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This page includes computer programs for the blind such as Jaws, Window-Eyes, ZoomText, Kurzweil 1000, OpenBook, Mobile Speak, Talks, and many others as well as mainstream accessible programs like Sound Forge, Nero, and Omnipage.

Way To Go Sendero Group, Sounds Like You Have a Winner

Sendero Group has released a version of Sendero GPS without the GPS. Titled Way to
, the product includes the features of its GPS product without the actual tracking
support. Think of it as the virtual mode portion of navigational software. In addition,
you can attach audio narratives or sounds to specific points of interest, a feature
that we hope will find its
way into the regular GPS product. The cost for Way to Go
is $749 for the download or a bit more for a version shipped to your door. The download
is a better value, even if you choose to buy your own 8GB compact flash card and
download the maps.

System Access to Go Graduates from Beta Phase

System Access to Go (or SA
to Go) is no longer available in its free beta form. But you can still gain access
to the mobile screen reader through an annual subscription to the System Access Mobile
Network ($229 for the first year, $129 for each additional year) or through purchasing
System Access Mobile for $499, which gives you a year of access for
free. System Access to Go allows you to access nearly any modern computer by loading
a remote web application. The deal for the free year ends December 1.

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