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what is g suite, and why do i need it? - Answered in dm9 from @damashe and @payown

In previous episodes Damashe and Michael talked about managing your inbox and managing your time… and the same tool was mentioned in both episodes. So this week, we are focusing on that tool, and why it is a key piece of any business infrastructure. Yep… we are talking all about G Suite this week. Damashe and Michael are both longtime G Suite users, from back when it was known as Google Apps for business. Listen as we give you a quick intro to the G Suite services, including email, calendar, contacts, and cloud storage. Michael points out some of the main advantages of paying for G Suite services, one of which is your company branding. Damashe talks about how great it is to have Google’s infrastructure working for you, customized to your preferences and needs. Damashe and Michael also share some of the ways they are putting some additional features of G Suite to work for them in interesting ways. You have got to hear Michael’s plan for keeping key clients in the loop, and initiating client interaction. Damashe explains how easy it is for a small business to now have the same type of corporate infrastructure without the associated cost and overhead once necessary. The information shared in this episode will be a major key for any business owner or entrepreneur. Share this episode on your social media channels, and make sure you are following @damashe and @payown on Twitter. Links for this Episode can be found at DM9 when you click threw to the blog posting

DM7: 1Password

In this episode Damashe will explain what 1Password is and why you should be using a password manager to secure your online accounts. Damashe also explains some of the features of 1Password beyond storing your user names and passwords. Find out what held Michael back from using any password manager, and why he now loudly recommends everyone use 1Password. Michael and Damashe also discuss the overall cost of 1Password, and some of the differences in the family and team subscriptions. Michael also asks the question As an Apple platform user, why wouldn’t I just use iCloud Keychain? Visit the episode. and listen to find out the answer.

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