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Blind Bargains Qast 192: Rubber Tree Gum

Some things just fit into place when it comes to podcasting. Kind of like how you can easily snap together a pile of Legos into a nifty completed construction project. This week J.J. learns more about how to do just that with new accessible tools that will make him a Master Builder in no time with Matthew Shifrin , a consultant from Lego. There is also a ton of news, a few long time listeners in "Sound Off" and the "Last Word" is for the dogs. Look through your blocks for that elusive small blue two studded piece, it was just in our hands a minute ago we swear, while consuming BBQ 192.

In The News:

The Accessibility Bugs Introduced and Resolved in iOS 13 for Blind and Low Vision Users

What's New in iOS 13: Part 1, Changes for VoiceOver Users

What's New in iOS 13: Part 2, General Features

WayAround 3.0 launches soon

CSUNATC20 Opens Its Call For General Session Papers

Latest Braille Blaster includes Graphics Support, LaTeX Math Features

Tech It Out For September Features Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Access World for September is now online

Blind Abilities interviews the team behind Audio Wizards

The Games Accessibility Conference2019 videos are now up on YouTube

Interview: Lego Consultant Matthew Shifrin

Before the days of 3d printing, if you wanted to know what a famous landmark felt like, you would have to turn to a crate of Legos in order to learn the details about how a particular object might look. That could be a really daunting task if you didn't have guidance or a great set of instructions on how to go about the act of building your architectural wonder. Matthew Shifrin, Consultant with Lego, tells J.J. about his enjoyment of building things out of blocks with his family and how that grew into his desire to share that process with others. Listen as Mathew explains how a family friend provided him with a large box with hand-embossed Braille instructions on how to create a castle. And how that experience aided him in showing the team at Lego how they could improve the ability for future Master Builders out there to construct their own creations. Visit the official Lego site for the accessible instruction to learn more. Also, venture over to Matthew's Legos For The Blind website to learn more about his Lego sets

Matthew is involved with other aspirational projects including Project Daredevil which seeks to provide immersive experiences using the body in ways that have not been realized before.

Tip: Turn Off Automatic Updates

Apple releasing iOS13, and the soon to be released on September 24th dot 1 update, might not be worth the effort as both releases have some hefty bugs. Sure, you can roll back to iOS 12, but remember Apple locks out the ability to do so not too long from the release of a new version of iOS. Sometimes it is just better to let others work out the problems while you wait for a verified stable version to come down from Apple Park. Head to Settings, General and then Software Update. From there look for the option to turn off automatic updates. Now repeat these same steps when you are ready to get your desired upgrade. Also, you may want to do the same in the App Store. Joe told the story about having Instacart broken for 72 hours while the company worked to fix the Voiceover compatibility they broke in one of their recent changes to the app. If your iDevice is your primary way of interacting with the world... you should do this to ensure that you don't lose your access to critical apps and settings.

Sound Off:

Our first email is from Rebecca Skipper.

"I loved the last three episodes, but I have a lot to say.
I had a very hard time using CBS All Access on IOS or TVOS due to unlabeled buttons.
I was able to sign in and watch Star Trek Discovery using Firefox and Amazon Prime.
You can watch CBS All Access content through Amazon Prime.
I am really annoyed at the fact that we can t get audio description right now for CBS All Access!
I put up with this because I am a Star Trek fan, but I want every series and movie described!
The issue with Dominos really disappoints me, and I do not understand why companies can t treat customers and potential employees as individuals who are fully capable of working for them or buying their products.
I ve read lots of articles recently suggesting that a company s branding and bottom line improves when they are dedicated to diversity and inclusion.
We should keep in mind that there are more people with invisible disabilities so we shouldn t just focus on the obvious physical disabilities.
I m glad we have devices left with the home button and fingerprint censor, but I am disappointed with the McDonaldization of the cell phone market.
It seems to me that Apple is telling us what we will get rather than giving us choices!
I m sticking to my SE for as long as I can an have an iPhone 7 as a backup.
I still like Apple because of Voiceover, and I even have an iPod Touch because of the headphone jack.
This doesn t mean that I will go out there and buy a phone I don t want.
In my view, Microsoft does a much better job in promoting consumer choice.
I think the visually impaired community has a responsibility to support disability friendly businesses and products when possible.
This is why I will stick with Microsoft and Apple even with my disappointment over no refresh on the iPhone SE.
Rebecca Skipper"

Juan had a little convention feedback and information on Ride Hailing outside the U.S..

"Hello Blind Bargains,

Once again thanks for an amazing podcast. I really enjoyed the convention wrap up show. I enjoyed hearing about how things happened at the conventions, like how you needed to press a button to make the elevator's talk, or how you had to go to an underground parking garage to get Uber. When I went to Mexico, Uber is an option, but you cannot get it right outside of airports or some hotels, as these places have their own taxi services, and if you do want to get Uber, you must go across the street. Also, here in California, we have the chirps And coocoos, which are sometimes confusing to understand street light direction, and we also have streets with other sounds. In Woodland, my home town we have to press the button for more than five seconds to invoke the sound guidance, which can maybe burn or freeze your hand. I think the street sounds should be more understandable to everyone, and say which street you are crossing out loud.
I wanted to ask you, when downloading NVDA will it come with all the add ons from past versions, like dictation bridge or do you have to remember to download these separately? Also, , can someone script NVDA to work with proprietary apps in a job setting?
I also wanted to mention about the last word, that when I go buy a burger to go, I like reaching to the bottom of the bag and finding extra french fries. Also, in Old Sacramento; a tourist section of Sacramento, they used to have a tradition in one of the popcorn shops where they will give you a crumb bag. They would make bags out of the bottom of the popcorn pile, and sell it to people for $.75. I am not sure if they still do this.
Keep up the good work!

Thank you,
Juan Manuel Avila"

Keep the NVDA Blog bookmarked to learn more about the changes on the way in the upcoming 2019.3 update. Next, Stan Littrell dares to mention the spice that has no name for J.J..

"a couple comments on your latest bbq
Since Envision AI was selling at a 75 percent discount over the
regular lifetime buyout price I decided to make a purchase. I would
never even get a subscription before this. I feel that this app
represents just one more tool to put in the tool box. I still use
Seeing AI for certain tasks. I think that Envision AI is a great up
and comer to have in the tool kit. I still enjoy using the Galaxy
IDMate for barcode scanning because it is easier to line up and find
the barcodes. Since I already have the ID Mate it doesn't make sense
not to use it. I use these other apps for testing purposes. I like
the fact that we have options that we can use. We are now in
everything pumpkin pie spice mode. I love pumpkin pie but I don't
think that I will ever understand pumpkin pie spice flavored spam.
That sounds so nasty."

Last Word:

Something witty usually occupies this space to warn you about the impending links below. Except, well, we got nothin' for this week's oddness.
Yours Apefully: The Planet of the Apes Live Arena Show, 1976

Poop with us

Hopefully some news will transpire before we record episode 193. We at least have an interview lined up and ready to go. Have a great week everyone!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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