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Let Your Voice Be Heard! (AT in the Workplace Survey)

The National Research & Training Center on Blindness & Low Vision recently launched its first survey for the Access Technology (AT) in the Workplace study. We are still recruiting people with blindness or low vision (age 21+) who are working or are interested in working to be part of a 5-year study about AT use. Why should you participate? • You’ll help identify gaps in AT – what is needed but not available, which our technology company partners, including Microsoft, Google, OrCam, Vispero, Aira, and HumanWare are interested in! • Findings will allow us to make recommendations for AT users, VR professionals, AT specialists, and employers. • We’ll share study results directly with you and you’ll have the chance to participate in a community of study group members. We want to know YOUR thoughts and experiences! Participation will involve completing multiple surveys to help us determine how AT use is changing over time. Some questions we will seek answers to are: • What AT do you most commonly use? • How do you decide whether to use a specific AT? • What are your technology challenges? • What tools do you need that aren’t currently available? Want to have your voice heard and help us with our 5-year study? Complete our pre-screening survey online or call 662-325-2001 to schedule an appointment for a telephone screening. Link:

Perkins Brailler for $125

Hello, I still have a manual Perkins Brailler for sale. I am asking $125 plus shipping for it. Up until a few months ago when I replaced it with an Orbit Reader, it was being used very regularly. I've had this Brailler since I was a kid, and in a few spots it sticks sometimes, but with a little tlc, it could be as good as new. Note: if anyone tried to contact me about this before, and I did not respond, it was because I was out of the country for a few weeks, but am back now, and thus am able to take your calls. Please call or text +1 620-717-2274.

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