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Take a look into the future on The No Name Show on MCBVI Radio tonight at 6:00 eastern

If you could look into the future, could you imagine any of the following? An indoor navigation system that uses Bluetooth beacons and an iPhone app. Or, how about a system designed to give the blind user feedback for crossing streets? It could alert the user when the light has changed to cross a particular street, and provide a countdown timer so you will know how long you have to cross the street. Would you enjoy a pedestrian/object avoidance device? If you were walking in a corridor, you would pull the suitcase beside you. When it spotted objects or people, it would alert you through bone conduction headphones. Or, better yet, a robot GPS travel guide. With this device, you would have a starting point and planned routes. You would program your route in to the suitcase robot and then hang on for the ride. You would wear bone conduction headphones and receive audio alerts. The device would slow down and take you around people and objects in your path. Do these things sound far-fetched to you? The reality is technology for all of these devices, and much more, are already being tested, and their release to blind and visually impaired users may be just around the corner. The guest this week on The No Name Show, Doug Hunsinger, has tested these devices, among others. You will not want to miss the opportunity to talk with Doug and take a sneak peek into the future. The winner, or winners, of last week’s Name Those Tunes will be announced. The regularly scheduled Name That Tune returns this week. Also, Thad will be along with Word Of The Week. All of this, plus much more. To chat live with Doug, Dave and Becky, call 616-818-0312. To make a song request, leave a comment, or make your Name That Tune guess, send an email to Be sure to tune into The No Name Show With Him & Her this Tuesday at 6:00 PM Eastern on MCBVI Radio. If you cannot make it for the live show, you can catch the replay at its new time, 11:00 AM every Thursday. To listen to The No Name Show and other programming on MCBVI Radio, go to: There is a list of listening options provided on this page. Dave & Becky

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