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Tissot Silen-T Vibrating Watches for the Blind and Visually Impaired, New For Only $199

We have several brand new in the box Tissot Silen-T vibrating watches for the blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired, or the deaf and blind now for only $199.99. These retailed for $600 when they first came out and now would be closer to $1000 if they were still being sold. Not only are these rare and hard to find but they are the nicest quality and best made watch ever designed and made for the blind and visually impaired. They are also great for the hearing impaired as they have an alarm on them that also vibrates your wrist to let you know when it is going off. If you have never experienced one of these timepieces, you are missing out as checking the time as easy as feeling the vibrations on the crystal. Speaking of the crystal, it is sapphire crystal which is the hardest mineral on the planet next to diamond so practically unbreakable and definitely unscratchable. The watches are solid stainless steel and are water resistant. The watch is completely accessible to set the time, check the time, set the alarm, check the alarm, and turn the alarm on and off. It also gives you a vibration to let you know when the battery is getting low. We have picked up a brand new batch of these directly from the factory that were never sold and they come brand new in their original box with all original price tags, etc. They also come with a nice dust bag and the box is perfect to store your watch in while you are not wearing it. All watches come with a CD with the audio manual on it as well as we have the Text digital version for download on our site. We have them with a stainless bracelet band that is a brushed and polished stainless combination with stainless bezel and black face. Of course, you can put any band on these you want so if you don't like the band that is on there, it is very easy to change it for another you would prefer. These can be worn casual or dressy either way. Quit throwing away money on cheap Braille watches or talking watches that don't last when you can get one of these that will last you a lifetime. This is a unisex watch with a 39mm face and I have sold just as many of these to women as men. Check out more details below and where to go to order. A vision of style and sophistication, we think you are going to be an instant fan of the Tissot T-Touch Silen-T Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. This exceptional timepiece begins with a round 39mm stainless steel case with a fixed stainless steel bezel and a textured crown. These elements surround a bold black dial, which is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with 12 touch-sensitive areas and features white index hour markers with two Arabic hour markers at the 6 and 12 'o clock position. The luminous silver-toned hands are powered by Swiss quartz movement. This watch also has an alarm function. A stainless steel bracelet straps this watch to the wrist, while a push-button deployment clasp ensures its secure placement. Finally, this watch boasts water resistance up to 99 feet (30 meters). Truly a must-have for your watch collection, pick this beauty up today. As part of the Touch Collection, this watch is another revolutionary timepiece, being the first ever watch to provide the time through silent vibrations. This is a must have for both busy business people who are required to be discrete while needing to stay on time in the meetings as well as the sight impaired people for whom this is the perfect timepiece as you won’t even have to look at it. Everything is done through touch and feeling. This collection promises good vibrations and state-of-the-art precision. Brand new in original box from the factory. Includes audio CD manual and all written manuals. Click here to listen to the audio description Click here to read more about the watch and place an order: You can place your order directly on our web site from the links above or by phone at 405-633-2572. We accept all credit cards and paypal. Feel free to call us with any questions or email us at and our web site is

Kustom Cane Canes Custom Canes Tactile & Tech Charms Tips 100;s OF Colors! Cane Protectant

