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Franklin Language Master, Sharp EL-640 Calculator, Classco 9900CW, Accessible 15k Battery

We have all kinds of cool unique and hard to find items for sale including Franklin Language Master LM6000 Special Edition talking dictionaries, Sharp EL-640 talking calculators, Classco 9900CW talking caller ID with call waiting support, 15,000 mAh accessible power banks specifically designed for the visually impaired, reversible micro USB cables that go in either direction, plus much much more. You can see all our rare and hard to find items here: How about some awesome Bluetooth speakrs or ear pods? We have iPhone accessories, Apple Watch accessories, computer accessories, plus tons of other cool items all in one place and all with audio descriptions. You can see all of our our items on our web site here: We accept all credit cards and paypal and even have layaway options. Take a look at our site and we also welcome phone orders at 405-633-2572. We ship all over the world.

blue yeti microphone for $90

THis blue yeti microphone delivers impressive stereo audio and has four different modes. It is essentially brand new and has only left the box a few times. This price includes priority two day shipping anywhere in the United states. The original price was $130.

i am looking for the long and short cables for the victor reader stream first generation a

I am wanted these items donated I cannot find them any whare. they are for the first victor reader that came out. I can be reached at 336-306-6312

Big Jambox for $150.

I have a big Jambox for sale. I'm looking to get $150 plus shipping for it. The unit is in near perfect condition, it has some slight cosmetic damage on the front top of the unit, but nothing that hinders the performance in any way.  It still holds a perfect charge, and is running the latest firmware.  I accept Paypal only.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Tired of the Same Old Hard to Handle Micro USB Cables? Never Again After You See These!

