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Skullcandy CRusher Anc headphones, $200

I have a gently used pair of the brand-new Skullcandy Crusher ANC headphones. This is a great-sounding pair of cans with noise-canceling that is pretty good as well as Skullcandy's sensory base. If you were wanting to experience these headphones and the $320 price was holding you back, now you can get these for a lot less. They are an absolute steal. I'll include the carrying case, USB-c charging cable, and the 3.5 aux cable that came with them as well. I've only had these for a few weeks and have been well cared for in that time. Send any inquiries to Thank you

TMobile Galaxy S9 plus for 300 dollars and Nest hub for 50 dollars

I have a Galaxy S9 plus which is locked on TMobile and am asking 300 dollars for it. The phone is in perfect shape and has the latest updates installed. I also have a Google Nest hub for sale in perfect condition, asking 50 for that. Feel free to contact me for details on both these items.

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