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Computer hardware that is designed specifically, or that works wel for blind users.

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Free Payment Card Reader + Free Online Shopping Software

The PayWithChip Marketplace is a new, easy to use, accessible shopping application that provides amazing access to popular products from major online shopping websites. No web browser required. Navigation is very user friendly, using four keyboard keys - up, down, enter, escape. Currently available as a Windows PC installable application. Tested with NVDA and JAWS. A few of the stores on our list are Walmart including groceries, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Ebooks by and many more. Upcoming stores include Groupon,, Musicians Friend, Trader Joe's and many more. Checkouts are easy and simple, which means no more typing card numbers or saving card information. Customers receive a complimentary USB payment card reader. Checkout is completed securely and quickly with just a card inserted and the press of the enter key.

iPad Pro 10.5 Inch with Keyboard Case For $700

I am selling an iPad Pro 10.5 inch WiFi with 256GB with a Bridge keyboard case for $700. This unit is only one month old and will be shipped with all the original cables and documentation in original boxes. I will accept payment through PayPal or Square Cash.

we will sell or trade

pack mate Omni for sale for 1300 dollars, or trade for a stand alone reading machine

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Computer Parts)
Includes memory, sound cards, motherboards, cases, or anything else that goes in a computer.

Desktop computer systems from Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, and many others

Laptops, netbooks, and ultraportable computers

Notetakers and PDAs designed for the blind or accessible through add-on software.

Items to enhance the functionality of your computer or PDA

Portable Devices)
Portable hardware such as MP3 players, book players, and memo recorders

Items that produce print or braille output

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