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This page includes computer programs for the blind such as Jaws, Window-Eyes, ZoomText, Kurzweil 1000, OpenBook, Mobile Speak, Talks, and many others as well as mainstream accessible programs like Sound Forge, Nero, and Omnipage.

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Classifieds: Free Online Shopping Software + Free Payment Card Reader

The PayWithChip Marketplace is a new, easy to use, accessible shopping application that provides amazing access to popular products from major online shopping websites. No web browser required. Navigation is very user friendly, using four keyboard keys - up, down, enter, escape. Currently available as a Windows PC installable application. Tested with NVDA and JAWS. A few of the stores on our list are Walmart including groceries, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and many more. Upcoming stores include Groupon,, Musicians Friend, Trader Joe's and many more. Checkouts are easy and simple, which means no more typing card numbers or saving card information. Customers receive a complimentary USB payment card reader. Checkout is completed securely and quickly with just a card inserted and the press of the enter key

Looking for Nuance Talks or Mobile speak for symbian s60 Phones

Hi, I know, it sounds funny, I am looking for speech program for the Nokia s60 phone. I don't care, if it is Nuance Talks or Codefactory Mobile Speak.Since it is discontinued many years ago it is not available from anywhere. Would like to ask, if someone could point me to any seller, which still sells those applications or someone has license and would want to transfer it is to me, I'll appreciate so much! I even not sure, if any dealer can do license transfer. In any case, if someone could please advise me, how to get the copy of Talks or Mobile Speak, would be so wonderful! Thanks in advance!

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