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Mackie Onyx 820i 8-channel Premium FireWire Audio Interface & Live Mixer

Dancing Dots has a very gently used Mackie model 820I to sell. Includes a text file of a detailed description of all controls composed expressly for blind users. This audio interface connects via firewire and doubles as a mixer you can use for live sound. Accepting best offer. Pay $199 and it's yours immediately with free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. PayPal, major credit cards & bank transfers accepted.

HIMS BrailleSense U2 32-cell notetaker: Gently Used Dealer Demo

The BrailleSense U2 notetakers are powerful educational note-taking tools, portable networking devices and multimedia entertainment systems. They offer output via Braille, speech or both simultaneously. Take BrailleSense U2 with you to school, office or use it on the go. Read and review Microsoft Word, powerPoint and Excel files in contracted Braille. Highlight your most important points with advanced font and style options. Always have complete and up-to-date access to your email with IMAP access, and open EML files directly from the File manager. Secure your valuable information with file encryption, or password protect your entire notetaker from prying eyes and/or fingers. A new U2 costs $4,795. Make your best offer on this dealer demo. It will go immediately to anyone who offers $2,795. Free shipping within continental U.S.


Get hands-on with your recording software with this device. • Total-recall, cascadable desktop MIDI controller with analog feel and intuitive user interface • 8 ultra-precise, 100-mm, motorized faders for ultimate control of virtual mixers, organ-drawbars (inverse mode) or virtual synths and samplers • 4 virtual groups with 8 dual-mode, high-resolution encoders that feature LED rings and an additional push function • 16 + 4 illuminated buttons freely assignable to all types of MIDI functions from note on/off, control change and program change to MMC and system exclusive data • All panel elements freely assignable—manually or via the user-friendly learn mode Make your best offer. Pay $179 and it’s yours with free shipping in the continental U.S.

Kustom Cane and You Cane Give-Personalized Canes and Equip BLind Globally

Why be plain? Go Kustom Cane! Do you or someone you know use a mobility cane? Do you enjoy style and coordination in your dress? Who doesn’t like to show their team spirit and pride and display their teams’ logo and colors? Don’t be plain, Go Kustom Cane. How about an inexpensive way to advertise your business or support for a cause? There is no better conversation starter with your very own one of a kind cane from Kustom cane. Kustom Cane has been in the restyling and customizing industry for over 18 years. Our focus has gone from automotive restyling to cane and mobility products. Our long time experience and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will receive a quality product reasonably priced, customized to your desire. Our vinyl is a high performance 3M grade providing you the best quality on the market. Don’t Go plain! Embrace your cane with your personality-whether it is a folding aluminum, graphite, or telescoping- we got it! What a perfect gift for a friend or family member. Need a cane for church, formals, or special occasions? Check out our other products- The Mobility Bell and Cane Shield Protection for your cane. What is Cane Shield? Cane Shiel is our exlusive clear protective coating that protects every section of your cane from chipping, peeling, scratching, or other signs of wear and tear, thus extending your cane's life many times over! We can also restore your cane if you love the one you already have for $29 which includes elastic, vinyl and new tip(Add $15 for Cane Shield). Do you like charms? Charms- charms- and more charms! From sterling silver accent cane charms to customized and personalized braille charms of all shapes and sizes-you will indeed have a one of a kind cane! Don’t forget about our personalized braille charms for your guide dog AKA furry friend’s collar or harness! Remember… Don’t be plain! Go Kustom Cane! Other products include: BLuetooth speaker charms Stunt gun charm Hidden knife blad charm(shaped as a key) Talking watch charm Voice recorder sharm Backup battery charger charm Multipurpose tool kit charm Personal alarm charm Whistle cane finder charm Solid or flashing light charm See our website at , That’s K for Kustom and C for Cane. Current promotion is a free charm with all cane purchases! New exciting product! Tired of losing your cane or your phone? Never fear! The new Kustom Cane Bluetooth Cane Finder Charm is here! It is a simple as opening an app and tapping on your phone’s screen! Your cane charm will begin to beep until you locate it! Lost your phone? Worried about it being on mute or silent? No worries! Just push the button on your Bluetooth Cane Finder Charm and your phone will start playing a sound until you locate it! Price: $19 New cane designs! We call it - The Camo Cane! Camouflage at it’s finest! Another new cane! design!!!!! The Chameleon Cane- Changes colors depending on the angle the cane is viewed and the way light reflects off of it!!! Choose from two designs *From green to blue to purple or *from gold to copper to burgundy Kustom Cane is your one stop cane shop- So don’t be plain! Go Kustom cane! Call us to acquire gift certificates! for friends or family members! What a unique gift! Ask about our other new products, including: Cane lights to spiral around your cane(comes with on/off switch and the colors of pink, green, or blue) USB 1000 maH Charger Charm LED Flashlight Tazer Charm (colors of pink or black) Hidden knife blades and all-in-one toolkit charms Contact us today at 901-483-1515 or at our website, ”Like” us on Facebook! at : Why be plain? GO Kustom Cane! Did You Know? Every purchase you make with Kustom Cane goes towards the You Cane Give Initiative, which provides canes, mobility, and other technology to the blind around the world! So treat yourself and empower another! For more information, check out

Braille Embosser Silent Auction!

Hello there! I am trying to cell a gently used Juliet Pro 60. The device works perfect. I have had it for about 5-years. It has been in a very clean and safe environment. This Auction will go on for two weeks. In order to participate, please send your name and contact info along with your amount to the email address below. At the end of the two-week period, I will contact the buyer with the highest offer. I am capping out at $1000. This means your bet can not exceed this amount. Submissions email Best of luck!

