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Two years of Zone BBS Premium Membership for $44 (expired)

On our sister site, get two years of premium membership on the Zone BBS for $44. That's a $6 savings and the lowest price this year. The Zone BBS is an online community with games, message boards, a phone teleconference and voice mail system, private mail, and much more. Deal ends November 24.

Accessibility and Technology News RSS Feed

Darrell Shandrow at the Blind Access Journal compiles accessibility and technology headlines from various blogs and websites and presents them in an RSS feed. It's available for viewing or subscribing on Bloglines, a web-based blog tool. Think of it as a kind of best-of for the blindness-related blogs. Currently, the number of linked posts has reached near 1,000, and new items are added several times a week. View it or subscribe using the link on this post.

Our Favorite Black Friday Site

It used to be that Thanksgiving Day would be the day where we sat around the table looking at the Black Friday ads. Those days have come and gone, however. Check out, our favorite of the Black Friday ads sites. As with some other sites, their mobile version is especially screen reader friendly, so we've linked to it instead. Many ads are already posted, with more destined for the site in the coming days.

Living on the Cheap, a New Blog

If you're looking to save money or live financially smarter, we've started a new blog that may help you out. Living on the Cheap offers tips and advice as well as ideas and ways to save money. The info is for anyone, not just blind people, and questions and comments are always welcome.

Blog Surfing with Technorati

One of the most popular services used to
sort through the millions of blogs on the net is Technorati. You may have seen blogs
with a Technorati link. If you were to select it, you'd add that blog to your Technorati
favorites. The site allows you to search through blogs on just about any topic or
view posts from your favorite blogs. Use the authority rating on a blog to determine
its popularity, or see what other blogs link to your favorite site. The site is quite
accessible, and many of the screen reader navigation commands work well on the pages.
You can start by Adding Blind Bargains to your Technorati Favorites.</
a> If you don't have an account, you'll be able to create one quickly using that

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