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AMB Beading and Crafts

I make jewelry and house hold items. Mostly made from swaroski cristal, each piece is personalized to add sparkle to your life. Necklesses, Bracelets, Earings, Stone bracelets and charms with meanings, Sun catchers, Wine stoppers, And more Just contact me to personalize your design.

Sara CE.

Trying to cell a Sara CE. Its in perfect shape! I'm only asking 1300. I have had the machine for about 2-years. It has been sitting in a box under my work station. I will gladly pay for packing, and shippment.

two in one, lightning/micro USB cables, 5 feet long

Are you tired of having to carry around multiple types of cables to charge all your equipment? This 2-in-1 cable uses a sliding adapter to let you charge and sync with either the Lightning or Micro USB connector • Slim Barrel design fits most cases including otterbox defender and life proof. • USB 2.0 for fast data transfer • 5ft cable length This cable is the perfect charge and sync cable if you have a Lightning and micro USB device. Nearly any smartphone, tablet or other portable device will work with this 2-in-1 cable. A slim Barrel design ensures that you can use this cable with nearly any case, even backup battery packs. 5 feet of cable length give you the freedom to use your device while charging or syncing. one year replacement warranty from manufacturer.

Brailliant BI 40 cell Braille display for $1200 or best offer

Brailliant BI 40 cell Braille display in mint condition. All Braille pins work like new and the keyboard works perfectly with quiet comfortable typing. Includes original carrying case... will include charger at no extra cost. Compatible with devices running iOS. Bluetooth enabled. Original price: $2,995.00

Amazingly Strong Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY Magnets Only 5 Dollars Each With Sets