Kustom Cane (901) 483-1515 Why be plain? Go Kustom Cane! Try out our Camo Cane-a camouflage cane of browns, greens, and tans! Do you or someone you know use a mobility cane? Do you enjoy style a coordination in your dress? Then try our Formal Cane-a stylish cane with pizazz - perfect for special occasions, weddings, church, and more! Many have designed with a solid black or black ultra metallic cane accented with a 3/16” pin stripe spiraling down the lower cane section. Who doesn’t like to show their team spirit and pride and display their teams logo and colors?From NFL canes to College Alumni canes-we got it all! Don’t be plain, Go Kustom Cane. How about an inexpensive way to advertise your business or support for a cause? There is not a better conversation starter than with your very own one of a kind cane from Kustom cane. Kustom Cane has been in the restyling and customizing industry for over 18 years. Our focus has gone from automotive restyling to cane and mobility products. Our long time experience and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will receive a quality product reasonably priced, customized to your desire. We include Cane Shield-Our exclusive protectant that shields your cane investment for years from wear and tear! No peeling, scratching, or chipping! Our vinyl is a high performance 3M grade providing you the best quality on the market. Don’t Go plain! Embrace your cane with your personality-whether it is a folding aluminum, graphite, or telescoping-we got it! Now we have a new additon! The Kustom Cane Ultra Slim Graphite Cane-light weight but sturdy! What a perfect gift for a friend or family member. Need a cane for church, formals, or special occasions? New designs! Zebra print where the white stripes glow in the dark! Tie-dye cane —Snake Skin Theme Cane -Polka Dot Cane -Zebra Print Cane -Cheetah Print Cane -Snow Leopard Cane -Pink Metallic Cane Hello Kitty Cane -Metallic Butterfly Cane Chrome Mirror cane Black metallic cane Woodgrain cane(oak,black cherry, or mahogany) Happy Birthday cane! Happy Anniversary cane Baby Shower cane Halloween cane Christmas cane - Check out our other products-The Mobility Bell and Cane Shield Protection for your cane. Charms charms- and more charms! From sterling silver accent cane charms to customized and personalized braille charms of all shapes and sizes-you will indeed have a one of a kind cane. New! Tactile silver letter charms with diamond accents! Add an initial as an accent to your cane chord! Don’t forget about personalized braille charms for your guide dog AKA furry friend’s collar or harness! New charms! -Talking watch and alarm charm!-A small compact charm about a quarter inch thick by two by one inches. Press the button to hear the current time. Set the alarm for reminders. Charm is fully accessible. -Personal Alarm charms. 2 styles: 1: Pink heart-Dimensions are about two by two inches and an inch thick. Pull the pin and a loud alarm sounds to get anyone’s attention! 2:Basic design. Dimensions are a quarter inch thick by one by two inches. Pull the pin for a loud alarm to sound-at about 120 decibels, make anyone leave you alone! Also has a built in red flashlight. Remember. Don’t be Plain! Go Kustom Cane! Other cool tech and gadget charms include: Bluetooth speaker charm-the size of a die Standard speaker charm-plug in to your headphone jack 10-in-1 tool kit charm Tazer charm-get rid of your stranger danger with this high power shocking taser Cane Finder charm-whistle or clap to find your cane Battery Pack charm-small rectangle charger at 5200 may! Credit Card Charger-Not a charm, but will fit in your purse, shirt pocket, or book bag! Built in micro and lighting chord to charge all of your devices-5200 maH! See our website at , That’s k for Kustom and C for Cane. Our Current promotion is a free charm with all cane purchases! Kustom Cane is your one stop cane shop-Don’t be plain! Go Kustom cane! Check us out at Email: Phone: 901-483-1515 We are on Facebook!

Portable Pacmate 40-cell braille display, DJ's media machine!!

Available is a Freedom Scientific Pacmate portable 40 cell braille display that is available to use via connection to the Pacmate or any computer running Freedom Scientific's Jaws For Windows software. From the manufactorers site: 'This braille display, available in 20-cell and 40-cell models, is powered by the host computer. Host computers include the PAC Mate or any desktop/laptop computer using JAWS® reading technology. The PAC Mate Portable Braille Display is convenient and easy to use.' Connect with Jaws and read away with this design that comfortably is made to relax on any desk for up-to-the-minute continuous braille access. It's like new, practaclly never used it so I'm wanting it to go to someone who can benefit from it. I'm asking $500 including the mini USB to USB cable, case, and CD including the drivers. Also available is the Newmark Mixdeck Express, a DJ's media machine! With so many choices on how to play music, this Mixdeck Serato compatible hardware has the ability to play CDs with two front-loading CD slots in the front, connect two USB flash drives, and included with it's USB cable, is able to work as a virtual controller using most popular DJ software. From Serato's site: 'With CD/MP3/USB decks, this controller system is for the experienced DJ. The MixDeck Express can play just about anything, has two CD decks, dual USB flash drives and a fully integrated three-channel mixer with one switchable line/phono input and 2 MIC channels. The MixDeck Express includes free Serato DJ Intro software. Purchase a Serato DJ license to have access to our full list of professional features.' This machine has only seen four to five gigs and has no damage. No spills, drops or dings have been added, which makes it like new. All of this is housed in a professional Odyssey DJ case with the Mixdeck express, power cord, and USB cord. Including the case and shipping, this package is available for $320. These products will carefully be handled and shipped out by UPS. I will make sure we're in touch so I can supply with a tracking number for complete confidence. Both items sold in this ad are available separate, no package deals available. I appreciate your time and I look forward to doing business with you... Take care!

