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#CSUNATC18: HIMS Releases a New Smaller Version of the BrailleSense Polaris Notetaker; Special Preorder Price

HIMS has just released a new smaller version of its BrailleSense Polaris notetaker.
The BrailleSense Polaris MINI is a 20-cell braille display and notetaker running Android 5.0 Lollypop. This fusion of mainstream and accessible technology gives users access to mainstream Google products such as docks, sheets, drive and slides,, as well as the Google Play store and nearly any accessible application.
In addition to running on Android Lollypop, the Polaris Mini also includes two new keys, control and alt, to enable more systematic interaction with mainstream controls. It includes an 11 key Perkins-style braille keyboard, 20 refreshable braille cells, media buttons, a new Micro HDMI Port, a new USB C Port for charging and data transmission, and a new 13MP Autofocus Camera Sensor for high quality photos. The device includes 64 GB of internal storage, and supports micro sd cards for data expansion and file storage. The mini supports Wi-fi 802.11AC dual band, Bluetooth 4.2, USB 3.0 and micro HDMI. Inclusion of the Google Play store enables users to take advantage of any accessible app available through the store.
The device includes word processing, document, powerpoint, excell, and epub reading, a scientific calculator which also supports Nemath and UEB math, an Optional Sense dictionary including thesaurus, and bilingual dictionaries, a talking book player, and the ability to both play and record FM Radio or YouTube. The Mini can also be used as a standalone braille display with windows, mac, iOS, and other existing phones, computers, and tablets. Finally, it provides visual output via the built-in LCD, by hooking it up to a HDMI display, or via Miracast.
The BrailleSense Polaris MINI will normally be sold for $4,195.00, but is now on sale for a special preorder price of $3,995.00. Buy it on the HIMS website.

Source: HIMS Inc. BrailleSense Polaris MINI
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gallagher123123 Thursday, 22-Mar-2018 6:07 PM ET:

Definitely looking forward to checking this out in a few months.

slj Saturday, 24-Mar-2018 06:16 AM ET:

Hi. I have briefly seen the Polaris Mini. The device don't have a LCD display as mentioned in the blog post. It looks very much like the Polaris, but just much smaller. The Perkins keyboard is smaller, but not that much difference like the difference between the U2 and U2 Mini. It's a great small keyboard in my opinion. On the right side, there is a USB C for charging and connecting to the computer, and there is a mini HDMI port. The Polaris Mini takes micro SD card instead of the standard SD card. It is important to note that the SD card slot is behind the battery, so you need to take out the battery to remove or insert the memory card. The Polaris is like the Polaris accept for the following things: Smaller device, smaller keyboard, smaller battery, USB C port instead of the normal USB port, the standard charger port is skipped, no LCD display, speaker is placed on the back side of the device. It is a long speaker. I don't know if it's mono or stereo.

BrailleCaster Friday, 06-Apr-2018 06:47 AM ET:

HIMS told us Polaris Mini speaker is mono. Stereo audio available via bluetooth or wired headphones or external speakers. However, Polaris Mini. does include stereo microphones. Hope this helps.

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