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In a year of so many hardships, we need a song that sings strength into our soul.

So much great music has been released within the last year plus, recorded from makeshift home studios, bringing artists and songwriters together via Zoom to create the polished product. In all those songs, bringing hope and new life, the world needs a song to hide behind when we face the tragedy of the unthinkable. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” – Gandhi This, is what Weber seeks to grapple with in his latest release, "Heaven's Light" "Music is strength, the light to a new day, when you don't know how you will face yet another, and lyrics speak what is sometimes hard to say." Weber states. Weather it's healing you may need personally, or a hand of help to pass along to someone in life’s time of need, "Heaven's Light" is available to stream on SoundCloud, and all major streaming services. Weber tracked Heaven’s light, in his home studio in the heart of Denver Colorado. “It is those lost from Covid-19, and then the Bolder Colorado offal grocery store shootings that pushed me over the edge to finally pin this track”, Weber States. “It had been in my head for 6 months or so, the chorus, and when it’s been there that long it’s gonna be something”. Weber always strives for the best, through the many processes of the project. “It starts with a voice memo demo on my phone, and grows from there. I used the Jamstik Studio Midi guitar as the controller when tracking the keys, and bass. I used its analogue pickups when tracking the Electric guitar. I miked up my acoustic with a stereo pare for the rhythm acoustic guitar. I used a standard keyboard midi controller to track percussion and drums”. Weber records into Logic Pro X using stock logic software instruments, and then, records acoustic instruments, and vocals, mixes, produces edits and masters the final project in Reper, under Windows. Probably the most interesting experiment in this song was the choir, Weber stated. “I sang/overdubbed the entire 80-part choir in an empty house going through renovation”. I had a gospel sounding choir in my head and that image, somehow, had to show up on the release”. Weber’s hope for “Heaven’s Light” is that it touches lives. “It’s just a song, that I feel, everyone needs to hear”. Stream “Heaven’s Light”, by Drew Weber today, wherever you listen to music.

Performance tracks $100 per song, tracks with vocals, $150 per song.

Do you need a performance track? Are you looking to record a demo, or a full project? Son Heart Studios is the place for you. We can help you, not only with a single performance track, but a full blown project, from start to finish; including digital mastering. It doesn't matter the kind of project that you would like to do, we can help you. It can be as simple, or as complex as you want.

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