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Introducing the Blind Bargains Flea Market

We have added a new feature to the site which lets people sell their used high-tech and low-tech items. Check out the Attic, the first store in the Blind Bargains Flea Market. Included are several notetakers, a braille embosser, and speech synthesizer. More items will be posted in the coming weeks.

Blind Bargains Phone Week (expired)

Starting Monday, it's the Blind Bargains Phone Week. Each day, we'll feature a different accessible cell phone. Since most of our readers already have a cell phone plan, we'll be featuring unlocked versions of these phones, meaning that they do not require a new contract to activate. There are now many accessible cell phone options to choose from, so check back all next week to help make your decision a bit easier.

Blind Search Crosses 100

Blind Search, our search engine of blindness-related websites, has crossed the 100 site mark. We've still got more to add, but we're definitely off to a good start. Go to the Blind Search page to learn more, add your site, or add the search to your website.

How to Get your Used Items Mentioned Here

We've had some readers who wish to advertise their used items, but we are unable to publish them. The primary reason for this is the lack of a website. When we post an item on our site, our practice is to link to a page with more information and contact information for the item. So if you only have an Email address, we are unable to do this. As some have discovered, there are ways around this. As you know, we list several items a week off Ebay, so if you sell your item on that site, we may see it. If you wish to set up a website and need some help, send us a note. Finally, remember that we only list the best deals we can find, so not everything gets posted. If you have something to sell and you have a link, auction, or some other page where the item is described, send it along and we'd love to take a look. I hope this answers some of the questions we've been getting about used items.

Search now on Home Page

We've made some cosmetic improvements to the site. First, you'll now find the search box near the top of each page. Search through all deals that we've posted in the past. Also, we've redesigned our links at the top of the page to make it look better to those with sight. For our screen reader users, remember that you can press H to jump past the heading block on the top of the page and also press H to jump to the title for each bargain. Be sure to check out the new Amazon store that we set up over the weekend. Have a great week.

Announcing the Blind Bargains Amazon Store

We have launched a brand new feature on our site that will make it easier to find the many blindness-related items on Browse the Blind Bargains Amazon store for talking clocks, calculators, pedometers, scales, and watches, braille watches and books, accessible cell phones, toys, games, and much more. Browse and purchase these products in a much-simplified interface. Check it out by following the link on this post, and let us know what you think.

So, How are we Doing?

Blind Bargains officially turns one month old this week. So, how are we doing? Tell us what you think, and what you'd like to see improved. We've got more great features planned in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned. Thanks for your support, and spread the word.

Easier Navigation Introduced

We liked Google's idea of making each search result into a heading, so we've done the same here. You can now use heading navigation commands, H in both Jaws and Window-Eyes, to jump through the list of deals on the home page and in search results. If you have ideas for other accessibility improvements, please let us know.

Add Blind Search to your Website

It is now possible for you to add our new Blind Search to your website. Simply cut and paste the search box code we've provided to allow your visitors to search dozens of blindness-related websites. Select the link on this post to get the code and learn more.

Mainstream Deals

While we intend to focus this site on deals on blindness-related products and products that are accessible, we're also interested in knowing what mainstream products you want us to cover. Based on feedback we've received, we'll be posting some deals on cell phones, MP3 players, and notebooks over the coming days making sure that we post the most accessible models for each. Thanks for your feedback.

Try out Blind Search to find Blindness-related Information

We're launching a new service to help you find information on blindness. Blind Search searches dozens of popular blindness-related websites for the information you want. Tired of searching on Google and getting meaningless results about window blinds or other nonsensical things? Try Blind Search and you'll get more relevant information. Blind Search is powered by Google CoOp, a new custom search engine tool. Let us know what you think.

Blind Bargains Mentioned on Sound Prints

Blind Bargains was mentioned on this week's edition of Sound Prints, heard in Louisville on 1080 WKJK and on ACB Radio Mainstream. Thanks to Carla Ruschival and Michael McCarty for helping to spread the word.

Talking Tire Gauges Added to Auction Gateway

We've added a page to the Auction Gateway with several talking tire gauges on Ebay. Most are under $10 including shipping, compared to $29.95 at one blindness retailer, for example.

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