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PORTABLE DEVICE STAND: $39.95, free shipping. money back guarantee.
Ideal for Visually Impaired
This portable Device Stand was designed to hold a device with a camera over a written document, or item to magnify the item or text for reading or identifying purposes. And can even be use with video chat live streaming to view objects below the stand.
It can also be used by anyone to photograph documents for sending correspondence or record keeping on their device.
This stand can be used for devices that have a camera with reading applications, and magnification applications to read out loud, or magnify text or items below the device while the device is stable.
The design of this device will be custom fit for users device, I.E. IPhone, Android, IPad, as there are many different sizes and models.
This stand is also portable; it can fit in a briefcase or computer bag for transporting and can be set up easily as the legs fold with finger tightening wing nuts to secure the legs when open and standing.
This is made of light weight, sturdy plastic material approx. 12 inches long and about 12 inches high when standing, to hold your device steadily for accuracy for the reading program, or magnifier that you are using.
Just let me know what make and model of device you have to determine the width of device and any protective cases, and I will custom build one for you.
If interested, contact Dan and give send to address to:
Preferred method of payment is PayPal @

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