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Blind Bargains Qast 187: A.T. Summer Showcase 2019

The packing of suitcases and shipping of boxes has begun. We're gearing up for interviews and the A. T. Guys booth in Vegas. And this week we'll let you in on some new things we'll have on hand and on the We also have a great interview with Brad Folkens of CloudSight, a peek at Shelly's new Apple related documentary plus Joe and Ricky have some recently acquired accessories to tell you about. Download this one, and set your devices to Airplane Mode, because you won't want to miss a moment of BBQ 187.

Sponsor: AIRA

The Blind Bargains Qast has been excited to bring you the new "Game of Words" contest that lets you work with an AIRA Agent to solve puzzles. Several players have already claimed the Iron Noun for themselves. And congratulations to Jordy who scored a cool $500 from the final "Game of Words" contest. "Game of Words" is brought to you by Aira, an app that connects people who are blind or have low-vision to highly trained, remotely-located agents for instant access to visual information.

To sign up for a free trial, or to keep up with all the amazing news from AIRA, visit today

Interview: Brad Folkens - CloudSight

We recently noted in BBQ 183 that the Tap Tap see app has undergone a few changes under the hood. But, at the time of recording, we had no idea just how much had changed for the service since the original launch back in 2012. Brad Folkens, CEO of CloudSight, stopped by to chat with J.J. about what it takes to move an app from the cloud to a "runs on device" service. This is a fascinating look at how Tap Tap See, and CamFind have evolved from general image recognition apps to those that now use A.I. to provide object detection and scene recognition. This is a must listen for fans of visual cognition engines , business oriented API creation and how one company's seven year journey has taken them to another level of image assessment for everyone. To learn more about tap Tap See, for iOS or Android, visit the official site

A.T. Showcase Summer 2019

All the products listed below, and so much more, will be on hand at the A. T. Guys booth in the NFB Convention Exhibit Hall. If you aren't attending this year, no worries, we got you covered as well. Use coupon code Summer19 at check out to get in on free shipping and deals being featured in las Vegas, or use coupon NFB19 to order and pick up your order in Las Vegas.

Tribit MaxBoom 360 Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker delivers 360 full-range sound without worrying about placement. Place it on a table or in the crowd, all listeners get the same experience.

XBass Technology

Dual passive radiators work together with all-around sound to enhance every beat ,giving bass a boost. Hit the XBASS button to get things going.

Playing Under Water

The speaker is waterproof(IPX7), making it ideal for those trips to the pool or beach.If you toss it into the pool or the ocean, it won't pose a threat to your music.

Wireless Daisy Chain

Enjoy the same song with Wireless Party Chain.You can wirelessly connect two Tribit 360 Sound Waterproof Bluetooth speakers together to enjoy amplified sound.

Instant & Stable Connectivity

Advanced bluetooth 4.2 technology provides a completely wireless connection with more than 66ft range. Connect up to smartphones or tablets to the speaker and play impressive stereo sound.

On The Go

Tribit 360 Sound Speaker offers the portability that most people are looking for and won t add much bulk to your carry-on. Throw it in your bag, toss it to a friend, or leave it by the pool. Whatever. It ll be fine.

20 Hours Play

WayAround Starter Pack

The WayAround Starter Pack gives you a sampling of all of the different WayTags , so you can try them out and decide which you like best. This Starter Pack contains 60 WayTags, including stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips. Square WayTag products work on metal objects. A round shape won t work on metal.

The Starter Pack includes:

  • 10 WayClips
  • 5 On-metal WayClips
  • 15 WayTag stickers
  • 5 On-metal WayTag stickers
  • 10 WayTag magnets
  • 5 WayTag 2-hole buttons
  • 10 WayTag oval hole buttons

Plugable Bluetooth Full-Size Folding Keyboard

This item is on preorder and will be available at the NFB convention and for shipping after July 8. Order now to be the first to receive the keyboard when it arrives.

For fast typists or those with large hands, most folding keyboards are just too small for comfort! This sturdy Bluetooth keyboard features five rows of standard-sized keys laid out in classic keyboard style and properly spaced for accurate typing. They are topped off by a sixth row of function keys for frequently used Android, iOS, and Windows operations. Yet, when you are ready to go, it folds smaller than a paperback book and fits right in a bag or briefcase with your tablet or phone.

iOttie iON QI Wireless 10W Fast Charging Stand and Charger

Introducing a wireless charger for your phone that is flexible and powerful.

