Tweet of the Week" may just go to our own Gadget Guy and his awesome new suggested feature to his very popular game.

@liamerven: I think super egg hunt 2.0 should automatically announce new blind bargains podcasts.

Well, we wouldn't say no to that!

Last Word

Powerful media icons take center stage in this week's offerings...
Julia Child is the next PBS star to get a Twitch marathon
Paramount, CBS list the ways Star Trek fanfic Axanar infringes copyright

This was the last normal show for a bit. When you next check the RSS or your favorite podcast app, our 2016 CSUN coverage will be there and waiting for you. See you from sunny San Diego!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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