Below are headings before each description and related magnet information. Magnet Description: Each one of these Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY magnets is the same diameter and width of 4 nickels. They are round, have a chrome like finish, and are the most powerful one can find in the United States without spending an arm and a leg. My collection comes directly from an unused NASA public auction that takes place once a year. They can only be sold to a current or former NASA employee. I got them from a friend of the family that is now a former NASA employee that retired on good terms. I am selling these individually for 5 dollars apiece. If someone orders at least quantity 5, then there will be no shipping and handling charge of 6 dollars. Due to their incredible and unpredictable strength, their packaging requires excessive care which is why the 6 dollar shipping fee must be applied. My Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY Guarantee: I have already sold approximately 20 sets on another list serve with 100% customer satisfaction. I believe you will be so amazed at the strength of these NASA BIG BOYS, that I am offering a 100% buyer satisfaction guarantee with 100% full refund upon their undamaged return. I prefer payments be made to my PayPal account which is the same ID as my personal e-mail address RianHansen@Gmail.Com. So if you were to buy quantity 4 NASA BIG BOYS, it would cost you 26 dollars. If you bought quantity 5 NASA BIG BOYS, it would actually only cost you 25 dollars as there would not be any shipping and handling cost. So far, not a single buyer has been anything less than amazed and blown away at the power these magnets hold. Uses: These are so powerful, they can hold a backyard gate closed in a moderate windstorm, hold up an 18 pound sledge hammer in the garage, or can even be used to find studs in the wall with ease. Truth be told, they are so powerful, they can be use as toys for grown men and women or in the garage to hold up tools. My wife uses them in the kitchen to hold up some of her frying pans and sharp knives. One is currently being used to hold the refrigerator door open against the kitchen wall. We have some on the chicken coupe, sheds, and in the garage for all sorts of reasons. My favorite use is putting a few of them on my long white cane so that it can be placed on a metal dining chair, bathroom stall, or even on top of the car if it is collapsed. Really, the uses are absolutely endless. I’ve recently sold some on another list serve that can’t be mentioned for privacy reasons but every one of my buyers was blown away in a really positive way and thankful for the opportunity to own a piece of NASA’s unused magnet inventory. Cautions & Warnings: Because these Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY magnets are so unbelievably powerful, they love to jump out of your hands and into each other which usually results in them chipping that would directly void my return guarantee. After they become stuck together, they can be very difficult to get apart which is where the hand strength comes into play. If they are not handled with extreme caution and respect, they can also pinch someone’s fingers very easily which usually either hurts or leaves a small blood blister. They are also so strong that when placed on a metal surface, they can leave scratches on refrigerators, car paint, or even painted walls with metal in the dry wall corners. I know that sounds scary, but as soon as one learns how to handle these after a few minutes, they are guaranteed to be the strongest and most amazing magnets you have ever owned or your money will be returned upon their undamaged return. While we are on the topic of magnetic warnings, they will not damage your computers, bank cards, or electronic car keys unless you purchases hundreds of them. Unfortunately they will damage cell phone speakers, headset speakers, or even earbud speakers as they contain smaller magnets that are attracted to them. Finally and most importantly, they must be kept at least 6 feet away from persons using a pacemaker and are not, I repeat, not for children or persons that lack good hand strength. I believe that is why NASA does not sell these to the public and why they cannot be found on the public market. They are Tim the Tool Man strong which is why they must be handled with the utmost of care and respect. Previous Customer Comments – Don’t worry names were changed due to legal restrictions 5/12/2017 – Mister Texas Wrote: List, here is a transaction I'll remember for a while. Rian Hansen advertised what he said were very strong magnets. I have worked with all kinds of magnets for many decades so was curious about Rian's. The transaction was fine. He was easy to work with. The two magnets I purchased were packed more than well, and they arrived very quickly. After unpacking them, I laid them on a stack of CD's. Once there, it was difficult to remove them. These disks are not magnetic so at first I couldn't guess what was happening. Well, these disks were lying on a steel panel, used to divide a file drawer into compartments. I lifted the little magnets from the disks and laid it onto the divider. Actually, as I got close to the steel, they jumped out of my fingers and struck the divider. It took a mighty effort to take them from it. The magnets came attracted to each other. I'm certainly not strong enough to separate them by pulling them apart. The only way to do it is to slide them from each other. I find care must be taken so my fingers are not in the way when the magnets come together. You're certain to get a blood blister at the very least. When Rian offered these for sale, he warned the buyers of their strength. Should he ever offer them again, pay attention to what he will probably write. They're about the diameter of a nickel, and as tall as four nickels. Rare Earth is the only kind of magnetic material I had not worked with. I wonder if my education is complete! Sincerely, Mister Texas. 5/15/2017 Humberto Rodriguez Wrote: Hello all: Just a note to acknowledge that I bought these magnets, everything was as advertised and the attention and prompt shipping was superb. Regards, Mister Kentucky. 5/16/2017 – Mister and Misses Georgia Wrote: They were so well packaged. My husband and I have never seen any magnet like these. They are, to say the least, ultra-powerful. Rian was right in his caution; my husband definitely agreed with that. He said he wished he still was doing wood work and fixing lawn mowers, how fine it would have been to have had some then. Thanks, Rian, and anyone getting those magnets is going to be a happy buyer. Best Mister and Misses Georgia. 5/18/2017 – Mister Utah Wrote: Rian is a very good person to do business with. Very responsive and prompt. I received the magnets in a couple of days and I was impressed with their power. I have some magnets I thought were strong but for their size these were stronger. Magnets were well packed and in excellent condition. I would not hesitate to do business with Rian in the future. 5/18/2017 – Misses California Wrote: Hi Rian, guess what? I got my package today and the magnets are great. I did not think small magnets could be so strong. With 5 magnets together I could find all the nails in my wall and the magnets will stay on the wall by them self sticking to the nails. With several magnets I put them in a drawer and some on the outside and they are still tough to get apart. Thanks you. Mister California. 5/22/2017 – Mister Idaho Wrote: “Hi buyers and sellers, I just thought I would tell you about Rian who has been selling magnets. He is great to work with and the magnets he is selling are incredible to say the least. I can't believe how strong they are. You can use them to find studs in your walls or at least the nails in the wall. The magnets will stay on the wall if there is a nail underneath. I would order from Rian in the future. We had a problem in the shipment as the first box was caught on a conveyer belt for a while. It was really nice to deal with rian. Talk later, Mister Idaho. Note from seller: Yes, I had to change the above comment names from the other list serve for privacy reasons but believe you me that these Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY magnets are and will be the most powerful you have ever owned. They make uniquely powerful and great gifts for anyone who is older than 13 years of age or has good hand strength. Please also remember that I am just one person selling parts of my magnet collection from my own home and am not a huge business. This is how I am paying for the rest of my Orientation & Mobility certification schooling. If you would like to purchase some of my Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY magnet collection, please e-mail me at RianHansen@Gmail.Com or call my cell phone at 253 326-6622. So far, every single customer has been amazed and blown away at the incredible strength of these Rare Earth NASA BIG BOY magnets and you will be too. In closing, thank you for reading my incredibly detailed NASA magnet ad. How to buy: I prefer PayPal if possible but can work with anyone in any situation. Just know that PayPal is the absolute quickest way to get your magnets. My PayPal account ID is the same as my mailing address which is RianHansen@Gmail.Com. Just send me an e-mail that says how many you would like and what your mailing address would be. Remember, if you are not amazed for any reason, your money will be 100% refunded upon their undamaged return. This is my promise to you and the managers of the Blind Bargain team. You’ll be blown away, Rian The Amazing Magnet Guy (253) 326-6622 RianHansen@Gmail.Com

Low Vision Eschenbach Monocular Keplerian Telescope 6 x 16 Only 205 Dollars Free Shipping

Hello All, I posted this on Blind Bargains a couple of months ago but was not able to write all I wanted to write as I am a beginner to this site. I basically have one awesome and powerful extra Eschenbach 6 X 16 mm monocular for sale. It was a nonrefundable gift from my church after receiving one from another agency. I posted the previous ad for this item at exactly 400 dollars. I should have posted that all proceeds will go directly back to my church but did not get the chance before the ad was accidentally submitted. This was because it was my first time using Blind Bargains without help from someone. As for this Eschenbach monocular of mine, it is practically brand new, works great, and is great for crossing streets or keeping an eye out of things that aren’t exactly close to you. It now sells for 700 dollars on Amazon but you could have it for 205 dollars with free shipping. Don't believe me, google Eschenbach Monocular Keplerian Telescope 6 X 16 mm monocular Amazon and you will hear it for yourself. If you buy it from me, you would save about 500 hundred bucks! My cost to you is an asking price of 205 dollars with free shipping. You can e-mail or call me at the following. My phone number is 253 326-6622. As for my e-mail, it is RianHansen@Gmail.Com. It works absolutely great. Thank you for reading.

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