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Several Items for $25 and One Item for $30

Hello. I have several items for sale for $25 each and one item for $30. One of these is a Logitech 2.0 stereo speakers. You can use this speaker with your computer and other devices that have a 3.5 mm jack. On the right speaker, you can also plug in another auxiliary cord and use the secondary input with the speaker. There is also another 3.5 mm jack for headphones. There is a knob on the right side of the right speaker for you to turn on and off the bass. You can feel the bass once you turn it on. There are two speakers on each speaker. The two on the top are where the sound come out. The two on the bottom are where the bass come out. I’ve got this speaker for just a month and I no longer using it. It’s still working well. Included is the power cord to power up the speaker. The second one is also another set of Logitech speaker. This is a 2.1 speaker system. The speaker comes with a bass that goes under the table. You can control the speaker using the pod so you don’t have to reach for the speakers. You can set the pod next to your mouse or keyboard and control the speaker from there. The pod allows you to turn up and down the volume, turn on and off the speakers, and listen to headphones if you don’t want to disturb others. You can feel the bass when you play music through this speaker. Note that you cannot turn off the bass because there is no control for it. The power cord and the pod are connected with the base already. You cannot remove them. The next two items are USB Flash Drive Recorders. You can use this drive to record up to 70 hours. The drives have four GB of memories. You can slide the drive to on and when you finish recording then just slide it to off. These drives are still working well. You will have to use your computer to review your recordings and delete it. You can just plug the drive into any working USB port to charge it. I didn’t use it that much so it’s best to leave it charge overnight because I don’t know how long it will take to fully charge the drive. I will make sure they are charge before shipping it out. The Next item is a multifunction wireless speaker with AM/FM radio. You can connect your phone with this speaker for music and place/receive phone calls. When someone call you, the speaker will announce the phone number of the person who call you. The speaker allows you to use an SD card or a USB flash drive to play your music. You can also use the charging port to use the auxiliary function. You can listen to both the FM and AM radio. The speaker has a repeat function for one song, one folder, and all. The speaker has a sleep timer function. Finally, you can use the number pads to enter the song you like if you know the number of your favorite song. The numbers can also be use to tune in to your favorite radio stations. Once you enter the number, you can press play to start listening to your songs or stations. Included in the box is the charging and aux cable that came with the speaker and its manual. The last item is a wireless headphone from Avantree. I am selling this headphone for $30. With this headphone, you can attach or remove the aux cord. You can use this headphone via Bluetooth or NFC enable devices to listen wirelessly. The battery life of this headphone is 40 hours. You can place/receive phone calls with this headphone too. You can activate voice assistant by pressing the volume up and down buttons together. If you don’t want to use Bluetooth function then you can plug the aux cord to use the headphone. Even though the headphone run out of battery life, you can still use it via the aux cord. Included with the headphone are the charging cable and the aux cable. GREAT GIFTS TO BUY FOR YOUR LOVE ONES FOR VALENTINE DAY!!!!!! I only accept PayPal. Free shipping over the US. Any questions contact me at or 5598987309.

CBD Products and Business Opportunity 🔥 🔥 🔥

We offer organic CBD tinctures, topicals, pet care, bath bombs, hair products, gummies and more! CBD has helped millions find relief from anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, and other health conditions. We also offer an amazing opportunity to make money with us and our team, helping others just like you achieve healing and relief! We will train you and help you reach your goals! Experience healing and relief today!

Ti84 plus orion talking calculator only $175.00 including shipping

I am selling my ti84 plus orion talking calculator. It is in excellent condition. The price is only $175.00 including shipping.

High end Apple MacBook pro, Rainsong graphite a/e guitar, control surface, G and L bass!

All the below items are in mint condition and I am the original owner. Late 2018 Apple MacBook pro with 6 core processor, 256gb ssd, 16gb ram, touch bar, touch ID, Thunderbolt 3, glass touch pad, retina display etc. works great with Mac OS as well as windows 10! A great machine for music/audio work or general computing. 2018 American made rainsong graphite acoustic/electric guitar with hard case. This guitar sounds great, plays great, and is not effected by temperature or humidity! It is also far more durable than any wooden guitar! G and L JB2 tribute four string electric bass guitar with new gig bag. Swamp ash body, hard rock maple neck, two George Fullerton designed pickups etc. Baranger x touch full size control surface for mac and windows, works with sonar, logic pro x, pro tools, reaper etc. Features nine motorized 100mm faders, eight control pots, transport controls, jog/shuttle controls, and over 70 dedicated buttons!Power supply and USB cable included.

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