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Blind Bargains Qast 128: Merry Christmas Bill Cullen

The month of December used to be a slow month in podcasting circles. That doesn't seem to be the case again with 2017 rolling right along with timely news and events still arriving like they were UPS holiday packages on the BBQ doorstep. Good thing we asked Amanda Rush to come by and talk about Word Press as we shall need a sister site up to contain all these analogies and metaphors we've made about boxes and packages on the show over the last 60 days. J.J. takes some time out to play a game on Echo, Joe has one rejected idea in the "Last Word" and Patrick lets his guard down in a most interesting way. Grab that cup of coffee, cocoa or just a glass of milk... it is BBQ 128.

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Braille sense Polaris is shipping! The future is now. Check out the first Google certified futureproof notetaker with no touchscreen required. Visit us on the web at to learn more.

In The News:

NVDA remote 2.1 debuts with several requested key features
@tspivey: NVDA Remote 2.1 released. Adds a keystroke to push the clipboard, adds braille input in browse mode, fixes reconnecting to the previous server when machine is being controlled.

Access World for December looks at more gift ideas, the El Braille and some issues for Diabetes Management

Popular website Eyes Free Fitness now has an iPhone App

Facebook's Alt Text for Images is Expanding

Magic v14 update arrives bringing with it support for the Win 10 Fall Creators Update and more

Survey of the week!
AFB is seeking feedback on the Career Connect service and one lucky participant could win an Amazon Echo

Kickstarter of the week!
The World's First Smart Screen Protector with Smart Buttons for the iPhone!

Interview: Amanda Rush And Accessible Word Press

Amanda rush, of Customer Servant Consultancy, chats with J.J. about the power of Word Press and why you should consider it as your next content platform if you utilize a screen reader. Building websites can get complex really quickly. Amanda has some resources that can lead you through that maze of code. To reach her directly, use her "Let's Talk" contact form, or contact her via Twitter @cswordpress .

Tip: Match Game 2017

Fill in the blank during the holidays with your friends, family and old TV or movie stars from the 60s or 70s with this Amazon Echo skill that lets you play the classic game show "Match Game". There are free daily questions, however if you purchase question packs, you can keep playing until you win that year's supply of Rice-a-roni or a room full of ZBrick paneling.

Sound Off:

From our article about the Seeing A.I. update comes these two opinions;

So basically, they've just allowed me to take my OCR folder and replace it with one app? Nice. So far it does seem to work, even the handwriting recognition which, while not perfect, does well enough and is a major door-opener for us. I wish everything coming out of Microsoft was this awesome. I really liked Seeing AI before, and it's even better now. Now Microsoft, if you could just concentrate on real improvements like this in your other products...

The updates were worth the wait. Cleaned up my home screen by being able to replace a number of apps with this new upgrade. Currency and colour feature works more consistently than other apps. The ability to read hand writing, and therefore Christmas cards sent is a great feature. Keep it coming Microsoft.

Lydia Alverson, long time listener of BBQ, sent along her Winter Wishes in the most accessible way!

Dear Blind Bargains team,

Just to show my appreciation, I wanted to send you a little holiday greeting. I hope you enjoy it.

Press to hear greeting:


Lydia Alverson.

Also, another long-time fan, sends her regards about Ricky and Joe's recent news...

Hey, fir"st, congrats to Joe and Ricky! I would love a show on cruising, I have never cruised and I would please request that you discuss cruises to nowhere, you don't get off the ship and they are short cruises. They may no longer exist, not sure. If I ever cruise, I want to stay on the ship, that's why I would get on one in the first place! Happy holidays to you guys and looking forward to more great podcasts next year! Beth"

Last Word:

Fred sent this first link into Feedback back on June 28th and Joe thought it appropriate if it landed here in the "Last Word".
Taco Bell just had its first wedding ceremony for a very hungry couple
And J.J. would like everyone to be aware of this local announcement in his area.
"The Lowell Police Department's message: "Please do not walk
out in front of a city snow plow with your shovel challenging
our drivers not to plow in your driveway. 26,000 pounds of
metal and salt does not stop on a dime. If the truck doesn't
crush you and kill you instantly, the blade will dismember your
body and you'll bleed out before any help arrives." "

Well that will do it for our third year of the Blind Bargains Qast. Patrick will be back in the feed with the Outtakes show. And the BBQ Crew will begin 2018 with the traditional look back at the previous year's biggest stories. until then, all the best to you and yours in this grand new year!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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