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Hello tips on how to use eye devices 30 dollars an hour for tips 10 dollars per tip.

Hi I'm willing to give the basics on Apple devices such as I-phone, ipod, iPad, and mac. I'm willing to train people for 30 dollars an hour. For commands emailed to the person will be 10 dollars. That's from double tapping to removing and adding apps. I'm willing to teach people each app they want to learn. Contact me if interested. I'm trying to make a little bit of extra money for myself. I really need it. I have Skype also my user name courtney.angela323. Also please contact me by text or call at 770-568-6628. Let me know if your interested thanks.

Jaws Lessons.

I'm Jaws 2015 certifide. I would like to teach the basics, such as using the web to someone who is new to the assistive technology world. I plan to teach over the phone, while using Jaws Tandom. My rates are as follows: 1-HR, $190. Please contact me if interested, or if you know somebody that needs my help. I'm a college student, who is trying to make some money, to pay-off lones. Kind Regards J. Vickers

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