Acquainting Yourself with Android — Getting Started with an Android Device Online Class$49

Are you an assistive technology user who has wondered about the accessibility and usability of Android by those with visual impairments? Are you curious about purchasing and learning an Android device, but are intimidated about getting started? Are you an iOS user who has considered checking out Android as either an adjunct to or alternative to iOS, but just aren’t sure about the learning curve involved? No matter which of these categories you fall into, you’re sure to benefit from Mystic access’s informative five-week event, Acquainting Yourself with Android. Whether you’re completely new to Android,are struggling to conquer your first Android device, or know you want an Android device, but just don’t know if you’re ready, the material in this event series will support you in moving forward capably and confidently, and prepare you to have a lot of fun using an Android phone or tablet successfully. Who teaches this event? This event series is co-taught by Chris Grabowski and Kim Loftis, the founder and director of product development with Mystic access, respectively. Both of us have years of experience using Android devices for business and pleasure, and we’re passionate about sharing the skills necessary to help you have a great journey using Android, and to know what to expect on those occasions when you hit a snag. We’re friendly, down to earth, and are always honest in sharing our own challenges and mistakes in order to support and inform you. We’re professionals, but, like you, we’re also daily users of the technology we teach about. Event Logistics This is a five-week event, taught over consecutive Thursday evenings, with one skipped week. Each session begins at 8:30 PM eastern time. The event is taught on the Zoom platform, which allows you to join using your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire OS, or your touch tone phone. Each session of class will run approximately 75 minutes (one hour and fifteen minutes). All sessions include careful explanation, thorough demonstrations, and lots of time for your questions after the main class presentation. sessions will all be recorded, so you’ll have the opportunity to reference the material whenever you need it. You’ll receive each session’s recording a few days after class. Thursday, August 15 Thursday, August 22 Thursday, September 5 Thursday, September 12 Thursday, September 19 Can’t attend live? No problem You’ll receive the event recordings promptly within a few days of each session. Also, if you know you’ll be unable to attend one or more sessions live, but have questions, you may email them to the instructors ahead of time, and we’ll be sure to do our best to answer them for you during class. Course Syllabus Week One, August 15. We’ll begin by discussing important considerations to keep in mind when choosing an Android device. If you already have one, this info will still help you, as it will assist you in knowing whether the device you have may best meet your needs. We’ll then move on to talking about what to expect upon receiving your device, such as what’s in the box, device orientation, turning on accessibility features, and the initial setup experience, which will be demoed. We’ll also discuss touch screen navigation strategies, your device’s home screen’s, and more. Week Two, August 22. One of the coolest, and perhaps more intimidating things about Android is the huge amount of customization available. The good news is, you can really configure your device extensively in order to meet your requirements. The other good news is, if you don’t want to do much configuration, you don’t have to! ? IN addition to a few briefer topics, we’ll be devoting this week to taking a deep dive into Settings, and showing you all that you’re able to do to make your Android device totally yours. Week Three, September 5. After a break last week, we’re back in class to discuss some of the preinstalled apps you may find on your Android device. While these may differ slightly from device to device, we’ll explore some of the apps you’re most likely to have preinstalled, such as chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Youtube. We’ll also explore using phone features in Android, such as calling, texting, and contacts. We’ll talk about file management in Android, and have some fun taking the google voice assistant through its paces. Week Four, September 12. Now that you’re familiar with your preinstalled apps, it’s time to venture into the Play Store to discover other apps you’re sure to find fun and useful. We’ll discuss the layout of the Play Store, browsing for, locating and installing apps, and we’ll tour a few blindness-specific apps that you may find particularly helpful. This week will also include a discussion of Android launchers, and how to change your default apps in android, such as your browser or email client. If you hate Chrome and prefer Firefox, for instance, you can change to that browser, and we’ll demonstrate the process in detail. Week Five, September 19. We’ll begin by talking about the use of braille and the use of the BrailleBack app with your Android device. We’ll discuss connecting peripherals, such as braille displays, keyboards and Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Other topics this week include using your Android device as an external drive, and ways to troubleshoot when you experience an issue. As this is our final class of the series, we’ll devote plenty of time to answering your remaining questions. When you register for the Acquainting Yourself with Android course, you’ll receive: Five plus hours of professionally edited audio material to support you in utilizing an Android device. Tons of demonstrations will be included, so you’ll know what to expect when using your own device. The ability to have your questions answered live in class. Learn from your instructors experiences, challenges and mistakes. The confidence to use an Android device successfully for work, play, or both. Ready to get started? Your investment for Acquainting Yourself with Android is only $49. If you have any questions prior to registering, or need assistance in reserving your seat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks so much for your interest, and we look forward to having you in class!

BrailleSense U2 Mini, and PacMate QX440 for sale

Braille Sense U2 Mini, 18 cells This is a lightly used U2 mini, with 18 fully functioning cells. It is running the latest version of the software, 8.6. It comes in its original case, and has charging cable and spare battery. Asking $1500, or best offer. Also selling PacMate Omni Qx440. qwerty keyboard and 40 cells. In excellent, working condition. Has its charging cable, and a Type 2 compact flash card, which I have recently used to transfer files to and from a Windows 10 PC. I'll send the things that accomplished this. I do not have the PacMate's original case, but will send it in a laptop case. Asking $600, or best offer. Money order or credit card payment can be accepted. U.S. only, please.

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