The Harbolt Company is the only one carrying these amazing new and super heavy duty reversible Micro USB cables. Before, you had a 50/50 chance to get it plugged in the right way, the first time. Never again with these cables. Now, you have a 100 percent chance getting it right as the cable plugs in both ways regardless of what direction you are plugging it in. That's not all, but the same goes for the other end which is the full sized USB end. Now, it doesn't matter which way you plug it in because it goes in either direction and works exactly the same. From the ones who brought you the only accessible portable battery on the market and the only place you can get it, comes a new revolutionary cable that will have you wanting to replace every Micro USB cable you own with one of these! Think about it as having the functionality of an Apple lightning plug but in a Micro USB form. It is simply amazing and you won't believe it until you see it. This is truly a game changer in the world of cables. I realize it's hard to get excited about a cable but I guarantee you will with this one. With a heavy gauge tangle free cord and 24k metal connectors on each end, this is the Mercedes of Micro USB cables. You will never go back to a conventional one again! This cable also supports quick charging capabilities. Check out the details below. And to compliment your cable, check out the details of the only accessible portable battery on the market designed especially for the visually impaired. Did I mention the portable battery is a wopping 15,000 mAh in capacity but yet will fit in a pocket? And, it employs the same reversible connecgtion technology in its dual USB ports. Everyone definitely needs one of these in their bag of electronics. Check that out below as well. Revolutionary New Reversible USB to Micro USB Quick Charge Heavy Duty Tangle Free Cable. Plug Either End to Any Device No Matter Which Direction Tired of the old traditional horrible micro USB cables? After you experience one of these, you will never go back! This is a USB to Micro USB charging cable bringing the visually impaired a totally free charging experience. Simply connect any charging device or gadget worrying about the plug's orientation or the cable's direction. This USB to Micro USB cable can connect to any standard USB and micro USB ports, no matter what the manufacturer or the type of gadget actually is. Product Features: Reversible USB connector Reversible micro USBconnector 3.9 Feet in length Quick Charge Technology Heavy Duty rubber tangle free cable with metal connectors on each end Technical Features: 22AWG super-fast charging threads inside (supports 3.5A high-current transmission) 24K pure gold-plated connectors and 4N (99.99%) oxygen-free copper threads for the optimal power transmission High-density triple shielding significantly reduces interference Data transmission capability Click here to listen to the audio description Our Price: $19.99 Accessible 15,000 mAh Portable Power Bank With Audible Tones and Vibration Feedback Specifically for the Blind. Includes Tone and Vibration Mode, Vibration Mode Only and Reversible USB Ports This portable 15,000 mAh battery is a power bank specifically designed for the visually impaired. It can be used to charge an array of digital devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, GPS, and more. Indicator Features for the Visually Impaired: Sound or vibration signal for battery level indication Battery level at any instance is indicated in different sound or vibration patterns. One to four tones and vibrations indicate the remaining power left in the battery. Fully charged, the battery will sound four tones and emmit four vibrations. Each tone and vibration represents 25 percent with a total full battery with four tones being 100 percent full, three being 75 percent, two being 50 percent, and 1 being 25 percent or less. All this can be easily checked by pressing the single button on top one time. Output power connection confirmation Sound and/or vibration signal to indicate successful connection between any of the USB outputs and the digital device being charged. This will be indicated by two tones and vibrations sounding three times separated by several seconds between each sound. After three times, the battery is silent until another action is performed.  Input power connection confirmation Sound and/or vibration signal to indicate successful connection between the micro-USB input and the power source for charging  This is indicated by a single tone and vibration sounding three times with several seconds between each sound. After three times, the battery will be silent until another action is performed. Reversible USB output ports User can easily connect any USB charging cable without worrying about the plug's orientation or the cable's direction. The full sized USB end of your charging cable for your device will go in no matter which way you have it turned. You will never have to worry again about which way you have the USB turned as it will go in the ports whichever way you have it turned. Imagine a USB port that acts like an Apple lightning port where there is no right or wrong way in which to plug in the USB plug. This is a major innovation in USB plugging.  Optional sound and vibration alert modes Easily switch between sound and vibration modes by simply pressing a single button. Press and hold down the single button on top of the battery to switch back and forth from tones and vibration to vibration only. Use it in vibration only mode to be able to discretely check the battery level without alerting or disturbing anyone around you. Perfect for areas where quiet is a must, or when you find yourself in a loud crowded area where tones cannot be heard. Instead, feel the vibrations rather than try and hear the tones. Perfect for any environment or situation you find yourself in.  Tactile marks This accessible power bank is marked with raised-dots for easy accessibility. The full sized USB ports used to charge your devices are marked with two raised dots and also when plugging in a device to charge, the battery emmits two tones that corresponds with the two tactile raised dots. The micro USB port used to charge the power bank is marked with a single raised dot and therefore, emmits a single tone when plugged in to correspond with the single raised dot. Leading-edge Technical Features This accessible power bank is loaded with leading-edge charging technologies and features, bringing users a fast yet safe charging experience. With 15,000 mAh of power, you can go days without ever having to charge this power bank. Charge an iPhone up to 5 or 7 times, an iPad 2 times, and various other combinations. Beautiful modern sleek and stylish design that looks as great as it functions. Style and functionality define this amazing power bank with a glossy hard plastic finish on the top and bottom with a brushed hard plastic trim around the side. Extremely lightweight for its capacity and a minimal size that will easily fit in a pocket, purse, jacket pocket, bag, etc. Dual USB ports provide the ability to charge two devices at once as well as charging higher amp devices like iPads, tablets, etc. It is easy to see, that this portable power bank has it all. One of the most innovative and definitely the most accessible portable power banks anywhere in the world and on the market. Includes a nice velvet drawstring carry pouch and a micro USB charging cable to charge the battery and can be flipped around to charge any other micro USB device. Use your other devices own cables to charge devices that ar not micro USB. Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide, and less than an inch thick Weight: 10 ounces Click here to listen to the audio description Our Price: $89.99 We accept all major credit cards and paypal. You can visit our site here: or call us at 405-633-2572.

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