The iON Wireless fast charger stand from Iottie integrates the power of Qi wireless fast charging technology with an angled design ideal for viewing content at home or in the office. The wireless fast charger for Samsung, iPhone, and other Android devices allows you to charge conveniently without cords by simply resting the device against the anti-slip pad.

The design of the wireless phone charger features two Qi coils allowing for wireless charging in portrait or landscape mode. The iON Wireless Qi charger Stand is designed with a 65-degree tilt that allows for viewing content or notifications while charging wirelessly at home or in the office. The anti-slip pad on the base of the wireless charger provides extra traction on smooth or textured furniture surfaces.

SleepPhones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Sleep, Travel/More

Now, you can get a refreshing night s sleep and wake up feeling energized with cutting-edge SleepPhones headphones. Designed by a family doctor, SleepPhones are the world s most comfortable, bed-friendly headphones. SleepPhones provide a safe and natural way to fall asleep without bulky headphones or painful earbuds.

The product s innovative design features ultra-slim headphones embedded inside of a super-soft, machine-washable headband. Listen to soothing nature sounds, guided meditation, audio books, or simply relaxing music.

SleepPhones Wireless provide superior sound quality with eco-friendly, lead-free electronics. The speakers inside are fully adjustable to suit your unique head shape.

At the touch of a button, the cord-free headphones are easily paired with any Bluetooth -enabled device.

Braille Me 20-cell Low-Cost Refreshable Braille Display

Braille Me is a new refreshable braille reader from Innovision, in India. Through their groundbreaking new technology, using magnetic force to power the braille display, the Braille Me has slashed costs, while keeping a high quality display. This device has 20-cell, 6-dot refreshable braille and a braille keyboard. The braille display had routing buttons below, as well as page navigation buttons to the left and right.

Files can be accessed by an SD card for reading, editing and searching. You can also rename and delete files from the device. The editor supports .TXT, .BRF, and .BRL files.

The Braille Me can use Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone or tablets (iOS or Android) and also connect via USB to a computer with an NVDA screen reader for a seamless braille and audio experience.

Product Impressions: Google Home Max Redux And Surface Go Type Cover

In episode 130 we spoke about the Google Home Max for the first time. Well, thanks to some incredible price drops and sales, Joe was enticed to pick up a second one on the cheap. Ricky notes the differences having a pair of Google Home Maxs, Maxes? Maxies?, bring to the room. You will see a few changes in your Google Home app, you get a third control in your settings section for speaker balance and you will indeed have to move out of your dwelling from the noise complaints that will inevitably come from the new volume levels achieved by these dual monoliths of sound.

We also have a short look at the Surface Go Type Cover that fits ever so nicely with the recently reviewed Surface Go from episode 183. The keys are a bit more towards the tablet style than those that feature the smaller Chicklet keys. And some might not like the flatness of the keyboard. However, the weight and the way the cover fits on the Surface Go makes it a great accessory over something like a keyboard case. The Surface Go configuration we reviewed is on sale constantly, check Wal Mart and Best Buy first, for the low low price of $296. This is a great Windows-based note taker alternative for those who want a smaller lighter device to pair with a Braille Display.

[36 Seconds That Changed Everythingg: How the iPhone Learned to Talk]

In the Beginning

From the moment Steve Jobs announced it in 2007, anticipation for the first iPhone was off the charts. And when it shipped? Customers lined up around their local Apple stores; some arriving days before the phones could be bought.

But the hype and hysteria left one group of cell phone users out if you had a disability, the new hotness was just a cold, unresponsive rectangle of plastic and glass.

This is the story of how that changed in June of 2009, and what it has meant to people who are blind, have a hearing disability, or experience motor delays.

Tune in to hear a sample of the illuminating documentary by Shelly Brisbin. Then head over to the official 36 Seconds site for more and the soon to be forth coming bonus content.

Episode 188

We will resume our normal podcast schedule once we have released our specials and interview coverage from the summer conventions. We don't know right now just how much we'll have in the can after all is said and done. But check in mid to late July for the wrap up show with all the news from NFB and ACB 2019.

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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