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Computer hardware that is designed specifically, or that works wel for blind users.

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Aroga BraillePen 12: Amazing Two-Way Access to Computers and Portable Devices, $500

Aroga BraillePen 12 Superbly portable, amazingly affordable, with easy keyboard action and enviable battery life, BraillePen 12 Touch gives you simple two-way access to computers and portable devices alike. The superb quality of the 12-cell Braille display will always make Braille reading an exciting experience. It works right out of the box. No configuration or set up needed. Connect to your phone, netbook, PC or tablet; navigate your external device, write SMS, browse the internet, do 6-key entry into your favourite Braille translator, or simply type. Switch between 6-dot and 8-dot Braille. You get all the functions that you need. Forget about unnecessary buttons and options. Navigation cannot be easier. Use the Joystick to navigate through your external device. Edit notes and memos with ease using revolutionary ActiveTouch cursor routing. Just slide your finger over the character you want the cursor to route to and here it is. Your BraillePen Slim will save you time and frustration. Worry not about gestures on your touchphone. Easy to remember and intuitive key combinations will make navigating and writing on your external device a pleasure. Features: • Lightweight • Durable • Bluetooth interface • Rechargeable battery Specifications: • Bluetooth: supports Microsoft, Widcomm, Toshiba and BlueSoleil Bluetooth stacks; • Dimensions: 150 x 94 x 25 mm; • Weight: 236 g; • Power supply: internal rechargeable battery; • Battery life: 10 hours working, standby several weeks, charge cycle 8 hours; • Interfaces with: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Symbian FREE SHIPPING IN USA

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Computer Parts)
Includes memory, sound cards, motherboards, cases, or anything else that goes in a computer.

Desktop computer systems from Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, and many others

Laptops, netbooks, and ultraportable computers

Notetakers and PDAs designed for the blind or accessible through add-on software.

Items to enhance the functionality of your computer or PDA

Portable Devices)
Portable hardware such as MP3 players, book players, and memo recorders

Items that produce print or braille output

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