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braille key guide to Reaper: $30

Introducing Keys to reap what you seau, the first braille key guide for reaper version 5. This key guide contains some of the most popular and most used keyboard commands For reaper and OSARA. For a long time, blind reaper users, from beginning to advanced, have wanted a Braille guide that contains commands necessary to use reaper as a fully functional DAW. This guide contains the most popular, and most used reaper and OSARA commands. It is sorted in to sections: projects/folders, tracks, items, transport and miscellaneous. It doesn't matter if your a beginning reaper user, or switching from another daw, such as Sonar or ProTools, you will be able to find what you need quickly in this braille users guide. I plan to update this guide as Reaper and OSARA expand and develop, with commands for the ever-expanding midi editor.

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