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Blind Bargains Qast 77: This Note Is On Fire!

Looks like the News Spirits have provided this week, as we have plenty to cover at the top of the show. The Gadget Guy drops by briefly, J.J. has a tip and we discuss some feedback in the "Sound Off". Then, speaking of spirits, be sure to hear how they also influenced the "Last Word".

In The News:

Orbit Reader 20 Manual Posted; Supports All Major Screen Readers, Text Editing

BlindSquare Authors MIPsoft Have Been Working on Android App for the Past 18 Months

Learning Ally Relaunchs their Mobile Apps as Link; Now Available on iOS, Mac, PC, and Chrome

Access World for October 2016 features articles on Braille, making music and employment.

Jaws 18 is Coming Soon; Here's what to Expect

OrCam updates to version 7 and expands to Europe and Austrailia

EnVision Amaerica releases an early October patch that hopefully fixes a long standing WiFi issue for the Galaxy. Check for the update in the System area of the device. And to learn more about the I.D. Mate Galaxy visit the product website.
or listen to our early impressions from BBQ 60.

This week's "BBQ Regular in the news mention" goes to the amazing Ms. Fleet.
Daniel Shiffman: I'm thrilled to release this interview with Claire Kearny-Volpe and @ChanceyFleet about Accessibility and Coding.

The long running Talking Typing Tutor series will be coming to iOS

Get ready for more eggs with Super Egg Hunt Plus Version 22.

L-Works is releasing an update to the arcade timewaster Super Egg Hunt Plus. We play a short demo of one of the modes in the upcoming version. You can get it now for $15 from A T Guys, and receive the update to the new version for free.

Product Overview: Microsoft All In One Media Bluetooth Keyboard

Joe likes to purchase Microsoft hardware every now and then. Yeah, it is a strange quirk indeed. Recently, and in the shadow of new Surface products to debut at end of month, he picked up an All In One Media Bluetooth keyboard. These units might be phased out soon. So is it worth the time and money to seek this device out? Joe has a few reasons why screen reader users may want to skip this one. foremost being that the number pad area contains a trackpad instead of those familiar controls. However, if you are looking for a keyboard and mouse one USB combo, this could be right for some.

Tip: Windows 10 Action Center

Remember the Windows Sidebar? No? How about the Windows XP Channel Bar? It is okay if you don't because those old controls that used to take up space on the right side of the desktop weren't all that great. The Windows 10 Action Center is though, and you should really explore it if you haven't already. Simply perform the Windows Key plus the letter A, or swipe left from the far right side of the display if you have a touch screen device, to find app notifications or useful system settings.

Sound Off:

BlindEducator, via Twitter, and Greg Portch, in an email, asked us about some aspects of our convention coverage. BlindEducator asked us a question about the Braille Note Touch interview and Greg asked why Joe does some strange verbeage when it comes to his wrap ups on the end of interviews. The answer for both is the same. And that truthfully is... we fly by the seats of our pants at convention. We might miss a key question about a product feature because, in the case of the Braille Note Touch, we just assumed it was on board. Joe notes that it comes down to branding and a moment where he can go on auto pilot to be sure he asked all his interview questions. Balancing a ton of interviews on the show floor with a really small window of opportunity can result in some audio oddities. And as good as Patrick is, and he is pretty dam good mind you, he can only edit out mistakes. Content is in the hands of everyone else. We'll keep these comments in mind when we start planning for the 2017 convention season.

BargainHound left us a comment on the episode 75 page:

"Please explain on a podcast why at least one of you, Patrick, doesn't like blue tooth. Never on any AppleVis podcast have I heard someone's blue tooth Braille display or keyboard disconnect unless the presenter did so voluntarily. Thanks. Beth"

J.J. takes a stab at this one, yet if you really want a good comment about it, Scott really described the problem as it related to his hearing aids in episode 73.

From Twitter, @eevers2009: sent along this crazy iOS 10 bug...

"Hey, it's Evelyn. How are you? I have a quick question. What do you guys think about the iOS 10 update? I would like your feedback on it. I'm having problems with mine. LOL and yes I called Apple to talk to them about it. They said only very few people with voiceover are having these issues. When I type or press any icon on the screen. Such as an app or a number on the keypad of the phone. It says letters and numbers. It's crazy. So, again I would like to know what you guys think about that. Are any of you having these problems? A lot of my friends on FB supposedly r not. So, once again thank you so much for reading this."

Um, wow. We have minor quibbles but nothing that horrendous. Bring on iOS 10.1 for a possible fix.

Lastly, also from Twitter, @Liamerven: writes:

"So I know I'm the Unofficial @blindbargains Gadget Guy and all that, but not sure yet if I'm grabbing a google Home or not."

We'll apply peer pressure as both Joe and J.J. will have one. We'll see how long he will last before he gives in and joins the cool kids.

Last Word:

Lady GaGa has a new album. South Park has a new season. this segment has a lot of mash ups.
Poker Spirit
Cartman Poker
And as a bonus, and Joe's gentle nudging to get J.J. to watch "Ric And Morty", this remix

Microsoft has confirmed an event for October 26th. That means we will have to keep biding our time, and saving our pennies, for another batch of new tech. Until then, everyone have a great week and stay safe.

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John Wesley Smith Friday, 14-Oct-2016 11:13 PM ET:

You asked about users of Learning Ally. I'm one of those who has a legacy account, and I do use them occasionally to download books which I can't find on BARD. They don't always have what I'm looking for, but I've been surprised by what I have been able to find. I don't have a BookShare account because I haven't seen the need to spring for the annual fee. Right now I have 30 plus NLS books and a number of text file books on my first gen Victor Stream. (OK, so I'm a hold over from the dinosaur era.) I have close to 1,000 books in my BARD wish list. Who knows when I'll get to all those books? I know it's a common complaint that such a small percentage of books are available to the blind, but how do folks find the time for what we do have access to?

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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