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App of the day

Announcing the app of the day podcast Find it in your favorite podcast app And don't forget to share on your most active social network. --- Facebook, Slack, Twitterrific, Dystopia, Audible, Robinhood, Overcast, Youtube, BlindSquare,, Google Wifi, and Drafts The 12 apps we've chatted about in our five minutes or less podcast dedicated to help professional blind individuals. Give it a listen, and I'd love your submissions.

Meet the Founders of Blind Employment Solutions

We’re hosting a virtual meet and greet. And you’re invited. Here’s what you need to do to gain access. Join our free Facebook group. That’s where all the action takes place. We’re chatting about: •Launching your own business •Generating online traffic •Writing conversational copy •Building websites •And so much more If you’re serious about generating income, Join the BES community. P.S. The Meet and Greet is an exclusive invitation for members of the Blind Employment Solutions’ Facebook group. We encourage you to join the group, get active, and RSVP for the party. See you soon!

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