ADJUSTABLE DEVICE STAND, NEW DESIGN, for devices with camera, $49.99 free shipping

IDEAL FOR HOLDING DEVICE ALOFT FOR APPS FOR BLIND OR VISUALLY IMPAIRED AND MOTOR DISABILITIES. This stand is stationary, box shaped with adjustable rails to hold everything from an IPad to a very small device. It is very sturdy and has a full open view of a full 8.5 x 11 document below. This stand is stationary, approx. 12 inches high and approx. 9 x 11 inches at bottom to hold a full sheet of correspondence, with moving rails at top to fit most all devices. The stand is made of light weight, sturdy plastic material. It will hold your device steady for accuracy for the reading program or magnifier that you are using. This Device Stand was designed to hold a device with a camera over a written document or item to magnify the item or text for reading or identifying purposes; and can even be used with video chat live streaming to view objects below the stand. This stand can also be used by anyone, visually impaired or not, to photograph documents, to send correspondence electronically and for digital record keeping on their device. The stand lines your phone's camera up evenly for imaging documents. Use it for scanning books with KNFB reader, imaging receipts with checkout 51, imaging signed documents for email and lining up bar codes for DIGIT-EYES among other things. This stand is adjustable for iPhone, Android, IPad and other devices that have a camera, as there are many different sizes and models. You can view pictures on the following web page:

fold and go, multiple device, bluetooth folding keyboard, for iOS/Android and windows

This MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard is the perfect fold-and-go solution when you need to do some serious typing on your smartphone or tablet. This universal keyboard is compatible with Mac, IOS, Android, and Windows and uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to up to 4 devices. The magnetic closure automatically wakes your keyboard when opened. The bi-fold design folds out into an ergonomic V-shape keyboard layout. The lightweight yet durable polyurethane construction offers stability while typing on a flat surface. The built-in, long-lasting rechargeable battery provides hours of typing time. If you missed your chance to get this keyboard at the ACB convention before they sold out, We now have them in stoc on our website. To order, or read our accessible manual, visit the link below.

Victor Stream Reader version 4.6.3 for sale, $250.00 or best offer

Model 503 in excellent condition. Hardly used, I would like to find it a good home with someone who will get good use out of it.





Clear Reader, now $700

Like I had mentioned before, the Clear Reader that I have, is only about 1-year old. It is in perfect shape! It comes with a charger, a sholder bag, and a userguide.

Sharp EL-640 Calculators, Classco 9500CW Talking Caller ID's, 15k Accessible Power Banks

Hi all. We have many rare and hard to find items for sale. We have different condition Sharp EL-640 talking calculators which are the ones that everyone wants that includes the alarm clock, timer, clock, calendar, hourly chime, 5 minute chime, and of course the calculator. We have these in many different conditions ranging from brand new to good condition. We also have a few left of the very hard to find brand new in box Classco talking caller ID's that support call waiting. These store and can recall up to 64 numbers and record up to 20 names. These have call waiting support which you cannot get or find any longer. We also have brand new in the box Tissot Silen-T vibrating watches which are the best quality and greatest watch ever made for the blind or visually impaired. These are the most beautiful time pieces you will ever see or feel. We also have the brand new to the market 15,000 accessible power bank designed specifically for the blind or visually impaired. You have to see how awesome these are to believe it. Giving you audible and vibration feedback to know everything that is going on with the portable battery makes this a must have for the visually impaired. There is nothing like it on the market and we have them! Check out our demo with blind abilities here: You can see all the Sharp calculators and Classco talking caller ID's Tissot Silen-T vibrating watches, and our accessible power banks here: You can check out our complete web site of awesome items for sale at: or you can contact us via email at or by phone at 405-633-2572. We accept all credit cards and paypal and we even offer a layaway plan.

15k mAh Portable Power Banks Specifically for the Blind With Audible Tones and Vibrations

New to the market and only one like it in the world and we are the only ones who have them for sale. This totally accessible 15,000 mAh Dual USB Portable Power bank is specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired and provides tones and vibrations to indicate how much juice is left in the battery, when you are charging an external device, when you are charging the battery itself, when the battery is running low and needs to be charged, and includes reversible USB ports that you have to see to believe. These are new to the market and only available at the Harbolt Company. This is the only battery you will ever need again. Easily pocketable and rechargeable, this battery will charge anything you can throw at it that uses a USB cable to charge. Even higher amp devices like tablets and iPads. You will never want, or need, another portable power bank after you see what this can do and how accessible it is. Check out the interview that blind abilities currently did with us as we demo this awesome new product to the market. You can do so here: You can see more details, the price, and how to order right here on our web site: This has been one of the most needed products on the market for the visually impaired and now it is a reality. Grab one today. If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone, feel free to email us at or call us at 405-633-2572. We accept all credit cards and paypal.

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