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Noticing device slowdown after updating iOS? Take advantage of apple's battery discounts now

As you may or may not be aware, it has recently come to light that older iPhones are often known to experience reduced performance due to how apple handles new features on devices with older batteries.
This is thought to be the source of the oft-touted rumor that updating the software of older iPhones results in a deliberate slow down of your device to incentivize buying the newest and shiniest hardware. While Apple officially denies this is the case, it acknowledges that disclosure of the reduced performance of the battery can create hardships for consumers and slow down older devices. In order to combat this, starting now, Apple has reduced the price of battery replacements from $79.00 to $29.00 for the next year. This new pricing is available to anyone with an iPhone 6 or later. This discount is available worldwide, until December of 2018. Apple has also announced that a 2018 iOS update will offer users more tools to monitor and make important decisions about the health of their device's batteries.

Source: PSA: Apple is making its $29 battery replacement pricing effective immediately
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