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QuickBooks Training And Bookkeeping Services

Hello, I am back at it starting my next new adventure. Finance has been an interest of mine for a while now. I finally took the time to get QuickBooks certified. If you have a small business then you know how important keeping your books are for the end of the year and beyond. I now offer QuickBooks online Training so you can learn how to best use the software. Best of all, I can teach from a non-visual perspective. Finally, if you would like to have me handel the books for you and you don't want to deal with this this is also an option.

I am looking for audio sensory recordings.

Good afternoon to everyone on this list. I am looking for someone that would be kind enough to send me some recordings of the sound of braille getting erased. My reasoning for this, is because I am mildly autistic as well as visually impaired. And I enjoy the sensory sound that it provides. I will be the one who provides the material. As I can ship out some magazines as well as some books that I have with me that I really no longer need. You will be compensated for the work. For the magazines I was looking into paying it $25 per magazine. As for the larger book that I have with me. I would be willing to Pay as much as $80. If you wish to charge more, you can please feel free to let me know. As for the length of the recordings, I am looking for them to be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. For the larger bottle particular I am looking for those recordings to be a little bit longer, as that will allow you to essentially erase more. In fact, for the larger but I am looking to see if multiple people can do that one at the same time. I am definitely willing to ship anywhere in the United States. And I am looking for serious takers only. If you are interested, you can email me at You can also feel free to text me at 4243396204. Thank you all. And have a good and blessed day. Sent from my iPhone

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