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Classifieds: Mystic Access Debuts a Comprehensive Audio Tutorial on The Amazon Echo: $39

Have you ever wanted a friendly personal virtual assistant who will play your music, read your books, get you to where you need to go on time, buy your groceries and MP3 music, and even schedule your events for you? The Amazon Echo can do all of that, and so much more. Mystic access is delighted to present our comprehensive audio tutorial on the Echo and all that it has to offer. Open up the world of the Echo's features, all with the power of your voice.

Meet the Amazon Echo virtual assistant, a speaker which you can control with your voice and a website and / or mobile apps. Her name is Alexa, and in this audio tutorial, (which is just under six hours of comprehensive material), you will discover:
• What is the Amazon Echo and why do you want one?
• How to use Echo with voice recognition.
• How to set up and use the Echo without sight.
• A full orientation and initial Setup of your device.
• A thorough orientation to, and the echo apps.
• How to speak with your echo upon successful setup, and a number of basic commands to get you started.
• Getting help with using your echo.
• Alexa and getting the weather.
• Customizing your news with Alexa.
• Using your Echo for traffic, sports and podcast-listening.
• Using your Echo's to-do list and shopping list, and how to integrate her with your Google calendar.
• alexa and skills... how to search for, browse, learn about, enable and use skills.
• Alexa and Music... your Echo can play music from TuneIn, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Iheart, Spotify and your Amazon library, all of which is covered thoroughly in this section.
• Reading your books with Alexa... the Echo can read Audible and Kindle books, both of which are covered here.
• Using the Echo to set alarms, timers and sleep timers.
• Using your Echo in the kitchen.
• Alexa for math and conversions.
• Fun and fascinating things you can say and do with Alexa.
• Troubleshooting tips.

Passionate Instruction from a Blindness Perspective
We know that it can be frustrating to learn a new piece of technology. As totally blind users ourselves, we meet you where you are with friendly, straight-forward instructions and helpful hints to make your learning as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Encouragement to Keep You Engaged
This Echo tutorial also includes all of the encouragement and motivating reminders that Mystic Access has become known for. The Encouragement Corner and Now It's Your Turn sections will get you inspired to be more proactive, curious and excited about learning to use your Amazon Echo to the fullest.

Your investment for this tutorial, (which is five hours and fifty-eight minutes in duration), is $39. The full introduction is also available to listen to via the product page, so you can try before you buy. To purchase, please visit:

If you have any questions prior to purchasing, or if you would prefer to order via phone, please don't hesitate to contact us: and we'll be happy to help. We appreciate your interest and the opportunity to work with you!

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