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Blind Adults needed for healthcare information accessibility survey

[Please feel free to post this announcement on any relevant social media sites and blindness lists that include adult members. We need at least 300 additional participants for this study.] Dear Listers, this is Sushil Oswal from the University of Washington. I am the principal investigator on a survey about the availability of healthcare information to blind and low-vision consumers during the past 18 months. This is an important survey for our blindness community because it will give us an opportunity to express our experiences of finding healthcare information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please give us as much of your personal experiences as you can so that our study could create a comprehensive picture of the healthcare information barriers blind people face particularly under pandemic conditions. We will do a small draw of ten $25 gift cards for this survey. Besides publishing in academic journals, we will be producing a report on the basis of this healthcare information survey which will be shared with as many local and state-level health departments as possible. This report will also be available to blindness community at large. To complete the survey, here is the link: If you have any questions about the survey, or you have difficulty completing the survey, please email me at Our human subjects approval includes a permission to conduct this survey over the phone if necessary. So, do not hesitate to email me privately if you face computer issues while completing this survey. My co-investigator and I will maintain your privacy in all possible circumstances. With regards, Sushil Oswal, PI Sushil K. Oswal, Ph.D. Professor of Human-Centered Design and Accessibility School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Affiliate Professor, Disability Studies College of Arts and Sciences University of Washington

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