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DM44: Todoist, Access Android, 1password and more.

DM44, in the 44th episode of Damashe and Michael, just talking tech we start out discussing a cool feature about todoist that Michael discovered. did you know you can have sections within a project, and a talkback user can even drag tasks from one section to another within that project? we also chatted about the fact you can quickly organize your project and collapse those sections that aren’t relevant to what you’re working on. Damashe mentions a bug he can consistently get to crash the to-do list app on iOS, maybe we should probably report that. and if only we could excessively complete tasks on desktop, then it would be 100% ideal. briefly chatting about audio routing 1applications for both Windows 10 and Mac OS, Michael transitions into his love-hate relationship with Windows 10. probably primarily driven by the fact he has multiple users on his laptop, once he sets up his settings they tend to change. Michael has been remiss in mentioning the fact that on the second Monday of every month, at about 11:28 a.m., time has shifted to 11:10 a.m. Pacific time, you can hear him on the Kelly Co show presented on accessible media incorporated talking all about accessing Android. at 13 minutes, Michael mentions to Damashe a couple of tips he can use to better his experience with talkback, including changing the menu around to use a version of the menu that Michael at first cannot wrap his mind around, but now seems to be using every day. Chat transitions then into Damashe talking about a Windows 10 update that affected a lot of users, beware before you update and make sure to backup! it’s important to maintain a password manager for unique passwords across the web. they then chat briefly about the importance of using a third-party password manager versus the built-in one known as keychain on iOS and mapOS. Damashe then share some tips for people who want to back up their two-factor authentication keys if they don’t use a tool such as one password for keeping all of their data. then the service known as sync that was mentioned is a great way to encrypt all of your important documents that you might not be storing in one password or if you’re not using one password you can leverage. use the link in the references section at the bottom of this post to get an additional gig for being referred by Damashe. Michael then briefly mentioned his displeasure with the Dropbox service. Damashe share some of his thoughts of using Android for just over 24 hours as of the time of recording this episode. hint, some of the content he mentions in this episode has changed, maybe he’s making it his primary device! you’ll have to tune in to next episode to hear more.

DM43 - Project management, Android, and back doors

DM43: Project management Android and back doors In This episode, we’re discussing a new podcast recording tool, Damashe’s using Edge, and Mike’s Android thoughts after a year of daily usage. We get right into it by discussing a new service, SquadCast, we’re trying out for recording the show. While it is pretty straight forward to record with, we still did our own local recordings as a backup. Flexibits has released Fantastical 3, with a lot of new features, among which are: proposed times direct account login Todoist integration zoom integration calendar sets on iOS and a host of other features. We discuss some of these features, as well as some rough accessibility bugs with the initial release. You can now use Fantastical’s basic features fre, with a subscription for more advanced functionality. Mike has put most of his tasks in Todoist, completing over 2300 tasks at the time of recording. And a side effect of the Fantastical update is Damashe is going back to Todoist. The fact it provides web integrations and shared projects make it a winner, fustrations aside. One year in with Android, Mike is pretty happy overall. The ability to heavily customize Talkback behavior is one of the most powerful features. There are still some fustrations with navigating the web. Mike has been trying different browsers, including Firefox and Edge. Overall, we’re happy with the focus on accessibility from both Apple and Google. We wrap up with a rant from Damashe on the increasing push from governments to create backdoors into software encryption. Links to things mentioned can be found at

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