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Affordable Assistive Technology Help

Are you and your child stuck at home? Is your school implementing new online learning platforms? Are you baffled by the specialised tech tools and alternative techniques your child needs? Would you like some assistive technology instruction for you and/or your child? I am happy to help! I am available for: * Training on PC, Mac, or iOS using JAWS, Voiceover, or NVDA screen readers. * Instruction on Note takers and braille displays such as the Braille Note Touch or Focus. * Making inaccessible charts, diagrams, drawings and other complex materials understandable for a blind student. * Braille instruction and support. I am a blind person certified in the JAWS and Nonvisual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen readers with A+ and Network+ IT certifications and over 30 years of professional technology experience. Please contact me for a free consultation. Flat $15 per hour rate if you decide we'll work together.

All About Office

Announcing: All About Office 365! Using Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint with the JAWS screen reader The exciting new course series by Angela Fowler Learn to create and edit a document in Microsoft Word, Learn to format your document to meet the strictest professional standard, Learn to manage email in Outlook, Learn about Outlooks handy yet less used features, Learn to organize things in excel, Learn to keep a budget using formulas and functions, Learn to present effectively with PowerPoint, Learn to create accessible and visually striking presentations, And much, much more. There will be a course dedicated to each of the four main programs in Microsoft Office. Each course will be broken into two sections, with the first covering the features people use every day and the second covering the more advanced features. Each course comes with: Access to the live webinars, A recording of the webinars, Written procedures for common yet complex tasks, An hour of free one-on-one training with me, And 2 weeks of unlimited email tech support. The complete package comes with: Access to all live webinars, Webinar recordings, Written procedures for common yet complex tasks, 4 hours of free one-on-one training, 8 weeks of unlimited email tech support, My computer optimization service absolutely free, And a deep discount on any training beyond the 4 free hours. Each course can be purchased separately or as part of the complete package. Cost is $125 per course or $450 for the complete package. In light of the current situation, flexible payment plans can be arranged. For more information or to sign up, send an email to

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