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Braille Sense U2 with QWERTY Keyboard

Brand new in box. Contents are all there including extra charger. Asking $2100.

VarioUltra 20 Mint Condition, $1200!

The The VarioUltra is the smallest, most rugged braille display you will ever own. You can feel the craftsmanship as you use it. This VarioUltra 20 has a new USBC board, new battery, new carrying case, and the braille cells are in perfect condition. Check out the spec here: VarioUltra 20 has 32GB storage, word processor, excel and pdf viewers, scientific calculator, supports multiple Bluetooth connections, and can be used as a braille display with all major platforms.

Custom maxed out laptop, audio gear and other tech for sale: $1,650 obo

The following items are up for sale. 1. Custom built laptop: This is my personal laptop I built in 2019. It is a Clevo chassis from RJ Tech and it is completely upgradable, aside from the processor and graphics in this model. This machine has an Intel I7 8750H 6 core 45w tdp chip, 2.2ghz to 4.1 ghz. The laptop is 15.6 inches, full keyboard with number pad and the chassis is plastic. You can easily open the laptop to service ram and storage. This machine has a 2TB Sabrent rocket NVMe m.2 ssd and a Samsung 970 Evo 4tb sata ssd for a total of 6tb of storage. Additionally, this machine is maxed out with 64gb of 2666 memory. Machine is in perfect working order. There is a small crack in the case on the back left from a small fall but this does not hinder performance. Battery still has plenty of life and the battery is fully replaceable. Ports include an sd card slot, 1 usb 3.0, 2 usb 2.0, 1 usb type c, HDMI, VGA, gigabit ethernet and the power jack. for $1,650 I will include a flat bed scanner inside the laptop bag, including power cord and USB cable. Please allow 7 days for shipping as I must relocate all of my data on the ssd's and I will need to pack the laptop well. Contact if you have questions or are interested. 2. IBM model M keyboard from 1990. Comes with ps2 to USB converter. All original keyboard and curly cord, missing the left arrow key cap. $60. 3. Tascam US16x08 audio interface. 1u rack mountable interface with 16 inputs and 8 outputs. Used briefly and placed back in the box for storage. $300. Mint condition. 4. JAWS Professional license with USB dongle. $150 to take over the license plus any transfer fees. You will receive a boxed set of material with the license dongle. ILM also available. License current up through 2022. 5. Novation Impulse 49 49 key midi controller with 8 drum pads. Used briefly and placed back in the box. Will ship in original box with documentation and accessories. $225. 6. Cynology ds220j 2 bay nas. Currently has 2 3tb CGate Ironwolf drives in it. I'll sell the nas itself for $150, if you want the drives I'll need to whipe them and I need a sata adapter to do that so your wait time will be longer and I am going to ask $220 for the nas with the drives included. Comes in the original box. 7. Cisco networking equipment: I have a 5520 ASA firewall, a 1941W ISR and a 3750G 24 port switch. All 3 pieces are gigabit capable and would be great for a home network or as part of a lab. Memory in the ASA and the router have been upgraded to 2 gb and both software versions are up to date. I'll include a USB console cable. I'm going to ask $300 for all 3 pieces of gear plus whatever shipping costs on top of the cost of the equipment. If you are interested I will be open to offers. 8. I've got a dark glass bass guitar pedal but I don't recall the model but I can check upon request. $250.

Refershabraille 18 $400 (Includes Shipping)

Hello again, This time around I have a gently used Refreshabraille 18 that could use a new home. This device is in perfect working order and includes original USB cable, (sorry, the charging block is not included,) but since this is a USB class A cable you should be able to find a block for it. This device is Bluetooth capable, and can be plugged in to your computer's USB slot for use with a screen reader such as Jaws. I will ship to anywhere in the contiguous United States of America. Serious offers only please. You may contact me via Email, Phone or iMessage. I take payment via PayPal or ApplePay. Once I've excepted your payment I will ship the product and provide tracking information.

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